Kiaglo App Review: Legit or Scam?

In this age of digitalization, almost all human activities have been made possible via the internet. It is not uncommon to see someone shopping online from the comfort of his/her couch. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping has become rampant and is slowly replacing the traditional physical shopping. A lot of people no longer walk into stores to shop for things, shopping via the internet has been made easy via different social media platforms, websites and Applications. 

Applications like Jumia, Omnibiz, Konga and Kiaglo are just a few of the many shopping platforms that facilitate online shopping. 

Today we will review the kiaglo online shopping platform with focus on its authencity, functionality and lots more about the app. 

What is Kiaglo App? 

Kiaglo is a shopping app that deals majorly on men and women clothing, electronic goods, phones and tablets and beauty. The app takes a special liking to the popular Nigerian shopping platform, Jumia. On the kiaglo app, men and women can shop for different clothings and other commodities from the comfort of their couch at their own pace. 

How Does the Kiaglo App Work? 

It’s simple. Kiaglo has made shopping less strenuous and more fun. The Kiaglo App allows users to shop a variety of items on their phone. 

After registering on the platform, users are allowed to shop as many items as they wish. Payment for picked items are done on the app and are delivered to shoppers after 24 hours to 2 working days of order payment. 

Is Kiaglo App Legit?

Yes, the kiaglo online shopping platform is very legit with over 3.4 star rating on the google play store and 316 reviews. 

How to Sign up On Kiaglo App 

After downloading the kiaglo app from the Google play store or Apple Store, follow these steps to sign up on the app; 

1. Open the app on your phone

2. Click ‘register’ 

3. Fill the on screen form then click on ‘request OTP’

4. Choose where to get your OTP, your phone number or the email address

5. Enter the OTP sent then click ‘log me in’ 

6. You will log in to your Kiaglo account and can start shopping immediately.

How to Shop for Items on The Kiaglo App

Shopping on kiaglo is really easy but if you find it a bit difficult, follow these steps to buy on the platform; 

1. Login to the app

2. Scroll through the listed products (or you can simply search what you are looking for ) 

3. Once you find what to buy, click on the product

4. You either click ‘buy now’ or ‘add to cart’ (if you add an item to your cart, it means you will buy it later) 

5. When you click on ‘buy now’ you will be taken to a new page, add your address (i.e where your product is to be delivered to) 

6. As soon as you add your address, the shipping fee of your selected item will be added to the cost 

7. Click ‘pay’

8. On kiaglo, you can either pay for items with coupons or through your bank card so you will be required to enter your card details on the platform. 

Kiaglo Bonuses 

On Kiaglo,  users enjoy mouth watering bonuses, discounts and offers like referral bonuses and daily login bonuses. 

Once a user completes registration on the platform, he/she receives N1000. Kiaglo users also earn N500 when they refer buyers to the platform. You can as well earn money for logging in daily on kiaglo and even for reviewing products on Kiaglo.

Keep in mind however that all kiaglo bonuses can only be used to purchase items on the platform. 

How to Become a Seller on Kiaglo

Apart from shopping on kiaglo, you can also list your goods for sale on the platform, this however is only possible when you register as a seller on the platform. 

Here is a simple guide to become a registered seller on Kiaglo; 

1. Visit the Kaiglo sellers hub on Google

2. Click on ‘become a seller’. Note that you need to be a registered user on Kiaglo before becoming a seller, so if you have no account with Kiaglo you would be required to create one.

3. Login to your account

4. Fill the on screen form  and click create store.

5. Customise your Kiaglo store and start listing your goods for purchase. 

Pros of Kiaglo

1. The app is very easy to use 

2. The signup process on kiaglo is not complicated and can be done by even a novice without assistance

3. Prices on kiaglo are cheaper compared to other shopping platforms

4. Users get to enjoy bonuses on the kiaglo platform

Cons of Kiaglo

While testing the Kiaglo App, the only unsatisfactory event I experienced was the inability of the platform to send me an OTP through my phone number, after several trials, I had to try using my email account.

Another con of Kaiglo is that the platform does not have many items available for purchase. 

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

What is the estimated delivery duration on Kaiglo?

Delivery within Lagos takes 2 – 4 working days

Delivery outside Lagos takes 2 – 5 working days

Can I cancel my order on Kiaglo?

Yes, you can cancel your order on Kiaglo and the item ordered will not be delivered to you 

Can I get a refund on Kiaglo?

Yes, refunds for orders cancelled or returned items are paid within 72 hrs after order confirmation.

If I make Multiple Orders on Kiaglo, will they arrive in a single package?

Yes, Each order you place on Kiaglo will be handled as a single transaction, so information received for each order will be shipped in a single package 

Can I withdraw Kiaglo bonuses to my bank account?

No, all earnings are to be used to purchase items from the store.

Can I return purchased items on Kiaglo?

Yes, but complain must be made within 24 hours of delivery

Final Verdict

Kiaglo is a legit shopping hub that gives users low prices for quality stuff and exciting bonuses. If shopping excites you but you usually lack the strength to do physical shopping, then you should try Kiaglo. 

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