CDcare App Review: Legit Or Scam? [The Truth]

We’ve all had a couple of necessities we could not afford before; shelter, automobiles, gadgets and even work equipments, yup, we’ve all been there. 

If there’s anything the age of technology has taught us, it’s that almost anything is possible, with good internet access of course. 

We’ve previously discussed at length how different internet platforms can be used to obtain loans of different ranges, but what if I tell you that money loans are not the only type of loans you can get via the internet? 

Nowadays, there are platforms that loan automobiles, gadgets and equipments, etc. CDcare app is one of such apps that loan out equipments and electronics. In this article, we will tell you all that you need to know about CDcare App. 

What is CDcare App? 

The CDcare app is a social media platform that renders help to users through partial loaning of electronics and equipments. 

The platform allows you to purchase appliances with installment payment at 0% interest, after an initial deposit of 50% payment, the item will be delivered to you and you will be given a due date for completion of payment. 

CDcare app was launched in 2020 and has done quite well on the Google play store and apple store respectively with over 200k plus downloads on the Google play store, two thousand reviews and a solid 4.5 star. 

How Does the CDcare App work? 

Acquisition of gadgets and electronics have been made super easy with CDcare app. As beneficial as the app is, it functions in a very straightforward and easy to understand way. 

Just like every other shopping app, CDcare app requires users to sign up to be able to place orders and complete purchases. Once you are signed up on the CDcare app, you can search for your item of interest, make your part payment and have it delivered to your location in no time. 

CDcare does not collect collaterals or request for guarantors before loaning out goods to customers, they do not scrutinize your income level or employment status either, that is the beautiful part of CDcare–it gives everyone a leveled ground. 

Is CDcare App Legit? 

Yes! CDcare is 100% legit. The app has received numerous positive reviews on Google play store and currently has a 4.5 star rating. 

How To Sign Up on CDcare App

As mentioned earlier, CDcare requires users to be signed up on the app before they can be able to make a complete purchase. After you have gotten your app from either the Google play or apple store, here’s how to sign up; 

1. Open the CDcare app on your phone

2. Select ‘sign up’ 

3.  Enter the requested information

4. Agree on the terms and conditions of the platform

5. Click ‘sign up’ 

6. Congratulations, you can now purchase items on CDcare 

How to Place Orders on CDcare App 

To purchase an item on CDcare app, do this; 

1. Login to the app 

2. Go through their numerous items available for purchase and pick your interest

3. Once you see what you’re buying click on it 

4. Select your payment plan (this usually is between Monthly, weekly or a one time payment)

5. Input your address

6. Go ahead to make your initial 50% deposit

7. Wait for your order to be delivered to you 

What Type of Goods Does CDcare Sell ? 

CDcare sell a variety of goods but major in electronics and equipments. Some of the goods you can buy on CDcare are; 

1. Generators

2. Fridges and freezers 

3. Lontor products

4. Mattress

5. Televisions 

6. Kids’ tablets

7. Cars

8. Air conditioners

9. Inverters and batteries

10. Computer monitors, etc. 

 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

Can I pay complete for a purchase on CDcare? 

Yes! CDcare gives you the option to either pay in full for your order or pay periodically until complete.

Does CDcare accept Payment on Delivery ? 

Yes, on CDcare you can pay for your goods when they have been delivered to you 

Does CDcare allow customers to pick up their goods from their shop? 

Yes, if you don’t want to have your order delivered to you, CDcare can have you come to their office to pick up. 

Can I return my goods on CDcare and ask for a refund? 

Yes, in the event that you want to return what you’ve already paid for on CDcare, you can go ahead and then request for a refund. Keep in mind however that there are terms and conditions applied here.

What are the requirements for buying on credit on CDcare? 

There are no requirements, absolutely not! Just have your mobile phone and internet access then you can buy on credit on CDcare .

Pros of CDcare App 

1. The app is easy to navigate and use 

2. CDcare does not ask for collaterals and guarantors before selling on credit

3. The app lets you buy whatever you need even if you don’t have the money. 

4. It does not add interests to loan niether does it have hidden and unexplained fees 

Cons of CDCare

1. It does not offer all types of products for sale. 

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Final Verdict

CDcare is 100% legit and not a scam. The app has been around for close to 3 years and has been praised severally for its genuineness. Try CDcare today and tell us what you think. 

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