CardHorse App Review: Buy/Sell Giftcards, Is It Legit?

In today’s Article, we are going to be reviewing the CardHorse App. If you are a gift card trader, you must have experienced how difficult it is to find trusted and reliable gift cards vendors on the internet.  This problem arises as a result of the sensitivity of gift cards and their ability to be stolen if possessed by a second party. 

CardHorse App is one of the few platforms on the internet today that trades gift cards and pledges honesty and transparency. In this article we will be focusing on determining the authenticity of the CardHorse app and its features. 

What is CardHorse App?

CardHorse app is a digital platform that facilitates the sales of gift cards. The app is a relatively new one that has been designed to help users sell their gift cards via a trusted platform that delivers efficiently. 

CardHorse was released earlier this year, precisely on the 23rd of June 2023. Since the time of its release, the app has garnered over 50k downloads on the Google play store with a 4.3 star ratings and over a 100 plus reviews. 

How Does CardHorse Work? 

CardHorse accepts and buys gift cards from users. To sell your gift cards on the platform, you are required to create an account with them. 

After logging in to the CardHorse app, you can present your gift cards for sale by navigating to their listed gift cards that can be bought. Once you see a gift card that they buy and you want to sell, click on it and initiate a transaction. 

If CardHorse accepts your gift card, the worth will be transferred to your CardHorse Wallet where you can withdraw to your bank account.

Is CardHorse App Legit?

CardHorse app is quite legit. The app has been used by multiple people to comfortably sell their gift cards. There have however been multiple complaints of alleged fraudulent activities on the app by some users who claimed were ripped on the app. 

How to Sign Up on CardHorse App

To sign up on CardHorse and begin trading your gift cards on the platform, follow this guide; 

1. Open CardHorse app on your phone

2. Enter your email address and click on the “get OTP” button to have them send an OTP to your email address

3. Go to your Email to fetch the OTP, copy and paste the OTP and continue with your registration.

4. Create a Username and a password

5. Click “get started” to complete your registration on CardHorse app. 

How to Trade on CardHorse App

To sell your gift cards on CardHorse app, follow this guide; 

1. Open CardHorse app on your phone

2. Login to your CardHorse account

3. On the home screen, under “sell your gift cards” go through their listed cards that they buy.

4. Click on the gift card you want to sell 

5. A new page will open, enter the requested details about your gift card. 

6. Click on “sell” to initiate the transaction.

7. CardHorse will access your gift card and notify you if they can buy it or not 

8. If bought, your CardHorse Wallet will be credited with the card’s worth. 

How to Withdraw on CardHorse App

After a successful trade with CardHorse app, your money will be transferred to CardHorse Wallet. From CardHorse Wallet, you can withdraw your money from the wallet whenever you are ready.

To withdraw your money on CardHorse app, do this; 

1. Open the CardHorse app on your phone 

2. Login to your account on CardHorse

3. On the dashboard of the home screen, click “withdraw” 

4. If you haven’t added a bank account details before do that by clicking on “add bank” 

5. Enter your bank name, account number and account name then click save.

6. In subsequent withdrawals, always select this bank account. 

7. Enter the amount want to withdraw from your CardHorse Wallet and click “withdraw” 

8. CardHorse will process your payment and credit your bank account. 

Pros of CardHorse App

1. The CardHorse app is very easy to use so much so that even novice can find their way around without help

2. CardHorse app processes transactions relatively fast

3. Gift card rates on CardHorse are quite okay 

4. Withdrawals on CardHorse are unlimited with no charges attached 

Cons of CardHorse App

1. CardHorse only buys gift cards, users can’t buy but sell on the platform

2. CardHorse users have complained of selling cards on the platform without getting their money

3. CardHorse users have also alleged that the app redeems their gift cards after submission and rejects them with claims that they have been used by a third party. 

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What currency does CardHorse pay in? 

CardHorse pays in Nigerian Naira.

Can I buy gift cards on CardHorse app?

No, you can only sell gift cards on CardHorse, the platform does not facilitate the purchase of Gift cards 

What gift cards can I buy on CardHorse

CardHorse buys up to 25 popular gift cards, including but not limited to: Apple & iTunes, Steam, American Express, Razer Gold, Vanilla, Sephora, Visa, Footlocker, Amazon, Nordstrom, Nike, Macy’s, ebay, Xbox, Walmart, Netspend, Roblox, Greendot, Target, Home Depot, GameStop, Finish Line, CVS pharmacy, and Coach gift cards. 

Is CardHorse app available on IOS devices?

Yes, CardHorse app is available on both Android and IOS devices. 

Final Verdict 

Although CardHorse app is a legit app that actually buys gift cards, we do not recommend you trade with them. There have been multiple reports of users’ gift cards getting redeemed and rejected after submission on the app. This is a common complaint among many people who use online platforms to trade their gift cards.

It is most advisable to trade your gift cards with physical vendors who you are conversant with and can rely on. This is because, in the case of any suspected fraud, you can easily hold the person’s account and demand a refund but in the case of online platforms, there is really no accountability. 

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