Loja Nigeria App Review: Legit Or Scam? [The Truth]

Digital platforms like Loja Nigeria app have brought humans a step closer to a life of maximum comfort. A life that requires no more effort than pressing some buttons on your mobile phone and getting things done. 

Since the age of the internet began, a bulk of human activities like trade and commerce has been made simple and stress free via this internet through various websites and applications.

Today we will be reviewing one of the online platforms that have made trading a digital concept, Loja Nigeria. 

What is Loja Nigeria App?

Loja Nigeria app is an online platform that facilitates trading of commodities via the internet. Loja Nigeria app enables users to sell and buy different products on the platform. The app is available to just Nigerians who are either interested in marketing their businesses or shopping items.

Loja Nigeria app was launched in July 2022 and since its establishment on the Google play store has garnered over 5,000 downloads. The app has an impressive 4.5 star ratings with 120 reviews. 

How Does Loja Nigeria App Work?

Loja Nigeria app works in a very simple way; to sell on the app, users are required to verify as a seller then make a payment of N1000 before proceeding to fill the online form. After a user is confirmed as a seller, he or she can begin posting products on the app for sale. 

A buyer on Loja Nigeria app is also required to register on the platform and fund his or her wallet to shop the variety of things available on the platform. Loja users can meet face to face with vendors of the items they intend to order, this is to reduce the rate of fraud and deception that precedes online trade and commerce. 

Is Loja Nigeria App Legit?

Yes, Loja Nigeria app is legit and not a scam. Although there have been numerous complaints of instability and inability of the app to function efficiently, Loja is still a legit platform. 

How to Sign Up on Loja Nigeria App

To sign up on Loja Nigeria app and begin enjoying its features, follow these instructions; 

1. Download the app on your phone

2. Open Loja Nigeria app on your phone 

3. On the home page, click “register” on the top most dashboard

4. Correctly fill the onscreen form and click “register” to submit 

5. Go to the email of the email address you filled in the form to activate your Loja Nigeria account. 

6. Click on the link on the email from Loja Nigeria app and enter the OTP sent.

How to Sell On Loja Nigeria App

Selling at Loja Nigeria app is very easy, simple and totally free. Here is a step by step instructions on how to sell your goods on Loja Nigeria app; 

First of all, to start selling on Loja Nigeria app, you would be required to verify yourself as a vendor, the following are the required documents for verification as a vendor on Loja Nigeria app;

  • A valid Address Description
  • A valid Selfie with any of your products (if you sell digital products, you can verify your account using selfie only)
  • Payment of 1,000 naira only

The 1,000 naira will be added to your LOJA balance , you can use it to promote your ads on LOJA.NG.

After verifying yourself as a vendor on Loja Nigeria, continue the registration process;

1. Take pictures of items you want to sell using your phone’s camera

2. Click publish ads on the home screen 

3.  Select the most suitable category for the item you want to sell.

4.  Upload the photos of the item and write a clear title and full description of your item.

5. Enter the phone number your customers will contact you with

6. Enter a good price and submit your ad for review and approval.

How to Buy on Loja Nigeria App

Buying on Loja Nigeria app is quite easy and non time consuming. Here is how to shop items on Loja Nigeria app; 

1. Login to the Loja Nigeria app 

2. Search for the item.

3. Find what you need using the search and filters panel. choose exactly what you are looking for.

4. Contact the seller: You can chat with the seller on loja.ng  App or call them using the phone number provided under the item you want to buy.

5.  Discuss all the details, negotiate the price if the price is negotiable.

6. Check the item carefully to confirm that it is what you want.

7. Make payment only after checking and collecting your item.

How to Fund Your Loja App Wallet

Before you can shop on the Loja Nigeria app, your wallet needs to be funded to enable you to pay for your orders. Here is how to fund your Loja app wallet; 

1. Open the Loja app on your phone

2. Register or login if you have not

3. On the top right corner of the page, click on “my dashboard”

4. Click “fund wallet” 

5. Enter the amount you wish to add to your wallet and click “pay now”

6. An account detail will be displayed on the screen, copy it and make payment to it then return to the app to confirm your payment 

7. As soon as your payment is confirmed, your Loja app wallet will be credited. 

Prós of Loja Nigeria App

1. Loja Nigeria app is easy to use 

2. It is free for people who are interested in shopping on the platform

3. Loja Nigeria app offers a wide variety of items for sales 

4. You have the option to meet with sellers on Loja app before purchasing items for verification purposes 

Cons of Loja Nigeria App 

1. Loja app is not free for sellers and requires a registration fee of N1000  before you can be verified as a seller

2. Loja Nigeria app contains bugs

3. Loja Nigeria app is quite unstable

4. Since there are different vendors on the Loja Nigeria app, the probability of getting scammed on the platform is quite high.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

What can I buy on Loja Nigeria app?

There are a variety of products you can shop on Loja app, from clothes and accessories to electronics and gadgets.

Is Loja Nigeria app available in my country?

Loja Nigeria app is available in just Nigeria for now

Does Loja Nigeria app deliver orders?

Loja Nigeria app is just a platform that connects buyers and sellers, they are not in charge of the goods available on the platform. If you are buying anything on Loja app, the decision whether your item can be delivered or not is left between you and your vendor. 

Final Verdict 

Loja Nigeria app is your one stop app if you are a seller and wish to advertise your goods to a large audience or just a buyer who wants to relax and shop items on your phone.

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