BBRFUN Review: Legit Or Scam? [The Truth]

There is so much hype about the latest make money online platform in Nigeria, BBRFUN. But before you get carried away by the excitement, you must surely want to have answers to that lingering question at the back of your mind, is BBRFUN legit?

Bhustle has taken time to have a first hand investigation on BBRFUN in order to write this review article. Ensure to go through this article before deciding your future on BBRFUN.

To make things easier for you, kindly make use of the table of contents below to help you navigate through this article easily.

Note: Bhustle was not paid or under any sponsorship deal from BBRFUN. This article is written based on consumer interest and first hand experience on BBRFUN. We won’t be biassed but speak our very findings about BBRFUN without hiding facts from you.

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Although there is no clear definition as to what BBRFUN is. Funny enough, even the website does not explain itself, motive or describe its mode of operations to its users. Bhustle accessed the “about us” section of BBRFUN (a page were companies define their objectives and operations) and all we could find was this;

“This site offers games with a risky experience. To be a user of our website, you must be at least 18 years old. We are not responsible for violating your local laws regarding online gaming. Play responsibly and have fun on BBRFUN.”

However, BBRFUN is an online game betting platform (like sports betting platforms) where users earn money by winning games. Just like other game betting platforms, users stake a certain amount on a game (as low as #1) and okay the game. If they win, they equally win money. On the other hand, if they lose, they lose their bet amount.

We promised to bring an unbiased review but things are already beginning to look fishy at this point. However, for the sake of formalities and from our investigation, BBRFUN is an online gambling website.

So basically, users have to stake some money, play a game and win or lose. That is exactly how the circle works. There are tons of installed games users can play to earn on BBRFUN.

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How Does BBRFUN Work?

So now that we have seen what BBRFUN is, let’s  see how it works. So after much scrolling back and forth on the BBRFUN official website and from online influencers, we found out the working functionalities of BBRFUN:

👉 First interested users sign up/create new accounts on BBRFUN.

👉 New users have to make a deposit of #2000 (and above) to be able to place bets and start earning.

👉 With their deposits, they can now start playing games on BBRFUN. Each game requires a specific amount of cash to play.

👉 Users get rewarded (earn money) when they win a game. On the other hand, they lose money when they lose a game.

👉 Users can place for withdrawals after reaching the withdrawal threshold of #1000.

👉 Withdrawals take about 5-20 minutes to arrive at the users bank account. A very impressive withdrawal speed I must commend.

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Note: Users also get paid when they invite their friends/family/acquaintances etc to sign up and play games on BBRFUN. They are paid as high as #3000 per referral. The referral system is a three tier referral structure.

Is BBRFUN Legit Or Scam?

Now to answer this burning question on everybody’s mind, is BBRFUN legit? Well the answer is Yes, for now at least. There are quite a couple of good reasons why this platform might equally not be Legit irrespective of whatever your favourite influencer on Facebook or YouTube is telling you. However, over the past few weeks a lot of people have recorded payments ,earnings and withdrawals from BBRFUN as opposed to many ponzi/sketchy websites.

Irrespective of this, there are some facts about BBRFUN that are still missing and you need to keep at the back of your mind while operating on the platform, they include;

📌 The owner of BBRFUN is not known. All legitimate company have a well known or represented CEO but that is not the case with BBRFUN. In fact, they deliberately concealed their identity on whois domain checker.

📌 No proper information about the company/website. Bhustle went through the important pages of BBRFUN which are the “About us”, ” FAQ” found below the homepage. and guess what? There was nothing about the company. Just some lines asking if you’re up to 18 years old.

📌 Despite the massive screenshots of earnings of individuals all over the internet. Based on research one way to identify a ponzi scheme is through their referral network. Now BBRFUN offers a three tier earnings structure, meaning if you invite someone, you get paid. If your referral invites another person, you still get paid but a lesser amount. If your referral’s down line invites another person, you still get paid but an even lesser amount.

Generally, this might not look bad, but the problem is that such features are mostly known to be recognized in ponzi schemes. They do this to encourage referrals. We generally cannot say the same thing for BBRFUN because it has been around for a while and a lot of people have benefited from the platform unlike regular ponzi schemes.

Bhustle has reviewed lots of sites and we can only assume the future of BBRFUN. Nonetheless, we feel it might last as long as the popular waje game app.

Nonetheless, if you want to get started on BBRFUN and give it a shot, then follow the guidelines below.

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How To Sign Up/Register On BBRFUN

If after going through this review you still want to create an account with BBRFUN, then follow the guide below;

👉 Go to or CLICK HERE to proceed to the registration form.

