CPAGRIP REVIEW: Legit Or Scam? (Honest Review)

You must have probably stumbled upon the CPA marketing network called “CPAGrip” and wondered how genuine this website is. First off, CPAGrip is a completely legit website to actually make money online but there are some secret insider scams that are actually going on in the background.

Before we proceed, it is important to note that CPAGrip is a CPA marketing network. The word CPA stands for ‘Cost Per Action’. Therefore, CPA Marketing networks are platforms that pay their users after completing tasks. Users get paid when their referrals (third party) complete surveys, buy online subscriptions etc.

Cpagrip earnings

The earning potential on CPAGrip is high because some offers (depending on the location) can pay as high as $50 to $1 per offer. In this article, I will explain to you the complete step by step guide on how to sign up for CPAGrip down to how you can withdraw your earnings from the platform. You can make use of the table of contents below to help navigate through this article.

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What Is CPAGrip?

Cpagrip as explained earlier is a ‘cost per action’ network. On this website (CPAGRIP) the primary way of generating income is by advertising offers. CPAGrip as a website lists out hundreds of different offers that their users can promote and earn money.

To earn on CPAGRIP you need to have some level of advertorial skills and influence. Just in case you’re still confused, here’s basically how it works; a user goes onto cpagrip and decides to promote an ’email’ offer, what he/she does is to advertise that offer to his friends and once someone inputs their email id on the CPAGrip link, he/she instantly gets paid for every single email that is collected.

Cpagrip Interface

So in other words, the users are more like middle men who bring in the customers to CPAGrip and in turn get rewarded for each customer they bring. This is the major difference between CPAGrip networks and microtasks websites like sproutsgig, micro workers etc.

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How To Sign Up For CPAGrip

To sign up and create an account on CPAGrip simply follow the procedures below;

  • Click Here to proceed to CPAGrip official website.
  • Click on the hamburger icon at the top left hand side of your device and select the option titled ‘register’.
  • On the registration page fill in your correct information.
Cpagrip Sign Up Process

Note: You’ll need a Skype account to complete your registration on CPAGrip. Creating a Skype account is completely free of charge.

  • After correctly filling up the form, go through your application to avoid errors.
  • Finally click on apply and automatically your application will be approved and your account created.
Cpagrip Sign Up Form

P.S: The emphasis on correct application information is to avoid payment issues later in future.

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CPAGrip Features Explained

How To Make Money On CPAGrip

There are primarily two ways to make money on CPAGRIP. They are; through promoting offers and secondly through the CPAGrip referral program (CPAGrip affiliate program).

Promoting CPAGRIP Offers

You can make money on CPAGrip by promoting offers. This is the most common way to earn money on CPAGrip. Users simply go through all the available offers on CPAGrip, select offers of their choice and promote it to their audience.

In turn, they get paid the agreed sum (offer payout) when someone completes the offers using their CPA links. To execute this method simply observe the following guidelines;

  • Login to your CPAGrip account.
  • On the menu bar, simply select “offer tools”.
  • Click on ” my offers”, that would automatically take you to the offer page.
CpaGrip Offer Tools
  • CPAGrip will automatically load up offers that are available in your current location (depending on the GPS of your device).
  • Go through the available offers, and select or click any offer of your choice.
  • On the offer page, click on the tracking domain to ensure that the offers are hosted on the latest tracking domain before copying your offer link.
  • Once that is verified, click on. “Copy” to copy the link of the offer.
  • Now you can proceed to promote your CPA offer and generate leads.
CpaGrip Offer Page

As earlier stated, this is the most common way to earn money on CPAGrip. Promoting these offers can be done also in two ways;

Firstly, by using cpagrip content lockers and secondly by promoting the offers directly from the offer tool page.

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The only major difference between these two ways is that, for content lockers, you can target more than one country or practically anybody (from any part of the world) can complete your offers and you earn money. 

On the other hand, when you are promoting a single offer from the United states, then only residents in the United states can access your CPA offers and make you money. Same applies to other countries when you prefer not to use content lockers.

CPAGRIP Affiliate/Referral Program

The second and less popular way to earn money on CPAGrip is through the CPAGrip referral/affiliate program. Just like every other CPA network, CPAGRIP offers a whooping 5% recurring payment for every dime your referrals make on their platform.

So assuming, MrA uses his referral link to invite MrB to CPAGRIP and eventually, MrB earns $1000 his first month in CPAGRIP, then automatically, MrA would also earn $50 instantly without actually promoting any tasks.

Cpagrip Referral Program

To get your CPAGrip affiliate link and earn via their referral program, simply follow the guidelines below;

  • Login to your cpagrip account.
  • On the menu bar, simply select/click “referral program”.
  • Click on the green ” copy” button to copy your referrals link.
  • Invite your friends to CPAGrip and earn 5% of their total earnings on autopilot.
CpaGrip Affiliate Link

Note: Despite seeing the both ways of earning on CPAGRIP, it is important to note that most social media platforms easily detect and delete CPA offer links from their platforms and could even block or ban your account in critical cases. 

The use of landing pages when promoting these CPA offers is very crucial when it comes to making money with CPA marketing in general.

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How To Withdraw On CPAGRIP

First off, to be able to withdraw your money from CPAGrip you need a minimum account balance of $50. In other words you must have earned at least $50, to be able to place a successful withdrawal. Assuming you already have this, follow the steps below to withdraw your money from CPAGrip;

  • Login to your CPAGrip account.
  • On the menu bar click on the ‘payment center’ option.
Cpagrip Withdrawal Process
  • Choose your preferred withdrawal method (most preferably Payoneer if you live in countries where PayPal is banned).
  • Place your withdrawal.
  • Your earnings will be sent to you within the next 30 day’s maximum.

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CPAGrip Legit Or Scam?

CPAGrip is a legit website to make money online by promoting CPA offers. Cpagrip has been established for quite some time now and has successfully paid out over $2 million in pure revenue to its users.

Now as I said earlier on, there are some scammy tendencies on CPAGrip. First and foremost, despite being legitimate, the reviews from trustpilot about CPAGrip (2.5/5 stars) highly indicate poor customer service.

Secondly, some of the offers being promoted are most likely outright scams because they require too much details about the individuals (even credit card details) and this sometimes can raise eyebrows. Although cpagrip might not care, the individuals who create and upload the offers might have alternative motives.

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Advantages Of CPAGrip

👍 It Is completely free to join.

👍 Individuals from any country can sign up for CPAGrip, it has no sign up barrier.

👍 With the right resources (capital and source of traffic), it can provide full time income for its users

👍 There are variety of offers to promote on CPAGrip

👍 Ability to interact with other CPAGrip users and increase your knowledge and revenue.

Disadvantages Of CPAGRIP

👎 The minimum payout threshold is $50.

👎 Some offers have questionable credibility.

👎 Some of the offers are strenuous to complete, hence, most users won’t complete them.

👎 Massive traffic to see reasonable conversions.

👎 It is more of an active income source as opposed to the passive income claims most influencers preach to their audience.

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Overall, CPAGRIP is a legit and lucrative way to earn money online. However, before getting started, ensure to put in place the right resources such as a good and  stable traffic source (either paid or free) before getting started. This way, you’d save yourself a lot of disappointment resulting from excessively high expectations.


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