Alrahuzdata App Review: How To Buy Data, Airtime, Light Bill (Is It Legit?)

Gone are the days when simple transactions like purchase of airtime and payment of utility bills were done manually. Now, in this age of technology that virtually everything can be done via the internet, purchase of airtime and bill payment has become simple tasks that can be done via the internet from the comfort of one’s couch. 

There are several Applications and internet platforms that have made this possible, one of them is the Alrahuzdata application that allows users perform these transactions with ease. In this article, we will be reviewing the Alrahuzdata application. 

What is Alrahuzdata App? 

The Alrahuzdata application is an app that provides services such as airtime purchase and utility bills payment to customers. The app was built to provide users the pleasure of accomplishing these simple tasks without having to leave their houses. 

Alrahuzdata app has been around for quite some time, it was released in November 2021 and has garnered a whooping 100k plus downloads on the Google play store and is rated 4.0 star on the platform. Alrahuzdata has mixed reviews on Google play store and over 658 of their users reviewed it on the play store. 

How Does Alrahuzdata App Work? 

Alrahuzdata app follows the workings of similar apps. To be able to purchase airtime and pay bills on the Alrahuzdata app, you must first and foremost sign up on the app. Once you become a registered user, you will be required to fund your Alrahuzdata app wallet from your mobile bank or link your bank card with your Alrahuzdata account. This will enable a fast and smooth payment for your every purchase on the app. 

Is Alrahuzdata App Legit? 

Yes! Alrahuzdata is 100% legit and not a scam. Just like we said earlier, the app has been around since 2021, I believe that alone is a testament to its authenticity. 

Although Alrahuzdata has numerous bad reviews on the Google play store, there are also one or two good reviews about the app. 

How to Sign up On Alrahuzdata App

When you download the Alrahuzdata app, to begin using it, you will have to register or sign up on the app. To sign up on Alrahuzdata app follow this detailed guide;

1. Open the app on your phone

2. Click the ‘create an account’ button 

3. Fill the onscreen form and submit 

4. Login in to the app with the username and password you entered. 

How to Fund your Alrahuzdata Account 

To buy airtime or perform any activity on Alrahuzdata, you need to first of all fund your wallet or link your funded bank card to your Alrahuzdata account.  

Here’s how to fund your wallet on Alrahuzdata; 

1. Login to the app

2. On the home screen locate the ‘fund wallet’ button and click

3. Choose from the several options provided on how you want to fund your wallet

4. If you choose the automated money transfer, an account detail will be displayed on your screen. 

5. Copy the account details and proceed to pay in to it through your mobile transfer

6. As soon as payment is made into the account, it will reflect on your wallet.

You can equally fund your Alrahuzdata wallet through manual bank transfer, this is when you have to go to the bank to deposit money into the account. The minimum deposit for this means of wallet funding is N3000. To fund your Alrahuzdata wallet through the manual bank transfer, follow the same step above and get the account details, take it to the bank and fill in your deposit slip with the written information. 

You can also alternatively fund your Alrahuzdata wallet through airtime, suppose you bought more than you needed airtime and want to convert it to money, you can do that through Alrahuzdata. To do this, repeat the same steps above, click on airtime funding and fill the provided form, the airtime on your sim card will be deducted and transferred to your wallet as money. 

How to Buy Airtime on Alrahuzdata App

To buy airtime using Alrahuzdata app, do this; 

1. Login to the App

2. On the dashboard, click ‘buy airtime’ 

3. Fill the on screen form appropriately

4. click ‘buy airtime’

5. Your Alrahuzdata wallet will be deducted and you will receive your airtime on your sim 

How to Buy Data on Alrahuzdata App

To buy data on Alrahuzdata do this; 

1. Login to the app

2. Click on ‘Buy data’ on the dashboard

3. Fill the on screen form appropriately

4. Click ‘buy data’ 

5. You will receive your choice of data on your sim immediately. 

How to Do Cable Subscription on Alrahuzdata App

To subscribe for your DSTV, Startimes or GoTV on Alrahuzdata, all you have to do is click on ‘cable TV on the dashboard, select the cable you wish to subscribe to, select your plan, input your smart card number then click ‘validate cable number’ to continue. 

How to Pay Your Electricity Bill on Alrahuzdata App

If you are using a prepaid meter for electricity, recharging your meter is as easy as it can be when you have the Alrahuzdata app. To buy electric metres on Alrahuzdata, follow this; 

1. Login to the app

2. On the dashboard click on ‘bill payment ‘ 

3. Correctly fill the on screen form

4. To submit, click on ‘validate metre’  and continue. 

Pros of Alrahuzdata App

1. The app is easy to use 

2. Alrahuzdata app is multi-functional and can be used to perform a number of tasks 

Cons of Alrahuzdata App

1. Bad and unresponsive customer care representatives 

2. Alrahuzdata app is quite slow in processing transactions

3. There have been complaints of failure of the platform to credit its users with airtime or data after purchase even after debiting them.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

Is Alrahuzdata legit? 

Yes the platform is 100% legit

Can I turn my airtime to Cash on Alrahuzdata? 

There are quite a number of things you can do on Alrahuzdata, turning your airtime to Cash is one of them. In the previous paragraphs of this article, we discussed how to turn your Airtime to cash using the Alrahuzdata app. 

Are airtime and data cheaper on Alrahuzdata? 

Relatively, airtime and data amount are discounted on Alrahuzdata so if you are a vendor, you can make a little gain using Alrahuzdata app to sell airtime and data. 

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Final Verdict

If you have been looking for a less stressful way to pay utility bills, buy airtime and data without having to drive out of your house, try using Alrahuzdata, the app is like one solution to multiple problems. Give it a try today and let us know what you think. 

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