PERFORMCB REVIEW: Real Or Fake? [Former ClickBooth]

So you must have heard about the performcb (formerly Clickbooth) platform. Before you actually sign up on this website and put in a single effort, it is quite important to read through this review.

Bhustle has investigated the performcb website and our findings will greatly amuse you. This article seeks to answer questions such as is performcb legit or scam? How does the performcb affiliate platform work? How do you earn on the performcb affiliate network?

Well I took out time to go through this platform and also go through users feedback. To draw a fine lime to this introduction, kindly make use of the table of contents below to enable you to easily navigate through this article.

What Is Performcb?

The correct identity of performcb is quite confusing. To some, performcb is an affiliate network. To others, it is a CPA network (Cost Per Action). However, Bhustle refers to performcb as a CPA affiliate network. 

Performcb has the tendency to display CPA offers and also affiliate offers simultaneously. Furthermore, performcb prides itself in being a distinguished leader in the outcome-based marketing system. Even I myself still try to understand what industry that falls under, lol.

According to performcb, their engine is the “world’s first full-funnel digital customer generation toolkit for advertisers.” Surprisingly, performcb also claims that huge brands like Walmart, Lending Tree, FanDuel and Capital One have made use of this outcome-engine to grow their user base.

Now overall, perform cb is a platform where advertisers can market their offers/products. Simultaneously, it is a platform where publishers can monetize their traffic with the affiliate offers/products.

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What Does Performcb Do? 

Performcb simply avails itself as a two end agency. By two end agencies I mean in terms of Advertising and publishing. In the advertising aspect, individuals or brands who have products can list them on performcb in hopes to make sales and reasonable conversions.

In terms of publishing, Bloggers, Instagram influencers, huge page owners etc can make  money on performcb by promoting the advertisers offers. For each successful sale the affiliate makes, he receives a commission or share of profit as permitted by the advertiser.

Performcb on their part, make their income mainly from the advertisers. These advertisers have to make payments to performcb in order to gain access to their traffic (which in this case is the publishers).

The above stated proof is the working principles of performcb (clickbooth). Although they might have other functions, these are the core/main uses of performcb.

Founded as Clickbooth in 2002, Perform[cb] experienced exponential organic growth allowing the company to complete a series of strategic acquisitions including Adperio, IgniteOPM, and Digital Remedy’s Direct Business, providing unique outcome-based solutions for modern marketers and affiliate partners.”- performcb

Is Performcb Real Or Fake?

It is very important to understand the status of a website before embarking on either a publishing or advertising journey on it. For clarity’s sake, performcb is legit.

Performcb has been in existence ever since 2002. This in turn means they have been in the game for about 21 years! Which is a complete full 20 years of experience.

Furthermore, performcb has an average rating of about 4.0 out of 5 star rating across multiple websites. The ratings signify general user satisfaction and high trust score from users.

In addition, performcb seems to have good, active and responsive customer support. I personally attest to this due to the response they gave to their users on rating platforms like glassdoor. They seem to respond to all negative comments in a bid to help them go through their frustration (a high quality company behaviour).

How To Sign Up On Performcb

Creating an account on performcb is very easy, simply follow the steps below to get started immediately. There are two stages in signing up for performcb;

Stage 1

👉 Go to OR click here to proceed.

👉 Scroll down the home page and click on “Access Top Offers And Brands“.

👉 Fill up the page one section of the affiliate application form. Ensure to input all necessary details required (name, gmail, address etc).

👉 Click on “Continue” at the button of the page after filling up the form.

Stage 2

👉 In this section you will be queries about your traffic source.

👉 Answer all necessary questions about your traffic source and previous earnings with other affiliate sites.

👉 Click on “Submit Application“.

These are the steps required in creating a performcb affiliate account. After successful application, sit back and await a response from the team.

Performcb Interesting Features

Audience Targeting

Both marketers and affiliates have the capability to categorise traffic based on various factors such as traffic channel, device type, and day of the week.

By utilising these tools, affiliates can refine and enhance their traffic in a detailed manner, enabling them to maximise its monetization effortlessly.

In contrast, marketers possess the capacity to assess lead ratings and establish correlations between payouts and individual value.

Brand Rotation

Perform[cb] offers a convenient feature for affiliates, allowing them to update their pages just once while running multiple offers through a single link. This feature includes the ability to dynamically change product names and images to match the respective offers.

Performcb Analytics

Perform[cb] provides marketers with real-time reporting and an action-based user interface, enabling them to make both specific and comprehensive adjustments directly from the dashboard.

The analytics feature employs a drill-down approach, allowing users to seamlessly transition from an overview of data to a more intricate and detailed perspective, facilitating thorough analysis and insights.

Performcb Security Integrations

Perform[cb] integrates PerformSHIELD, an advanced anti-fraud technology that guarantees round-the-clock campaign safety and protection.

Additionally, they provide pre-payment validation, which involves conducting a thorough fraud-detection review of each affiliate partner in their network prior to their initial payment. This comprehensive process ensures a secure and trustworthy environment for conducting business.

For marketers, Perform[cb] offers the valuable support of a team of compliance experts. These professionals are dedicated to assisting marketers in understanding and implementing effective measures to enhance the security of their campaigns. By leveraging their expertise, marketers can gain valuable insights and guidance on current best practices for ensuring campaign security.

What Is The Minimum Payout For Perform CB?

The minimum payout on performcb (clickbooth) is $50. Once an affiliate has crossed or equaled the withdrawal threshold of $50 he/she can request for withdrawal.

In addition to this, performcb provides various pay systems to enable users across different locations receive their earned balance. These pay systems include: PayPal, Checks, Wire Transfer and ACH (direct deposit).

As at the time of writing this article, crypt I currencies are not accepted on clickbooth. Hence, users cannot be paid via crypto coins like bitcoin or ethereum.

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What Are The Payment Methods For Performcb?

As stated earlier, performcb makes use of about 4 diverse payment methods. They include: PayPal, Checks, Wire Transfer and ACH (direct deposit).

Users who do not have access to any of the above should contact the admins. By doing so, leverage better/more convenient ways to receive their earnings.


👍 Performcb provides automations for social media websites like tik tok.

👍 Responsive and helpful customer support.

👍 Low withdrawal threshold ($50.00).

👍 Application to become affiliates on performcb is globally acceptable. As far as we know, there are no restrictions.

👍 Access to account managers to help maximise your earning potentials on performcb.


👎 Might be a complicated for new users/beginners.

👎 From our research, performcb seems to require approval from admins before new users can join.

Final Conclusion

And there you have it! Our very own verdict on performcb (clickbooth). Bhustle rates performcb 3.1 out of 5 stars overall. Performcb has grown consistently over the years ever since its conception in 2002 and still shows more signs of futuristic growth.

Although there might be other better cpa affiliate networks,  Performcb has no doubt won the hearts of thousands worldwide. To find out other related websites you can join like performcb Click Here to check them out.

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