Bzzagent Review: Legit or Scam [Deep Inner Look]

Bzzagent is a platform that sends products of brands to registered and qualified users to test and review. It is quite a unique survey platform that differs in its method of operation and reward. 

In this article, we will be reviewing Bzzagent and all it entails, so keep reading if you wish to learn more about Bzzagent.

What is Bzzagent?

Bzzagent is a US based survey site that has their users test products for brands and provide their review of the tested products. 

Bzzagent is different from the usual survey sites that require their users to answer survey questions to earn real money.

On Bzzagent, users are not paid with real money for their product reviews, instead, they are rewarded with the products they tested and reviewed. 

How Does Bzzagent Work?

Here is a simple breakdown of how Bzzagent work;

1. To begin your product testing journey with Bzzagent, the first step is to sign up on their website, and it’s super easy.

2. After signing up, create a profile, so they know what you’re into and what campaigns would suit you based on your profile. 

3. Based on your profile, BzzAgent might pick you for a campaign. If they do pick you, they will send you products to try and give an honest review on.

4. Try the products and make your review. You can publicise your reviews through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly known as Twitter) etc. 

5. Share your experience on campaigns with Bzzagent, let them know how it went.

6. Bzzagent will reward you for a job well done. If your campaign was impressive, you might be selected to be part of another in the future. 

Is Bzzagent Legit?

Yes, Bzzagent is totally legit. Although you can’t earn real money from testing products and making reviews on Bzzagent, you will definitely get free products as a reward for your service. 

How to Sign Up on Bzzagent

To start receiving products to test and review on Bzzagent, you will be required to sign up and create an account with them.

Here is the comprehensive guide to signing up on Bzzagent; 

1. Search the website on your web browser

2. Click the three lines at the top left corner of the home page 

3. Select “join now” 

4. Fill the on screen form and click “register”

5. Check your email for any message from Bzzagent. 

6. Click the link contained in the email and carefully provide answers to the questions. 

7. Go back to Bzzagent and login to your account. 

How to Earn On Bzzagent

As we have established before, Bzzagent does not reward users with actual money. The only compensation users get are free products from the tested brands.

To start getting freebies on Bzzagent, you need to start participating in Campaigns on Bzzagent. Bzzagent users do not apply to join campaigns, instead, Bzzagent invites them to join. 

These invites are based on your profile. Bzzagent sends invitations to users to join campaigns that resonate with their profile. And if you don’t wish to join the campaign, you can ignore the invite. 

Once you have successfully made a review of the tested products, you would receive your freebies. If Bzzagent found your campaign appealing, you would be invited to join more campaigns and get more free products to test.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What countries does Bzzagent work with?

Bzzagent is available for users in just these three countries, Canada, UK and US. 

Will Bzzagent tell me what to say during product reviews?

No, Bzzagent as noted by them do not tell users what to say or do in their product promotions. 

What do BzzAgents do exactly?

Bzzagents try products and services, then share honest opinions about them via product reviews.

Does Bzzagent pay real money?

No, Bzzagent does not pay real money, instead they reward users by sending them freebies of products. 

What do I need to join Bzzagent?

Bzzagent requires their users to make reviews of products they test and put them out on social media, so to join and function well on Bzzagent, you need a mobile phone and functional social media platforms.

How do I receive my free products from Bzzagent?

Bzzagents will deliver your freebies to your home address as provided during profile creation on the site. 

Tips to Help Improve Your Chances of Getting Selected for Campaigns on Bzzagents

1. Make sure your information is up to day and completely. The more information you provide, the more Bzzagent are likely to match you with a product

2. Add Bzzagent to your email contacts to avoid missing a campaign invitation from them 

3. When you receive an invitation to apply, act fast, the sooner you accept the invitation, the better chance you get to be selected for the campaign

4. If you are eventually selected to be part of a campaign, be sure to follow disclosure guidelines And provide honest reviews in a timely manner. 


1. Bzzagent is totally free to use 

2. Users get free products as rewards


1. Bzzagent does not pay real money

2. You would have to work a little extra to start getting invited for campaigns. 

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Final Verdict

Bzzagent is a nice platform where you can get freebies by just testing products from brands. If you enjoy doing reviews on products and you have a good social media presence, you can get gifts for doing absolutely what you love.. Bzzagent is legit and will definitely reward you according to your performance. 

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Kindly leave your questions, contributions or confusions in the comments box below, peace.


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