Cardgoal App Review: Legit or Scam? [ Sell/Buy Giftcards]

A gift card is a prepaid debit card that contains a specific amount of money available for use for a variety of purchases.

In recent years, gift card trading has become a trend among African youths. Most people now specialise in the sales and purchase of Gift cards as a source of income.

While there are not many platforms that facilitate this kind of digital business, a few like Patricia now Glover and Cardtonic have been around for quite some time now. In this article, we will be reviewing Cardgoal, an app that specialises in sales of gift cards and boasts of excellence. 

What is Cardgoal App? 

Cardgoal is a gift card trading Application that boasts of offering the best rates in the market. The platform specialises in buying gift cards of all types (either physical gift cards or e codes) with fast payment and 24/7 customer support services so you are never stranded. 

The Cardgoal app was released on the Google play store earlier this year, precisely April 2023. Since its release, the app has garnered over a hundred thousand downloads with mixed reviews and an impressive 4.1 star rating on the play store. 

How does Cardgoal Work? 

Selling your gift cards has never been so easy and fast. On Cardgoal, all you just have to do to trade is to create an account. After your account creation or registration on Cardgoal, you can immediately start selling your gift cards. 

Selling gift cards on Cardgoal requires you to add your Nigerian bank account details for easy withdrawals. As soon as your transaction is successful, Cardgoal will always credit your account. The fastest transaction on the app can be completed in as little as 30 seconds.

Is Cardgoal App Legit? 

Trading gift cards via apps and websites is quite a ‘risky’ business as regards trustworthiness of these platforms. Since gift cards are sensitive items and can easily be claimed by anyone who lays hands on its information, a lot of people are quite sceptical about trading them with unverified platforms and websites.

Determining the authenticity of Cardgoal is one of the major focal points of this article and while we believe the app is legit, it has recorded one or two bad reviews on Google play store. While a lot of users have rated the Cardgoal app five stars on the platform, others just gave it one star with complaints relating to bad customer service and painstakingly slow payment. 

Summarily, while we believe Cardgoal app is real and legit, it also has been reported to have few lapses that need to be fixed to maximise consumers’ satisfaction. 

How to Sign Up on Cardgoal App

To trade your gift cards on Cardgoal, you need to be signed up on the app. 

Registration on Cardgoal is quite easy and takes less than a minute to complete. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to sign up on Cardgoal;

1. Enter your email address 

2. Click on ‘get verification’ to get an OTP via the email address you provided

3. Go to your email address and get the OTP

4. Enter the OTP on the requested space and click ‘sign up’ 

5. You will automatically be signed in to the app. Your registration is complete and you can now trade your gift cards with Cardgoal. 

How to Sell your Gift Cards on Cardgoal

Selling your gift cards on Cardgoal is quite easy and takes seconds to initiate the transaction. 

As said earlier, to sell your gift cards on Cardgoal you need to be registered on the app. So make sure you have registered and logged in on Cardgoal then follow the below steps to sell your gift cards on the platform; 

1. On the home page, there is a list of the gift cards you can sell on Cardgoal, go through the list and pick the gift card you want to sell 

2. An onscreen form will be displayed, fill the form properly and upload an image of the gift card you’re selling, you are also required to input the code at the optional comment section of the form 

3. Make sure you have filled the form correctly with the right information before clicking ‘start trade’ 

4. Your gift card might either be rejected or accepted, if accepted, your wallet will be credited with your card’s worth. If your gift card was however rejected, you can reapply and look out for errors. 

How to Withdraw From Your Cardgoal Wallet

Like we said earlier, your Cardgoal Wallet will be credited after a successful trade on the platform. Here is how to withdraw your money from Cardgoal Wallet; 

1. Login in to the Cardgoal app

2. Click on ‘wallet’ 

3. Enter the amount you are withdrawing

4. Click on ‘add a bank account’ if it’s your first time withdrawing on Cardgoal

5. A new screen will pop up, enter your account details

6. When you’re done adding your account number, return to your withdrawal page, select the account you just added

7. Click ‘withdraw’

8. As soon as the transaction is processed, your account will be credited. 

Pros of Cardgoal App

1. Easy to use app with very simplistic and user oriented app interface

2. The transaction processes on the app is relatively easy and can be self taught

3. Cardgoal offers relatively good rates for gift cards.

Cons of Cardgoal App

 1. Cardgoal buys limited gift cards, i.e it’s not all gift cards that Cardgoal buy 

2. Cardgoal has been accused of having an unreliable and unprofessional customer services

3. The app has also been reviewed to be slow in paying customers.

4. You can only sell gift cards on Cardgoal 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What gift cards can I sell on Cardgoal?

While Cardgoal does not buy all gift cards, there are quite a list of them you can still trade on the platform, the popular ones are itunes, ebay and Nike gift cards.

How long does it take to get credited after a trade on Cardgoal?

While Cardgoal boasts of crediting customers immediately after a successful trade, it might actually take a number of minutes before the money will reflect in your Cardgoal Wallet. 

Can I buy gift cards on Cardgoal?

No! You can only sell your gift cards on Cardgoal, the platform does not have a ‘buy’ feature.

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Final Verdict

While it is most advisable to trade your gift cards with trusted and verified vendors, Cardgoal is worth the try if you are looking for an application where you can trade with confidence that your money is safe. 

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