Adsterra CPA Affiliate Review: Deep Analysis

Quite recently, Adsterra launched its personalised CPA affiliate network. This model was to ensure that users/publishers get more revenue with their traffic/audience.

However, the credibility and profitability of this new invention by Adsterra is still a very unclear mystery. Obviously because it’s still new and a lot of people are yet to get started with this affiliate network.

However, bhustle has carried out an investigation into the credibility of this new adsterra affiliate network. In this guide, we will reveal to you how it works, how to earn with this affiliate network, how to withdraw your earnings and most importantly if it is actually worth your time.

Feel free to make use of the table of contents below to help you navigate through this article.

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What Is Adsterra?

Before looking into the main focus, it is very much important to understand exactly what Adsterra is and exactly what it does. Adsterra is an advertising company where vendors can advertise their products or services. Adsterra is also a monetization means for bloggers and other types of online publishers who wish to monetize their traffic.

So it is very much important to note that Adsterra was not initially a CPA affiliate network. Adsterra was founded in 2013, and claims to be one of the market-leading AD networks trusted by over 30,000 advertisers and publishers worldwide.

According to Adsterra; “We offer you an easy-to-use platform with a regularly updated list of offers, high and fast payouts, convenient statistics, and a tracking system that allows you not only to work with offers but to really enjoy your work and its results.”

Now that we understand what the parent company (Adsterra) is, we can now look fully into what it’s CPA affiliate network offers, how good/bad it is and how it works.

What is Adsterra CPA Network?

In general terms, a CPA affiliate network is a performance based network (or website as the case may be). These networks publish their advertisers’ offers/products on their platform. In turn, web owners, group admins, youtubers (generally anyone with a massive audience) and wants to monetize their traffic, promote these offers to their audience for a split of earnings.

According to Adsterra; 

Adsterra CPA Network is a source of tested and high-converting offers for affiliate marketers that streams luxury payouts..”

For context sake, the abbreviation ‘CPA’ stands for ‘Cost Per Action’. CPA marketing is a business model very similar to affiliate marketing but in CPA affiliate marketing, the primary earning source is not deep rooted in sales.

We all know that in affiliate marketing, the affiliate has to make a sale to earn. However, in CPA affiliate marketing, the marketer sometimes gets paid when their audience downloads an app, completes a survey, fills a form etc.

How Does Adsterra CPA Affiliate Work?

The working principles of the adsterra affiliate network is very simple and involves two main personnel.

📌 The Advertisers: The advertisers are the first step of the working process. These are people who need solutions to their problems. For context, let’s imagine Bhustle needs 1000 emails for its email subscription. Bhustle then proceeds to register on Adsterra as an advertiser and place an advert on the CPA network to satisfy his need of getting 1000 email subscribers.

📌 The publishers/Affiliates: On the other hand, are the affiliates or CPA marketers. These span across individuals who want to earn from Adsterra or monetize their traffic. They proceed to Adsterra CPA affiliate network and create ‘CPA affiliate’ accounts.

Now after the publisher has created an affiliate account, he then gains access to offers he can promote. He could also stumble across bhustle’s offer (1000 emails). Assuming Bhustle is willing to pay $1.00 for every email and the publisher loves the offer.

The publisher grabs the offer link from his affiliate dashboard and promotes bhustle’s offer. Simultaneously, for every new email the publisher brings to bhustle, he/she earns $1. The publisher can withdraw their earnings when they reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of $5.

The above context is a basic example of exactly how the adsterra affiliate network operates for both advertisers and CPA affiliates (publishers).

How To Register For Adsterra CPA

Getting started with the Adsterra CPA Affiliate network is super easy. Simple follow the steps below to get started;

👉 Go to OR Click Here to proceed.

👉 Select/Click on ‘Register Now’ or ‘Sign Up‘ at the top if the page.

👉 That brings you to the registration form. Gradually fill up the form with your correct information and ensure to answer the compulsory sections marled with an asterisk (*).

👉 Agree to their term and conditions and click on ‘Sign Up’.

👉 Congratulations👏, you have successfully created you Adsterra CPA affiliate account.

Adsterra does not have a review process, therefore, you will get access to your dashboard immediately after you create your affiliate account. 

