Womata App Review: Buy Goods From China, Is It Legit? [The Truth]

Retailing goods from China is one of the many businesses Nigerians do. While it has become quite lucrative considering how cheap China goods are, it is also strenuous and quite expensive travelling to and fro China to buy these goods.

Good enough, technology has made life so simple for those that have taken advantage of it so much that almost everything is now done via the internet. Entrepreneurs have been able to leverage the power of technology to cut costs  and deliver efficiency. 

Nobody travels overseas to buy goods anymore, since the advent of COVID-19, internet buying has become increasingly popular. People now purchase things via the internet and have them shipped or delivered to their doorsteps, even entrepreneurs.

There are different platforms and social media that aids  this internet buying. In today’s article, we’re going to be reviewing one of such platforms ‘Womata’ 

What is Womata App?

Womata app is an app that is used to procure and ship goods from China to Nigeria. It is mostly used by Nigerians in the business of selling China made goods.

Womata helps Nigerian sellers cut the stress and long process of having to travel to China directly to shop goods. Through the Womata app, Nigerians can now buy goods directly from China from the comfort of their couch. 

Womata equally manages and takes care of their customers’ goods till it arrives in Nigeria. The app doubles as a procurement and shipping company.

How Does Womata App Work?

Womata requires users to simply sign up on the app which is available on both Android and IOS devices. Once a user is able to successfully sign up with Womata, he is granted the lifetime opportunity to shop as much goods as he can afford via Womata. 

Once an order is placed and payment is made, Womata begins the process of procuring ordered goods. Users can decide to engage the shipping services of the app or decide to use another shipping company. 

Womata users can also track and monitor the movement of goods bought and shipped on the app till it gets to them. This helps to determine the estimated days before arrival of goods and equally calm the nerves of users who worry about the safety of their goods. 

Is Womata App Legit? 

Yes! Womata is 100% legit. The app is very popular among Nigerian retailers of Chinese clothing. Despite being launched within the last five years, Womata has grown as a household name among Nigerian China wear retailers. 

Womata currently has over 50k downloads on the Google play store with over four hundred reviews and a 3.5 star ratings on the app. 

How to Sign Up on Womata App

To become a registered user on Womata and begin procuring goods from China, follow these simple steps; 

1. Download the Womata app from either your Google play store or IOS devices

2. Open the app on your phone

3. Click on any icon on the dashboard except the home icon

4. Click on ‘sign up’

5. Fill the onscreen form 

7. Click ‘get code’ beside the box for email

8. Go to your email to get a unique code sent from Womata

9. Put the code you were sent in the requested field 

10. Click sign up 

11. A new page will be opened and you will be asked to login using the information you used during registration and you will be signed in to the app. 

How to Order For Goods On Womata App

Once registration on Womata is complete, you can now begin shopping on the app. Shopping on Womata app is quite easy but if you find it confusing or difficult, follow these steps; 

1. Open Womata app on your phone

2. Scroll through the listed items on Womata or alternatively use the search button to search what you intend buying

3. Once you see what you would like to buy on Womata, click on the item 

4. On the bottom of the list, click ‘submit item’ 

5. Select the size and quantity of the item (remember that Womata sales in bulk so the items always have minimum order quantity i.e MOQ, you are not allowed to order below the MOQ on Womata).

6. Click on ‘submit’ again 

7. Click ‘buy now’ 

8. Input your payment pin 

How to Fund Your Wallet on Womata 

You pay for orders on Womata using money from your Womata wallet. To fund your Womata wallet, follow this steps; 

1. On the home screen, click on the account icon 

2. Click on ‘recharge’ 

3. Put the amount you want to put in your wallet.

4. Select the channel you wish to use for payment (if you received commissions from the app, you can use the commission to fund your wallet but if not, you can pay through transfer; Womata has a zenith bank account so it might just be easier).

5. If you click on ‘pay through bank transfer’, Womata will display a zenith bank account details for you to pay in, copy the details and proceed to pay in the money

6. When payment is done, the transaction will be processed and your wallet will be credited within 24 hours. 

7. Keep in mind that Womata adds charges to their transactions, so make sure to add these charges to your original amount. 

How to Ship Goods On Womata

After placing your orders on Womata, you can either use them to ship your orders or use another shipping company. To ship your goods with Womata, follow these steps; 

1. Login to Womata

2. Click ‘to delivery’ on your dashboard

3. Select the items that you want to be shipped by Womata and click next

4. Select receiver address and Womata warehouse address, if there is no pre-set consignee address you can go to the setting page to set up.

5. Make payment.

6. You can subsequently monitor and track the movement of your goods on Womata until it gets to you. 

Pros of Womata App

1. It is a safe and trusted means of procuring goods from China

2. The app is transparent with their charges

3. Womata provides an alternative for people that cannot make international payments via their Nigerian bank cards

Cons of Womata App

1. There have been numerous complaints of excessive shipping fees by Womata

2. Womata app is quite complicated to use 

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can I ship goods from other companies with Womata? 

Yes, Womata allows users to ship all their goods from China to Nigeria regardless of where they were purchased

Can I fund my Womata wallet in Naira? 

Yes, Womata has a zenith bank account that allows users who cannot perform international transactions to fund their Womata wallet; after payment, your money will be converted to Yen.

Can I return purchased items on Womata?

Yes, you can return your purchased items on Womata if they are bad, not what you ordered. 

Does Womata refund money after return of goods?

Yes, your money will be refunded to you if you opt for a return with valid reasons

Can I use sea shipment on Womata?

Yes, Womata offers different shipping methods. 

Final Verdict

Womata is widely used by many Nigeria entrepreneurs who buy directly from China. It saves you the stress and anxiety involved with using individual procurement agents. Apart from procuring your goods from China, Womata can equally ship them for you. 

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