Review: Is Cloudworkers Legit?

Cloudworkers is an international platform that recruits users to moderate chats with clients. Cloudworkers pay their chat moderators who in turn engage in e-conversation with their clients.

This article aims to demystify as a platform and how it can be properly utilised by users. 

What is Cloudworkers?

Cloudworkers is an online platform where chat moderators get paid to chat or engage in online conversations with clients. 

Cloudworkers provide aid to people who need someone to talk to through their moderay. Once you become a registered chat moderator on Cloudworkers, you will be given chats to moderate and at the end of the month, you can withdraw your earnings from the platform. 

With a PC or laptop computer and a stable internet connection, you can get a side hustle to supplement your income with Cloudworkers. 

How Does Cloudworkers work? 

Cloudworkers require their chat moderators to fill and submit an application via their website to get started.

Once you have submitted your application, you will be asked to confirm your email. Your application will be reviewed by the Cloudworkers team and if they find you worthy of the job, you will be accepted as a chat moderator on Cloudworkers.

After a successful application, you can login to the site and join a chat room to begin chatting with customers on Cloudworkers from anywhere you are in the world. 

With Cloudworkers, the more you text, the more your earnings accumulate. So if you want to make a decent amount on the platform, you would have to dedicate a good amount of your time chatting on the platform. 

Payments on Cloudworkers are made within the first 10 business days of the month for the work done in the prior month. Payments can be made either via bank transfer or Paypal transfer.

Is Cloudworkers Legit?

Yes, Cloudworkers is a legit way to make money online. Cloudworkers is 100% legit and not a scam. 

How to Sign Up on Cloudworkers

To sign up on Cloudworkers and start working remotely, follow these steps; 

1. Search “” on your web browser

2. Scroll downwards the page till you see an application form 

3. Fill in your details as indicated by the form 

4. Click “submit application” 

5. To confirm your application, check your email and click on the link contained within the mail. 

6. Cloudworkers team will review your application and get back to you within 5 days. 

How to Earn on Cloudworkers

There is only one way to earn on Cloudworkers, and that is becoming a chat moderator for the platform. The only task available on Cloudworkers that can earn users money is engaging in online conversations with their clients. Typically, Cloudworkers pay $0.053 per message sent to clients. This means that in order for your earnings to be tangible on the platform, you have to be consistent with chat engagements.

Chat moderators working with Cloudworkers are provided with flexible, exciting and uncomplicated opportunities to utilise their language skills and earn a reliable monthly income as an independent freelance moderator with positions available either on a part-time or full-time basis.

In order to work, Cloudworkers’ chat moderators simply login online via the chat interface anywhere in the world and instantly communicate with customers. 

As a Cloudworkers chat moderator, you should be open to engaging in high quality dialogues of an adult nature on the various chat platforms as the subject of conversations with customers are not limited. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Do I have to pay a fee before I’m hired on Cloudworkers?

No, absolutely not! Cloudworkers never ever have or ever will charge fees to their moderators!

What do I need to work on Cloudworkers?

You need a laptop or a PC. Another requirement is a reliable internet connection as the job cannot be done without internet.

What is the age requirement for working with Cloudworkers?

You must be up to 18 years and above to work on Cloudworkers

Will my identity be revealed to customers on Cloudworkers?

No, your identity is kept completely anonymous on Cloudworkers. 

Do I need to upload any document to Cloudworkers?

Yes, before getting verified on the platform, you need to provide evidence that you are above 18 years of age. 

Must I train I start working on Cloudworkers?

Training is mandatory before you may start to work and earn. However, it will only require about an hour of your time and will be conducted by one of Cloudworkers’ team leaders via skype or telephone.


1. Cloudworkers is transparent

2. The platform offers freelance contract with chat moderators on a part-time and full-time basis, depending on users’ choice

3. Chatroom moderators on Cloudworkers are kept anonymous 


1. The process of joining Cloudworkers is relatively difficult. 

2. Chat room moderators on Cloudworkers might be required to converse explicit and adult contents.

3. Payments on Cloudworkers are made periodically so workers cannot withdraw earnings all the time. 

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Final Verdict 

While Cloudworkers is legit, chat room moderators on the platform are required to engage clients in adult contents. Although your identity is completely hidden and it is guaranteed that your face will not show, if you are not comfortable with flirting with outsiders, then Cloudworkers is not the site for you . 

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