Mano Food App Review: Legit Or Scam?

Mano food app is a digital grocery store that delivers online grocery shopping services to Africans. Just like other digital stores like Jumia, Mano food app facilitates the sales of various items only that the app majors more on groceries. 

Grocery shopping with Mano food app is seamless and less boring. With just a few clicks, you can shop your groceries and have them delivered to you within minutes. 

In this article, we will demistify Mano food app and its functional processes. 

What is Mano Food App?

Mano Food app is an online shopping platform that facilitates delivery of products within minutes after order. It is a digital grocery store where fresh groceries and other household items are sold and delivered to customers. 

Mano food app is one of the very first digital grocery stores in Africa, currently, it operates in the cities of Lagos, Abuja (both in Nigeria) and Luanda. The app initially started off as a grocery store but has expanded in recent times to include the sales of non grocery products like home appliances and electronics, etc. 

How Does Mano Food App Work? 

Mano food app works in quite a simple and straight forward way. The app requires users to install it from either the Google play store or the apple store in order to enjoy its benefits.

Following app installation, Mano food app users are to create an account on the platform to enable them have a unique identity on the app. During the process of  account creation, users  would be asked to verify their location. This is to enable Mano determine if they are eligible for their services. 

It is worthy to note that as at the time of writing this article, Mano Food app only provide shopping and delivery services to people within Lagos, Abuja and Luanda. 

After a successful account creation on the platform, users can now go ahead to enjoy seamless online shopping with swift delivery. 

Is Mano Food App Legit?

Yes, Mano food app is legit and has been functional since 2020. 

How to Sign up On Mano Food App

To sign up on Mano food app, follow these simple steps; 

1. Install the app on your phone from the apple app store or Google play store. 

2. Open Mano Food app on your phone

3. Choose the medium you wish to sign up with (through your Facebook, Google account or just phone number)

4. Select how you want to receive the OTP (through text message or WhatsApp)

5. Enter the OTP sent to you 

6. Choose a Username.

7. Click “save”. 

How to Order on Mano Food App

After signing up on Mano food app, users can now place orders on the app. Shopping on Mano is quite easy and requires no expertise. 

Here is a simple step by step guide on how to shop and place orders on Mano food app;

1. Open the app on your mobile phone

2. On the home screen, pick a category you wish to shop from 

3. Go through the available products on the app and add  to cart the ones you wish 

4. To checkout, click “view basket” 

5. The total of the items in your basket will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, click the “proceed to checkout” button beside it.

6. Choose when you wish for your order to be delivered ( now or later). 

7. Choose your method of payment (online or offline) note that. Mano food app accepts payment on delivery.

8. Scan your order and click “check out” if you’re satisfied. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is Mano Food App available in my location?

While Mano food app is available to everybody, you can only shop and place orders on the app if you are within their locations.

What locations does Mano food app deliver to?

Mano food app services are available to people living in Lagos, Abuja and Luanda all within Africa. 

What payment method by Mano food app?

On Mano food app, you can either pay online (payment before delivery) or offline (payment on delivery). Online payment on Mano food app can be done via third party apps like flutterwave  or paystack. Meanwhile, offline payment is usually done via POS or transfer as Mano food app does not accept cash as a method of payment. 

What types of goods are available on Mano food app?

Mano food app is a grocery store and sells all kinds of grocery items, from dairy products to vegetables, beverages and wines. 

Can I return my order on Mano food app? 

To the best of our knowledge, you can cancel your order on Mano food app before delivery is done, as at the time of writing this article, we cannot say with certainty if you can return delivered orders on Mano food app.


1. The app is easy to use and requires no expertise

2. Mano food app is a one stop app for everything groceries, this enables users shop everything in one place.

3. Mano food app facilitates fast delivery (usually same day). 

4. Mano food app has flexible payment options. 


1. Mano food app users have complained that the app takes quite some time before updating its stock; some goods are most times unavailable and you only get to after payment. 

2. Some Mano food app users have alleged that the customer service representatives are unresponsive.

3. Perhaps, the biggest con of Mano food app is the fact that it delivers in just 3 cities in Africa, thus limiting its scope. 

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Final Verdict 

Grocery shopping can be a lot of work, especially if you are always preoccupied with work or just don’t enjoy going out to get things done. Mano food app brings the supermarket/grocery store to your house. With just a few click, you can shop your groceries and have them delivered to you in a short time. Mano food app minimizes cost, energy and time spent in conventional shopping methods. 

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