OGADS REVIEW: Legit Or Scam? [Deep Inner Look]

OGADS is one of the leading CPA (cost per action) networks on the internet today. You probably must have seen lots of earning screenshots across the web of people dishing out thousands and hundreds of dollars from this website and wondered how true/genuine this website is.

In this article, we shall be seeing more depth about the reality of OGADS, its inner features, its extreme pros and cons and most importantly, if it is worth your time.

To save you the unnecessary suspense, OGADS is a legit website. Although there have been some fishy complications and similar complaints from different users, OGADS is generally one of the best cost per action websites in the world today.

However, as explained earlier, there are some fishy complications we shall unveil and which you most definitely want to find out about before deciding whether or not OGADS is worth the effort.

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What Is OGADS?

OGADS is a cost per action website that pays its users to promote offers, content lockers, subscription services etc to their audience in exchange for cash rewards. Ogads is completely free to join and is accessible worldwide to anyone interested.

OGADS was created and launched in 2014 by Ben James and Tom Voitik. Since its introduction in 2014, OGADS has gained thousands of users worldwide and generated thousands of dollars in revenue by its affiliate sharing with its marketers and products promoted on the software.

How Does OGADS Work?

OGADS works just like any other active CPA network. Interested users create an account. When their account application is approved they then promote various offers, content lockers, etc in OGADS. When their audience completes the tasks or offers, they earn money. Hence the process is rinsed and repeated.

OGADS processes witgdrswalas once a month. Also, the minimum withdrawal threshold is $50 (same with cpagrip). Hence, users cannot place withdrawals unless their earned balance us greater than or equal to $50.

OGADS Legit Or Scam?

With all that has been said, OGADS is a legitimate website. There have been no concrete signs of fraud being indirectly perpetrated by its owners. Here are some reasons why bhustle considers ogads a legitimate website:

  • OGADS has stood the test of time as compared to shady, pump and dump websites (it was established in 2014).
  • OGADS has known owners in the people of, Tom Voitik and Ben James. However, most fraudulent websites have unknown owners.
  • Consistent monthly payouts to its users is also a huge plus for OGADS. This is because most shady websites refuse to payout earned balances to their users.

These are some of the proof of legitimacy of OGADS. However, these do not mean that ogads do not have their own flaws. Later on in this article, we shall see some of the downsides of OGADS.

How To Get Approved On OGADS

It is a well known fact that getting approval from OGADS is very difficult. However, there are some tips to follow in other to get approved by OGADS and starting earning some cash. Now it is important to first and foremost know how the approval system works in other to know how to overcome it.

Unlike most networks, OGADS makes use of a manual means of verification. This means that all applications will first pass through a review from an OGADS admin who then rejects or accepted the application.

Therefore, your approval on ogads highly depends on what you write while applying. And also on the ogads admin reviewing your application. Based on assumptions, the very important aspect of OGADS applications that yields acceptance or denial of application is the question section during registrations.

  • On assumption, people who have knowledge of CPA marketing for more than 6 months have a higher chance of getting approval than newbies.
  • Individuals who are earning substantial figures monthly (above $100) also stand a chance to be accepted into OGADS.
  • The traffic sources with which you intend sending traffic to your OGADS offers is what I personally consider the most important. Individuals with reasonable traffic sources will get approval faster than people without a traffic source. This traffic source could be active Facebook pages, blog/websites, mobile applications, telegram channels, paid advertisement networks, etc.

Once all the boxes listed above are checked, then there is a high probability of vetting approved by OGADS.

How To Create Content Lockers On OGADS

Ogads Content Locker Creation Process

How To Make Money With OGADS

There are numerous ways to make money on OGADS. Like every other CPA marketing network, ogads offers different types of monetization features including content lockers, offer walls etc.

OGADS Content Lockers

This feature enables users to earn money by locking up files, documents,videos etc. Whenever their audience successfully unlocks these files, the users (CPA marketers earn money).

In simpler terms, you can lock up an eBook in an OGADS content locker. Then share the content locker link to your audience. Before your audience gains access to the ebook you have locked, they will be prompted to complete some CPA offers (downloading apps, answering surveys etc). If they successfully do this, they will then have access to the eBook or file you have locked.

Meanwhile, users get paid for every successful offer that is completed while their audience tries to unlock the files from the content lockers. The earning potential on OGADS content lockers can vary from around $0.80-$20 per locker. This figure greatly depends on the country targeted and the type of offers to be completed.

OGADS Offers

This monetization tool helps CPA marketers promote OGADS offers directly to their audience without the use of a content locker. Unlike the monetization tool discussed above, CPA marketers can simply copy the link of the offer they want to promote and promote it directly to their audience.

For each successful conversion or completion, the CPA marketer is paid instantly. Also, in the offer tools section, payments vary massively as a result of the country and the type of offers being promoted.

Generally, tier one countries (USA, Germany, England, etc) have higher payouts than other countries. Also offers involving subscription services, purchase decisions etc have higher payouts than offers involving surveys, app instals etc.

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Advantages Of OGADS

👍Completely free way to make money online.

👍Requires no start-up cost or registration fee.

👍Lots of offers and earning opportunities on OGADS.

👍Various payout methods available.

👍Ogads is available worldwide and anyone can create an account.

Disadvantages Of OGADS

👎Getting approved is a major issue as a lot of registration applications are usually rejected.

👎Minimum payout threshold is $50. Below which one cannot make a withdrawal.

👎Some offers have the tendency to scan your audience (especially offers requiring card details etc).

👎Links to OGADS offers are usually banned across most social media accounts. Therefore, you cannot post your offer links directly on social media except with the use of a landing page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Similar To OGADS?

CPA networks like CPAGRIP, CPARoll, Maxbounty, Offervault are similar to OGADS. 

How Do I Register With OGADS?

To register with OGADS, simply visit ogads.com, register by filling in your correct details and information in the registration form after which your application will be sent for a review. If your application is accepted by the admins, you will be approved. If otherwise, your application will be rejected.

Who Is The Owner Of OGADS?

Tom Voitik is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of OGADS. Ogads headquarters is located at Illinois, USA.

How Much Does OGADS Captcha Locker Pay?

The payout of CPA content lockers varies between $0.8 to about $25 per locker. This value, as earlier emphasised, depends greatly on the location of the audience for which tier one countries try to earn the most and the type of offer being promoted.

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