Echan Mall App Review: Is Echan Mall Legit Or Scam?

Retailing goods from China is one of the many businesses Nigerians do. While it has become quite lucrative considering how cheap China goods are, it is also strenuous and quite expensive travelling to and fro China to buy these goods.

Good enough, technology has made life so simple for those that have taken advantage of it so much that almost everything is now done via the internet. Entrepreneurs have been able to leverage the power of technology to cut costs  and deliver efficiency. 

Nobody travels overseas to buy goods anymore, since the advent of COVID-19, internet buying has become increasingly popular. People now purchase things via the internet and have them shipped or delivered to their doorsteps, even entrepreneurs.

There are different platforms and social media that aids  this internet buying. In today’s article, we’re going to be reviewing one such platform, the ‘Echan mall app’.

What is Echan Mall App? 

Echan mall app is a platform that deals with procurement and shipment of China’s 1688 goods to Nigeria. The app takes a special likeness to Womata in terms of functionality. Just like Womata, Echan mall helps Nigerians buy goods in wholesale quantities from 1688 malls in China and also provides shipping services for the purchased goods. 

Echan mall app was released in 2021 and has been doing quite well. Currently it has garnered more than 10,000 downloads on the Google play store with an impressive 4.0 star rating and over 200 positive reviews. 

Echan mall is well popular among Nigerian retailers of Chinese imported goods and has become a safe alternative for physical stock shopping for many of them. 

How Does Echan Mall App Work

Echan mall users are required to be signed up on the app before placing orders on the platform. 

Signing up on Echan mall app is quite easy and takes less than a minute. As soon as users are signed up on Echan mall app, they can start ordering for products. The app buys goods from 1688 and Toaboa. 

A procurement agent is assigned to shop your orders immediately after payment. While you pay for your goods, your freight fee (money paid for transportation of procurement agents to and fro the market to buy your orders) and service fee (money paid to the procurement agent for his/her services) are added to the principal amount to be paid.

As soon as payment is made, your procurement agent will buy your goods from either 1688 or Toaboa (depending on where you ordered from) and take it to the warehouse. When your goods arrive in the warehouse, at your own convenience, you can tell them to package it and ship it to Nigeria. 

Echan mall provides both sea shipping and air shipping and each comes with their distinct pricing. 

Is Echan Mall App Legit? 

Yes! Echan mall app is 100% legit. The app has grown very popular among Nigerian retailers and has received numerous positive reviews on and off the Google play store. 

How to Sign Up on Echan Mall App

To sign up on Echan mall app, follow these steps; 

1. Download Echan mall app on your phone

2. Open the app after download

3. On the home screen, click on ‘my’ (you will find this on the dashboard down) 

4. Click on ‘new user registration’ 

5. Fill the onscreen form and click ‘confirm registration’ 

6. To get in the app, provide your username and password then click ‘sign in now’ 

How to Add Your Bank Card On Echan Mall App

To order goods on the Echan mall app, you will need a bank card otherwise known as an ATM card. Your payments for goods and services on the app will be processed through your bank card. 

To add your bank card on Echan mall, do this; 

1. Login to the app

2. On the home page, click ‘my’ on the dashboard below

3. Under ‘my services’, click on ‘bank card’

4. Click ‘add bank card’ 

5. Enter your card details on the onscreen form and click ‘submit’ when you’re done 

How to Recharge Your Balance On Echan Mall

You cannot shop on Echan mall with a N0 balance, before you can pay for your orders, your balance on Echan mall app must be greater than the price of goods you are ordering. 

Here is how to recharge your Echan mall app balance;

1. Login to the app 

2. Go to ‘my’

3. Click on the arrow on your balance

4. Click recharge

5. Enter the amount you want to recharge

6. A Nigerian bank account details will be displayed on your screen, copy the details and proceed to make an offline payment to the account

7. When you are done, return to the page and provide your evidence of payment. 

8. Contact customer service to inform finance department to check collection

9. The finance department will recharge your account balance and inform you to check 

How to Order on Echan Mall App

After signing up on Echan mall app, you can shop as many goods as you can. 

To begin placing your orders on Echan mall, do this; 

1. Login to Echan mall app 

2. Go through the listed items on the app or simply search for a product if you have a particular thing in mind 

3. Click on the product

4. Select your product specifications and the quantity you want to order 

5. Click on confirm payment (note that the amount payable at this stage is excluding the shipment fee). 

How to Order Goods from 1688 or Toaboa on Echan Mall App 

Echan mall procure goods from 1688 and Toaboa. If you see an item you love on Toaboa and wish to purchase it using Echan mall, simply do this; 

1. Copy the link of the product on Toaboa or 1688 

2. Login to Echan mall 

3. Go to the search bar and  paste your copied link 

4. The exact product and supplier you saw on 1688 or Toaboa will appear in the search result

5. Click on the search result and complete the ordering process. 

How to Ship Your Goods On Echan Mall App

After you have placed your orders, you can decide to ship your goods to Nigeria with Echan mall. To use Echan mall shipment services, follow these steps; 

1. Login to Echan mall app

2. Click on ‘my’

3. Go to ‘purchasing agent service’

4. Click on ‘purchase order’, the items that you have ordered (paid) will appear on under ‘paid’, when these items have been bought by your procurement officer, they will  move to ‘purchased’, after purchase, your goods will be moved to Echan warehouse in China by your procurement officer, you will know when your goods have arrived at the warehouse when they move to ‘warehouse’.

5. Go to ‘international transhipment’, your goods that are in the warehouse will appear in this place 

6. Go to ‘choose to pack’ and select all the products that you want them to pack (package for shipment). 

7. Click on ‘confirm packing’

8. You will receive a drop-down list of the available means of shipment (air or water) and their prices per 1KG, select your preferred shipping method 

9. Click on ‘confirm shipping method’

10.  As soon as you have confirmed packing, your goods will moved to ‘waiting to be confirmed’, after they have been confirmed by the platform, they will move again to ‘waiting for packaging’, after they have been packed, they will move again to ‘waiting to be confirmed’, after confirmation, your goods will appear under ‘shipped’, this means that they are on their way to Nigeria. 

Pros of Echan Mall App

1. Echan mall app communicates in English, this makes shopping on the app much easier 

2. Echan mall app have excellent customer services 

3. Shipping with Echan mall app is relatively cheap as they try as much as possible to reduce all unnecessary weight on your goods to avoid paying exorbitant shipping fees 

4. Echan mall app is a hassle free alternative to physical buying which could be strenuous 

5. Echan mall app accept payment in Naira making it easier for Nigerians to shop 

Cons of Echan Mall App

So far, the only con I’ve observed on Echan mall app is the multiple complains of delayed shipment of goods to Nigeria by Echan mall app users. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

Does Echan mall accept return of purchased goods?

Yes, if something went wrong with your order on Echan mall, you can return the goods.

Does Echan mall app offer refunds after return of goods?

Yes, your money will be refunded to your wallet when you return a purchased good on Echan mall.

Can I ship others goods that were not bought on Echan mall app with Echan mall?

Yes, you can ship your external orders in China with Echan mall.

Does Echan mall accept Naira payment?

Yes, every transaction on Echan mall is processed in Naira.

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Final Verdict

Procure your goods with less stress and expenses on Echan mall app. The platform makes it easier to stock and restock your shop as a dealer of China wares. Echan mall is legit and is a go to app for many Nigerian entrepreneurs who are into the business of buying and selling. 

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