Review: Is Getgrass Legit?, more popularly known as Grass is a website that rewards users for sharing their unused internet bandwidth. It is one of the latest passive income sites, users do just the barest minimum to earn on the platform.

This article will demystify as a passive income site, including how it works, its learning structures and its authenticity. 

What is

Getgrass is a website where users share their unused internet bandwidth and earn rewards (these rewards are points). 

What is internet bandwidth?

Internet bandwidth is like the highway for your data, it determines how much information can zoom through your internet connection. People sometimes mix it up with internet speed, but it’s actually about the amount of data sent per second, measured in Mbps. Think of it as a big influencer on how fast and smooth your internet experience can be – the more bandwidth, the better!

Virtually everybody with access to the internet has a bandwidth on their card. A lot of people are most likely not to exhaust their bandwidth, especially WiFi users. Once you join Getgrass, you can be able to share these unused bandwidths with cooperate bodies who in turn uses them to maximize their website performance. 

How Does Work?

Here is a breakdown of how Getgrass works; 

1. Sign up 

The first step to get started on Getgrass is to sign up with them. To do this, you need to visit their official website on your browser. Signing up on Getgrass is relatively fast and does not take more than a minute. The process requires you to provide your information (name, email address, etc). 

2. Share your unused bandwidths 

Once you have successfully signed up on Getgrass, to start earning on the platform, you need to start sharing your bandwidth with their customers in order to make money. You can do this through an extension provided by the website. Once you open the extension and start it running at the background, you would start earning passively, all you need to do is start the extension on chrome and your money starts counting. 

3. Earn points

As you share your bandwidths with, you earn points. The amount of points you earn on Getgrass depends on your location and the number of unique IP addresses attached to your account. 

Is Legit? .

Yes, Getgrass is legit, although it is not a ‘real’ paying site yet, it is legit and not a scam. 

How to Sign Up on

Here is a guide to signing up on; 

1. Search the website on your mobile browser

2. On the welcome page, scroll down until you see “get started”, click on it.

3. Now click “register” 

4. Fill the onscreen form and provide all the needed information (please note that a referral code is required to sign up on Getgrass, if you don’t have any, you can find one on the internet). 

5. After you have successfully filled the form, click on “register” to finish up. 

How to Earn On 

There are basically two ways to earn on Getgrass. In this section of the article, we will discuss these two ways to earn on Getgrass;

1. Earn by sharing unused internet resources

When you sign up on, you would need to equally download their extension and sign in with the same details you used in signing up for the main Getgrass. When you are done signing in on the extension, you can set it up and get it running. Immediately the extension starts running, your rewards start counting. The longer you keep it running, the more the points you earn. 

2. Earn by referring people

Another way you can earn on Getgrass is by referring new users to the platform by sharing your referral link. You receive 20% of your referrals earnings and if your referral refers another user, you will receive 10% of his earnings as an indirect referrer. The same thing goes for when your referral’s referral refers another user – you will earn 5% as an indirect referrer also. 

The only clause associated with Getgrass’ referral program is that your referrals must be active on the website, if they don’t earn, you will not receive your bonus. 

How to Withdraw Earnings on

As at the time of writing this article, the points you earn on Getgrass are not redeemable, you cannot claim them. The website promises that with time, you will be able to exchange your points with valuables. What this means is that for now, you cannot make money on This is why if you are looking for a site where you can earn quick money, Getgrass should not be on your list, at least for now. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Does Getgrass pay real money?

No, for now you cannot exchange your points on for any valuable 

Is Getgrass legit or scam?

Getgrass is 100% legit

Can I download Getgrass on multiple devices?

The short answer is yes. 

Can I make multiple accounts on Getgrass to earn more?

No, each user on Getgrass is entitled to only one account but you can add more devices to your account to maximize your earnings. 

Is my data protected while using Getgrass?

Yes, Getgrass does not go close to your personal data so your data is 100% secure while using Getgrass. 


1. Getgrass is a means of generating passive income

2. Getgrass rewards you for giving away something you don’t need and probably will never use.


1. Getgrass currently does not pay real money 

2. Your referrals will have to be active on the website before you can benefit from their referral programs. 

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Final Verdict

While Getgrass is a legit website, I would not advise you to rely on it for income generation. This is because the website currently does not pay real money. Getgrass only rewards users with points which they claim can subsequently be exchanged for valuables such as gift cards and money. So if you want a platform that can give you a few extra bucks like right now, your best option shouldn’t be 

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