Review: Legit Or Scam? [The Truth] is the latest paying site right now on the world wide web. While doing the barest minimum, you can earn cool cash on 

In this article, we will expose the ways you can make money and cash out on; we will also talk on some of the amazing features of the website and its pros and cons. 

What is is a website that pays users for referrals and task completions. The site was launched on the 5th of January 2024 and takes special semblance with the very popular, a paying site that trended heavily late 2023. is not a referral based system, referring is one way you can make money on the website but the only way. Apart from participating in the affiliate program (referral program) on, you can also make money on the site by performing tasks such as daily logins to the site, engaging in advert posts by the site and so much more. 

So conclusively, offers users the liberty to make money through affiliate and non affiliate programs via the platform. 

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How Does work? works in quite a simple way. The first step to start earning on the site is to purchase a coupon code which is necessary for registeration.’s registeration coupon codes are usually sold by members who are affiliates of the site, so to purchase a coupon code, you need to contact a verified affiliate. 

Once you have successfully purchased a coupon code, you can head on to the website to register. After registeration, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of membership. 

As a member, you can make money through their affiliate program (this will require you to refer people to register on the site) or through task completions and daily log in.

Once you have earned up to a certain amount on, you can decide to withdraw your money on any of their withdrawal days.

How to Sign up/Register on

As a new user, the best way to sign up or register on is through an affiliate, that is the person that referred you. 

To register on, you are required to purchase a coupon code of N5000 from your referrer. Once you make payment for your coupon code and your payment is confirmed, your referrer will request for your registration details. 

Your registration details should include, full name, username, country, phone number and email address. Your referrer will use these details to register you on the platform. 

After a successful registration, your referrer will most likely add you to a WhatsApp group chat where you can meet other members. 

Sometimes your referrer might not be the one to register you on, so once you get your coupon code, you can log on to, click the sign up button and use the afro mentioned details to register yourself. 

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Below are the unique features of as explained by the platform itself;


This is a feature where users Benefit from Their Upline or team if it’s active, users can earn 100Naira to 500Naira Spillover randomly any time to their Affiliate Balance if their Upline is active the sweetest part is that this doesn’t affect the Normal earnings of the Upline (affiliate bonus and indirect), Money Flows into the system!


This is the VISTALOG BLOG, a section where users can drop Latest gist, articles or educational contents for the public to read… users can attach their social media handles to the articles.


Users get to use this feature to earn extra money by spinning a lucky wheel and get what ever the prize they won is!, this activity would be a smooth experience


More like a Vista Mart, where users buy and sell products, Everybody has access to upload products on this section for free to thousands of users


Users can purchase data, airtime and do Cable subs with your activity earnings and affiliate earnings and get it swiftly.

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Registered members of VISTALOG can transfer their earnings from one user to another instantly.


We will all have ranks on our dashboard and incentives for targets reached! The prize and incentives would be communicated soon. We get to monitor our Ranks progress

GLOBAL ENABILITY: is a worldwide business, anybody from anywhere can sign up and enjoy Vistalog benefits ️and they’ll have a stress fee Withrawal as well and get paid.

How to Make Money on is a multi-earning site. This means you can earn money through different means via the platform. 

One of the most prominent way to earn money on is through the affiliate program on the platform. affiliate program requires affiliates to refer people to the site and get them to register, once a referee registers, the referrer is awarded a commission. If your referee refers another person to join the platform, you will also get a commission, this is one way to make money on without stressing.

Users that are non affiliates can as well make money on without referring people. Just by logging in daily to the site, performing easy tasks like engaging on advert posts and articles on the platform can get you money. 

Conclusively, you can make money on in two distinct ways; through the affiliate program and then through task completions on the website. 

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Earning Structure on

Here is the actual earning structure on calculated in Naira;





SPILLOVER  ₦100  ₦500





How to Withdraw your Earnings on

Withdrawing your earnings on is easy and straight forward. All you have to do is login to the site, navigate to the withdrawal button on the dashboard; click on it. Input the amount you wish to withdraw (don’t forget that minimum withdrawal is N10,000) provide the bank details you wish to withdraw to then click the “withdraw” button to finalize your withdrawal. 

If you withdrawal was successful, you will be credited within 24hrs. 

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Is Legit or Scam? is 100% legit. Although longevity of the platform is not promised as similar platforms are known for folding up months after starting up. 

Pros Of

1. With users can make money by doing the barest minimum. 

2. The earnings for referals and task completions on are not exaggerated. 

3. is registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), this makes it a legal buisness. 

4. gives users multiple options for income creation via the platform. 

5. is accessible to almost all countries. 

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Cons of 

1. registeration is not free, this discourages people in joining the platform. 

2. There is a withdrawal limit on the platform, until users make up to the minimum withdrawal amount, they cannot withdraw money from the platform. 

3. Withdrawal days are equally limited for both affiliates and non affiliates on 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How much is coupon code?

The coupon code for registeration is N5000 

Where can I purchase coupon code for

You can purchase coupon code from any of their affiliates or the person that referred you to the platform. 

What is the minimum withdrawal limit on

The minimum amount you can withdraw on is N10,000 

What are the withdrawal days on affiliates are allowed to withdraw their earnings on the platform on; Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, 5PM – 6PM. Withdrawals for task earnings are on the 25th of each month. 

What currency does pay in? pay in different currencies, Naira, dollars, Ghana Cedis, etc. 

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Final Verdict 

Make Money doing the bearest minimum on With their one time N5000 registeration fee, you can earn twice before a week just by being active on the platform. 

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