Tapgoal.com Review: Legit Or Scam Review?

Tapgoal.com is a platform where you can earn money from taking part in surveys and referrals. 

In this article, we will talk extensively on what Tapgoal.com is about, how it works, how to register and earn money on Tapgoal and if the platform is authentic. 

What is Tapgoal.com

Tapgoal is an international platform where users can earn real money by participating in various tasks available on the platform. 

Tapgoal.com is an international platform that provides users with very easy and stress free ways to make money. Users can choose from various tasks available on the site to perform and get paid right away. 

The payment structure on Tapgoal is high and hard to believe compared to other paying websites’. 

How Does Tapgoal.com Work?

Just like all paying sites, Tapgoal.com works in a very simple and straightforward way. 

Here is a breakdown of how Tapgoal.com works;

1. Sign Up

The first step to start earning on Tapgoal.com is to sign up on the platform. To do this, search the website on your mobile browser and locate the sign up button. 

3. Perform Tasks 

After signing up on Tapgoal.com, the next step is to perform tasks on the platform to earn money. 

Like we said earlier, there are various available tasks you can perform on Tapgoal.com to earn money. From participating in surveys to engaging on social media posts and referrals, the choice is yours. 

4. Withdraw your Earnings. 

As you perform tasks on Tapgoal.com, your earnings accumulate. Once you have met the withdrawal requirement, you can go ahead and request a withdrawal.  

Is Tapgoal.com legit?

Tapgoal.com is one of those platforms that will make you believe you will get paid a huge amount of money just by performing simple tasks and in the long run, after dedicating a great deal of your time on the platform, you get disappointed when it doesn’t actually pay you your earnings. 

Earnings for tasks on Tapgoal.com are extremely high, this makes it too good to be true. Realistically speaking, Tapgoal cannot afford to pay everyone their earnings. It claims that users can earn up to $700 daily on the platform; let’s do the calculation. 

If, let’s say 1500 users earn an average of $700, $700 multiplied by 1500 users gives you $1050000. Where will the platform get over a million dollars to pay earners frequently?

Conclusively, Tapgoal.com is a scam and is more likely to waste your time and not pay you your earnings. 

How to Sign Up on Tapgoal.com 

To sign up on Tapgoal.com and start earning, follow this simple guide; 

1. Search the website on your mobile browser

2. On the homepage, locate and click the “sign up” button (this is usually at the bottom of the page)

3. Enter the requested information (username, email address and create a password)

4.  Click “sign up”. 

As a wrap, you have successfully created an account with Tapgoal.com and are ready to perform tasks and earn. 

How to Earn on Tapgoal.com

Tapgoal.com users make money on the site by performing available tasks. There are different tasks available to perform on Tapgoal and the earnings for each task differs. 

Here are the tasks you can perform on Tapgoal.com and earn money;

1. Complete surveys

One great way to earn money on Tapgoal.com is to participate in surveys. When you take and complete surveys available on Tapgoal.com, you are sure to earn a minimum of $35. 

2. Download Apps 

Installing apps from Tapgoal.com is another way to earn money on the platform. You can earn as much as $25 when you download an app and run it on your phone for a few minutes or less.

3. Refer friends 

Participating in referrals on Tapgoal.com is compulsory to withdraw your money on the platform. For every person you refer to Tapgoal.com, you earn $10 

4. Promote Tapgoal.com social media

Another way to earn on Tapgoal.com is to make promotional posts about the platform on your social media handles. For every approved promo post you make of Tapgoal.com, you earn $10. 

How to Withdraw Earnings on Tapgoal.com

Before you can withdraw your earnings on Tapgoal.com, you must meet the withdrawal requirements. 

Withdrawal requirements on Tapgoal.com are two; 

1. You must perform ten tasks as a new user 

2. You must refer two new users to the platform. 

If you don’t meet any of the above requirements, you cannot withdraw your earnings on Tapgoal.com. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How much can I make on Tapgoal.com ?

The amount of money you can earn on Tapgoal.com totally depends on how many tasks you perform; the more tasks you perform, the more money you make. 

Is Tapgoal.com legit?

No, Tapgoal.com is not legit

Does Tapgoal.com pay? 

No, tapgoal.com does not pay. They will only use their exaggerated rewards to entice you to perform tasks and keep the platform running. 

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1. Tapgoal.com is totally free to use, unlike some paying sites, it doesn’t require registration fees.

2. Tapgoal.com is quite easy to use and does not require much guidance for novice 

3. There are quite a number of options to choose from when it comes to task performance on Tapgoal.com 


1. The earnings on Tapgoal.com are exaggerated and implausible.

2. Tapgoal.com possess similar characteristics with other trickish paying sites 

3. Tapgoal.com requires users to perform at least 10 tasks and refer two or more new users to the platform before they can withdraw their earnings. 

Final Verdict 

Tapgoal.com will only waste your precious time, it won’t eventually pay you for those tasks with ridiculous earnings. The earnings attached to these tasks on Tapgoal.com are only meant to entice you to perform tasks on the platform until you realise you have been building castles on air. 

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