Review: Legit Or Scam? [The Truth] is a survey site that pays users for taking and completing surveys. 

This article aims to demystify what is, how it works, its authencity and the pros and cons of the website. 

What is 

SayMore is a platform where users are paid to answer surveys. The platform practically describes itself as a website where users can earn just by sharing their opinions. 

SayMore was formerly known as Univox Community. Univox Community was equally a popular site where users complete surveys to get monetary rewards. So Univox Community and SayMore are one and the same site and brand; SayMore is just a rebrand of Univox Community. 

Conclusively, if you have been a user of Univox Community, then you might as well be very conversant with SayMore. Apart from the difference in names, nothing actually changed in the brand. 

How Does Work?

SayMore works in a very simple and straightforward way. 

Here is a breakdown of how SayMore works;

1. Sign Up

The first step to start earning on SayMore is to sign up on the platform. To do this, search the website on your mobile browser and locate the sign up button. Sometimes when you visit the site, you might not see a “sign up” option because might not be taking new users from your location.

3. Perform Tasks 

After signing up on,  the next step is to perform tasks on the platform to earn money. 

There are two tasks available on SayMore which are surveys and referrals. 

4. Withdraw your Earnings. 

As you perform tasks on SayMore, your earnings accumulate. Once you have met the withdrawal requirement, you can go ahead and request a withdrawal.  

Is Legit?

Yes, SayMore is legit and not scam. The site gives you a ‘lay-down relax’ way to make cool cash all from the comfort of your couch. 

How to Sign Up on

Here is how to sign up on SayMore; 

1. Visit the Website

Go to the official SayMore website 

2. Sign-Up

Look for a “Sign Up” or “Join Now” button on the homepage and click on it.

3. Registration Form

You’ll be directed to a registration form. Fill in the required information, which usually includes your name, email address, and a password.

4. Profile Creation

Complete your profile by providing additional details such as demographics. This helps the platform in matching you with relevant surveys.

5. Email Verification

Check your email for a confirmation link and click on it.

6. Log In 

Once verified, log in to your Univox Community account using your registered email and password.

How to Earn on

There are basically two ways to make money on SayMore. In this section of the article, we will briefly discuss these two ways one at a time.

1. Complete surveys and earn 

The most popular way to make money on SayMore is by answering surveys. SayMore is a platform that rewards users for literally saying more (lol). 

There are different surveys on different subjects that requires you to answer honestly. Once you complete a survey on SayMore, you get rewarded with points. These points can be converted to giftcards or withdrawn as cash through PayPal. The more Survey you take on SayMore, the more points you earn and the more money you make. 

2. Refer and earn

Another way to make money on SayMore is to refer new users to the site. You can join this referral program on SayMore by sharing your personal referring link from the site to people on social media asking and persuading them to join the platform. For every one successful referral, you get 100 points which equals a dollar. 

A disadvantage of this referral program on SayMore is that it is not enough for your referrals to sign up on SayMore, they must complete a task before you can be rewarded. Once your referral completes a first survey, you will be rewarded with 100 points and as he completes subsequent surveys you will receive 10 points. 

How to Withdraw Earnings on

As established earlier, SayMore rewards users for completing surveys as well as referals with points. Once you are ready to cash out from the platform, you can exchange these points with giftcards or withdraw them as cash through PayPal. 

Not everybody can however cash out on SayMore, as with most paying sites, SayMore has Withdrawal threshold and until you have reached the threshold, you would not be allowed to withdraw your money. 

What is the threshold for withdrawals on SayMore? .

SayMore require users to have accumulated up to $2500 (which is $25) for a first time withdrawal. Gradually, as you grow on the site, the withdrawal threshold will reduce. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How much can I make on

The amount of money you can make on SayMore depends on your dedication in performing tasks on the platform and also on the availability of surveys in your demographic location or region.

Why don’t I get much surveys on

The availability of surveys on SayMore depends on your region or demographic location. In some region, there are always a lot of surveys available while in some there’s hardly any. 

Why can’t I sign up on

If you cannot access the SayMore website, it may be because it is not available in your country or region. 

Does have an app?

As at the time of writing this post, SayMore does not have an app.


1. SayMore has quite a number of withdrawal options which makes the payment method flexible

2. Earnings per tasks on SayMore are relatively decent. 

3. SayMore is totally free to use. 


1. SayMore is not available in some countries

2. Not many surveys are available on SayMore.

3. The withdrawal threshold on SayMore is relatively too high. 

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Final Verdict

If you are looking for a way to make money online without hurting a finger, try SayMore. SayMore enables users to make legit and decent money via the internet just by answering surveys and referring people. If you have a mobile phone and internet, with just a little dedication of your time, you can earn a reasonable amount on SayMore. 

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Kindly leave your questions, contributions or confusions in the comments box below, peace.


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