Adsterra CPA Affiliate Features Explained

How To Withdraw Adsterra CPA Affiliate Earnings

It is obviously useless to earn money and not know how to withdraw it. However, Adsterra makes use of a biweekly (2 weeks) payment system. This simply means you get paid once every two weeks. To withdraw your earnings onbserve the steps below;

👉 Login to your Adsterra affiliate account/dashboard.

👉 Ensure you have reached the minimum withdrawal threshold (generally on Adsterra the threshold is $5).

👉 On the menu bar, select the menu option ‘profile’.

👉 Select the tab titled ‘preferred paysystem, required‘ and choose your payment gateway (Paypal, web money or crypto).

Note: Each pay system has a specific withdrawal limit. They are as follows; Web money $5, Paxum $5, Wire transfer $1000, bitcoin $500, Tether TRC20 $100, Tether ERC20 $100.

👉 Upon selecting your paysystem, a new space will be provided to input your payment details ( wallet address for crypto and bank details for wire transfer).

👉 On the next tab titled ‘Minimal Payout required’, input the amount you want to be paid or withdrawn every two weeks (this is important because payment is automatic).

👉 Finally review your payment settings and click on save.

P.S: You have the option to choose between cryptocurrencies and regular payment methods. Please note that once you confirm your preferred payment methods, you will not be able to switch back.

Is Adsterra CPA Affiliate Network Real Or Fake?

Adsterra affiliate network is legit. Following the proven track records of the parent company, Adsterra, it is almost impossible to term their affiliate network (although still new) a scam.

Despite this, users might experience some hiccups in the affiliate network. However, it is important to note that they are still a new sub-enterprise and most definitely are bound to make some mistakes.

Overall, Adsterra has approximately 4.3 out of 5 stars on trustpilot. This greatly implies a handful of satisfied users.  

What Are The Payment Options?

There are four major payout options in Adsterra, they are; Web money, PayPal, Paxum, wire transfer and Crypto. The crypto assets allowed are Bitcoin, Tether ERC20 (Ethereum) and Tether TRC20 (Tron).

They also have different withdrawal thresholds and associated charges for each pay system. They associated fees include:

👉 Paxum: $1 withdrawal fee.

👉 Web money: 1% of the payout sum.

👉 Wire transfer: $50 for USD and $0 for Euro.

👉 PayPal: about 5.4% of payout sum.

👉 Bitcoin: Network fee

👉 Tether: 2% + network fee

The above are the available payment systems and associated charges on Adsterra.


👍 Adsterra has a proven track record with making prompt payments to its publishers.

👍 There are high paying CPA affiliate offers on adsterra even paying as high as $102 per lead.

👍 Multiple payout systems/networks including through some crypto currencies.

👍 No review process before registration approval. Some affiliate systems go through a review process before affiliate accounts are approved.

👍 The minimum payout threshold is surprisingly very low ($5.00).


👎 No EPC (Earnings per click) option like most CPA affiliate networks.

👎 The user interface is quite confusing and not mobile friendly.

👎 Some offers/tasks do not offer real value to your audience. Hence,they might easily lose interest in you.

👎 The various payout systems in adsterra have different withdrawal thresholds ranging from $5-$1000.

👎 Some of the withdrawal fees are ridiculously high ( about 5.4% of your total earnings is charged if withdrawal is made via PayPal).

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Adsterra Pay Per 1000 Clicks?

The amount publishers earn per 1000 clicks on a normal Adsterra account varies differently. Some can earn as high as $20 others can earn way less. The amount you earn depends on your CPM, your audience location and your coubtent topic/niche.

How do you get more money on Adsterra?

More traffic equates more earnings. This rule not only applies to Adsterra but to every other AD network. 

Does Adsterra pay weekly?

Adsterra does not pay on a weekly basis. Adsterra makes use of a biweekly payment system. This simply means that payment are made every two weeks.

What is minimum payout Adsterra?

The overall minimum withdrawal threshold on Adsterra is $5. However, this varies with the payment system used. For Web money the minimum payout is $5. For direct namk wire transfer it is $1000. For bitcoin the threshold is $500.

Final Conclusion

Bhustle rates Adsterra affiliate network 2.8 out of 5. This is because Adsterra affiliate network still has a lot to improve. Since they are still new, a lot of mistakes and adjustments are bound to happen. However, they are a legit way to make money online and hopefully will one day compete with the best in this niche.

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