👉 On the home page, select the red sign up button at the top right side of the page.

👉 Fill up the registration form with your correct information.

👉 Finally click on “Sign Up“.

👉 Automatically you will be redirected to your BBRFUN user dashboard.

Note: If you have successfully signed up for BBRFUN CLICK HERE to join our YouTube guidance/coaching group. In this group you get to connect with other learners on BBRFUN and also learn how to play, when to play and the best amount to stake per game. Join now!

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Note: Now that you have created your BBRFUN user account, the next thing you need to do is to fund your account so as to earn money on the platform by playing games. Follow the steps below to deposit your first #2000 on BBRFUN and start earning;

👉 Login to your BBRFUN account.

👉 Click on the yellow deposit icon at the center of the menu options below your screen.

👉 Select the currency/mode of payment you want to make use of. Fiat represents using bank transfers (real money). Crypto represents payments using crypto currencies (bitcoin, ethereum etc).

👉 Select the amount of money you want to deposit.

👉 Click on “Deposit #2000“.

👉 Confirm your deposit amount on the tab that pops up. Automatically, you will be redirected to a page containing the platforms official bank details. Copy the details and make the transfer of #2000 to the company.

BBRFUN deposit page

👉 After successful payment, come back to the BBRFUN website. You’d notice that the ” Confirm Deposit ” button will change to “I Have Paid”. Click on it and await confirmation from the administrators.

👉 When your payment is confirmed, your deposit will be live on your dashboard available for use.

This is the exact step by step guide on how to register on BBRFUN and also deposit your first #2000 to start playing games on the platform.

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BBRFUN Inner Features Revealed

how to play games on BBRFUN

How To Deposit On BBRFUN

👉 Login to your BBRFUN account.

👉 Click on the profile icon beside your earning balance.

👉 Select the first option titled ” deposit “.

👉 Select the amount of money you want to deposit (the minimum deposit is #2000).

👉 Scroll down and click on “deposit #2000”.

👉 Copy the account details of the BBRFUN company proved in the new page and proceed to make the transfer from your local bank app or USSD code.

👉 After successful payment, return back to the BBRFUN website and click on “I Have Paid” button.

👉 Simply wait for your deposit to be confirmed after which it will reflect on your dashboard.

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How To Withdraw Earnings On BBRFUN

👉 Login to your BBRFUN account.

👉 Click on the profile icon beside your earning balance.

👉 Select the first option titled “withdraw“.

👉 Under the tab titled “amount “, input the amount of money you want to withdraw (minimum withdrawal is #2000).

Withdrawal process on BBRFUN

👉 Click on the next tab “withdraw to” and carefully fill up your details (bank details) and click on save.

👉 Finally click on the red with button.

Your earnings will be credited to your account fewinutes after you requested for withdrawals. Some receive after 5 minutes others wait a bit longer depending on their network service.

Note: BBRFUN charges a 4% withdrawal fee on all withdrawal transactions.

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👍 Availability of fun and exciting games to enjoy leisure time.

👍 Early birds earn more money than late entries.

👍 High affiliate (referral) payout.

👍 Payment are made straight to your bank account (no third party websites/apps).

👍 Fast withdrawal payouts (between 5-10 minutes).

👍 BBRFUN pays its active users salaries aside their normal earnings on the platform.

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👎 There is no information about BBRFUN nor its owners on the website.

👎 The website was created in May 2023 but claims to have been in existence since 2018.

👎 Unless proven otherwise, what does BBRFUN mean?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BBRFUN Legit?

BBRFUN is a legit website, at least for now. Despite this, there are many loopholes in this platform that look really suspicious and we have outlined them in this article.

Is BBRFUN Still Paying?

As of the time of writing this piece, BBRFUN is still paying. Members get paid in minutes after placing withdrawals. There is no withdrawal date or withdrawal time.

Who Is The Owner Of BBRFUN?

Unfortunately, there is no information about the owners of BBRFUN. They also hid their information on whois domain checker.

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Final Verdict

Bhustle has reviewed a very similar site to BBRFUN which is NGAWIN game. The major difference however is their names. Aside this, they both share same features and games. Click HERE to read about the ngawin game website.

There are many other legit websites to make money online without any referral headache. Bhustle has reviewed most of them and you can access them for completely free of charge, no signup bonuses. Want to read about them? Click here to access them.

So what are your thoughts about BBRFUN? Kindly post them below in the comments box. Also feel free to ask you questions below.

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