Review: Legit Or Scam? [Deep Inner Look]

Is Cpatrend a conducive affiliate network to earn? This is just one out of the numerous questions about Cpatrend we will be providing answers to.

Bhustle has reviewed lots of similar sites to Cpatrend and we will apply our scam review matrix to give you answers. It is very much important to note that we have not been sponsored (by Cpatrend) to write this review.

This review is to answer the user search queries online concerning the legitimacy of Cpatrend. Therefore, feel free to make use of the table of contents to help you navigate through this article with relative ease.

Before you get carried away by the huge earnings dashboards, also make use of our comments section below to ask your questions.

What Is

If you have visited the Cpatrend website or any other CPA affiliate network, you’d agree with us that the majority of them exaggerate their definitions. Cpatrend is a CPA affiliate network that hosts advertisers campaigns on their platform.

Simultaneously, publishers/affiliates promote the advertisers campaign for a share of profit. In turn, advertisers receive a certain ROI (Return On Investment) on their advert campaign.

So basically, it’s a platform where affiliates can monetize their traffic and advertisers sell their products/services. Cpatrend also claims to have been one of the top affiliate networks in 2018 (a feat they are still proud of till this day). Below is an extract of how Cpatrend view themselves and their services;

At CPATrend, we pride ourselves on our industry best customer support. When you become an affiliate of CPATrend, you will be given your Account Manager’s direct phone line, instant messenger handles, email, skype, and even cell phone number! We work diligently and around the clock to help you maximise your revenue and profits.”

Cpatrend offers CPL (Cost Per Lead), CPI (Cost Per Impression), CPS (Cost Per Sale), and CPC (Cost Per Click) Offers.

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How Does Work

The way Cpatrend works is very similar to other affiliate networks. After creating an account/signing up on cpatrend (tutorials below), affiliates get access to their user dashboards.

On their affiliate dashboards, they can access over one hundred advertisers’ offers which they can promote and earn commissions. Affiliates go through the offers and select the offers of their choice.

These offers span across countries, mobile devices (android or IOS), language etc. After choosing their offers, affiliates can proceed to promote these offers to their respective audiences.

Earnings are recorded on your Cpatrend earnings dashboard after a successful sale. It must not necessarily be a product sale; commissions will be paid when minor offers are completed. Offers like survey completion, downloading apps, etc.

Affiliates can request for payment when they reach the withdrawal threshold on cpatrend. Cpatrend offers diverse payout options which affiliates can choose from and withdraw their earnings.

This is the basic model of how the Cpatrend earning circle works. For advertisers, it mainly involves setting up an advertisers account and launching your campaign for your product/offer.

Is Cpatrend Legit?

Yes, Cpatrend is a legitimate website. Cpatrend has a proven track record of users as well as experience. On review websites like affpaying, cpatrend has a user rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars. This greatly indicates great user experience and credibility.

Based on reviews, cpatrend has a 5 star customer support. Which also indicates a great green light for a legit company. Also, cpatrend has been issuing out payment since its conception and has an overall 4+ rating out of 5 in terms of payment.

How To Sign Up For Cpatrend

Note: As at the time of writing this article, cpatrend seems to be out of operation. From the information we gathered on the affiliate network, the last company operation from Cpatrend was held in 2018. 

Therefore, it is safe to assume that cpatrend has been closed. This is still quite debatable since they still renew their web hosting. Nonetheless, to sign up and create an account on cpatrend, follow the steps below;

👉 Go to on your respective mobile browser or click here to proceed.

👉 Read through the home page and click on ”Sign Up As An Affiliate“.

👉 That will automatically redirect you to this thank you page as seen below;

Cpatrend sign up page

👉 As notified earlier in this article, Cpatrend has been out of operations since 2018. Ever since then, they have stopped accepting new accounts.

👉 From the thank you page you will automatically be redirected to Maxbounty sign up page. Maxbounty is a popular affiliate network in the United States.

How To Earn On Cpatrend

Prior to its closure in 2018, earning on cpatrend has been no different from other CPA networks. The process is as follows;

👉 New users gain access to their dashboards and loads of CPA affiliate offers.

👉 Select the offers they want to promote.

👉 Place the offers in their traffic source. Some may be their blogs/websites, Facebook pages, Instagram theme pages, mobile apps etc.

👉 They earn when an offer is completed or when a product is sold.

This is exactly how you can earn money on cpatrend as an affiliate. There are no two ways about it, you need to make conversions to earn. And to get those conversions you need traffic.

How To Withdraw Earnings On Cpatrend

As at the time of writing this article, you might not be able to withdraw your earnings in Cpatrend. The simple reason is because they have been out of operations since 2018.

However, the best option is to contact their support team and lay your payment complaints to them. They are in the best capacity to help you receive your earnings.

Because of current standings, users might not be able to access their dashboards or create new Cpatrend accounts let alone request withdrawals.

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👍 It is a Legit CPA affiliate website.

👍 Great, active and responsive customer support team according to reviews on affpaying.

👍 They offer multiple payout methods to suite their affiliates.

👍 Informed their users about their closure. Most scam sites just disappear.


👎 Cpatrend has closed down/no longer in business.

👎 It might have not been the best way to make money online.

Final Verdict

Bhustle rates Cpatrend 1.0 out of 5. This is mainly because Cpatrend is no longer in business. Hence, it is of no use to future affiliates or advertisers who want to get an audience for their products.

Bhustle has reviewed a lot of websites that are very similar to cpatrend and still in business. Click here to check them out and ensure to read our reviews about any website you intend to earn from.

Finally, it is of no use to create an account with Cpatrend because they are no longer in existence. Feel free to test other CPA affiliate networks like cpagrip, ogads , performcb, adsterra etc.


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