Review: Legit Or Scam? [Deep Inner Look]

One look at the promises and massive payout screenshots from video creators and you instantly want to join AdscendMedia. Yes, we all have that adrenaline feeling.

However, you get this inner resistance urging you to have a background check of AdscendMedia in order to avoid wasting your time. Hence, Bhustle has taken out time to help you investigate AdscendMedia and tell you if this CPA affiliate network is legit or just another time waster.

In order not to keep you overly suspended, AdscendMedia is indeed legit. But, the real question should be “Is It Worth It?” This is the question Bhustle will help you answer in this article after carrying out our background (undercover,lol) investigation about AdscendMedia.

Note: Bhustle is in no way sponsored by AdscendMedia to write this review. We voluntarily carried out our research and pen down our thoughts about AdscendMedia.

Feel free to make use of the table of content below to help you easily navigate through this article effortlessly.

What Is AdscendMedia?

Like most of the other CPA affiliate networks we have featured on Bhustle, AdscendMedia is entirely not too different. For the publisher or affiliate, AdscendMedia is a network which provides numerous monetization means in forms of offer walls, content lockers and direct offers with which they can monetize their traffic.

To advertisers, AdscendMedia is an advertising platform where they can publicise their products/services/offers to a wider or more specific audience. To some, AdscendMedia might be an affiliate marketing website since publishers earn commissions. To others, it might just be a CPA network (Cost Per Action).

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But to Bhustle, AdscendMedia is a CPA affiliate network since it combines the features of both marketing terminologies. Adscendmedia was established in 2009 by just two individuals. However, as at the time of writing this article, the affiliate network currently boasts of over 35,000 publishers across 180+ countries.

AdscendMedia also offers rewards-based ad solutions comprising owned and operated video properties, a market research survey solution, and an Offer Wall. This suite of solutions enables users to enjoy video content while earning rewards through AdscendMedia’s mobile app and desktop partnerships. Users can engage with ads by performing actions (CPA) such as watching brief videos, downloading apps, or participating in short surveys.

How Does AdscendMedia Work?

In case you are wondering how AdscendMedia works, below is a short insight. Bhustle has seen lots of CPA affiliate networks with similar functionalities and adscendmedia happens to be one of them.

📌 First and foremost, new users have to sign up and create affiliate accounts. When their accounts are approved and verified, they can now access their publisher dashboards.

📌 Upon accessing their user dashboards, users can now create lockers, offer walls, and copy the promotional/affiliate links of offers  they want to promote to their audience.

📌 When they make a conversion/sale their earnings or commission is immediately added to their AdscendMedia account.

📌 Affiliates can request for payout when they reach the adscendmedia withdrawal threshold and the cycle continues except creating a new account of course.

Is AdscendMedia Legit?

As said earlier on, AdscendMedia is a legitimate website. There are a lot if positive pointers indicating that  adscendmediais not a scam related website which we have listed below;

📌 Adscendmedia media was established in 2009 and has been in operation ever since. Most scam websites don’t exceed 6 months in operation.

📌 Adscendmedia currently has over 35,000 publishers/affiliates currently using/earning on the affiliate network.

📌 Adscendmedia has been issuing out payment to their affiliates for over 10 years.

How To Sign Up For AdscendMedia

Creating an account on adscendmedia is quite very easy to do. Simple follow the process below to get started immediately;

👉 Proceed to or Click HERE to get started.

👉 On the home page click on the menu icon at the top right side of the screen and select the menu option ‘Get started‘.

👉 Select ‘Get Started’ under the ‘Monetize’ option.

👉 Fill up the registration form that follows. Ensure to answer all queries with the asterisk sign (*) because they are compulsory.

👉 Agree to the terms and conditions and finally submit your application.

Your application will be sent to the adscendmedia administrators. It takes between 1-2 days to receive a reply about your application from them. This reply will most likely be sent to you via the email you used while signing up.

AdscendMedia Payout Options/Methods

There are currently just four active payout/withdrawal methods on adscendmedia. They include; PayPal, Check, ACH and wire transfer.

These are the available payout options. Although they may not be too versatile, we believe you can contact their affiliate managers to discuss a better way to withdraw your earnings. If per say, some of the available options are not available in your country.

How To Withdraw Earnings On AdscendMedia

Once you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of $50, you will be paid your earnings. Prior to this initial payment, you should have selected and imputed your payment method and necessary details to process your payments to your payment address.

Also, you can contact your affiliate manager in your dashboard to explain more about the withdrawal process. This is highly recommended, especially to residents in countries where PayPal is banned.


👍 Adscendmedia is a legitimate way to make money online via affiliate marketing.

👍 New accounts get affiliate managers to guide their learning journey on adscendmedia.

👍 Adscendmedia media has a proven track record of payment as confirmed by affpaying.

👍 Adscendmedia currently boasts of over 35,000 users which definitely means it’s worth the hype.


👎  Adscendmedia may be legit but is definitely not the nest way to earn money online.

👎 Limited withdrawal options.

👎 A user complained about an impromptu account block and lack of response from the administrators.

👎 Poor customer service. A lot of users have complained about the lack of response from adscendmedia whenever they lay complaints.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is AdscendMedia Safe?

Yes, adscendmedia is a safe website. Although there have been other complaints about adscendmedia, Bhustle didn’t find any relating to lack of safety.

Adscendmedia Minimum Payout?

The minimum withdrawal payout on adscendmedia is $50. This amount is payable via PayPal, Check, wire transfer or ACH.

CEO Of Adscendmedia?

Philip Shapiro is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Adscendmedia. He was also the former CEO of CPAtrend, another CPA affiliate network.

Final Verdict

So down to the most important part of this article, is adscendmedia worth it? If you are a beginner seeking for ways to monetize your traffic on your app or website, then you can go for adscendmedia. 

But if you have a lot of traffic on your site (100,000 and above) then you can try other ways of monetization. Overall, bhustle rates adscendmedia 2.9 out of 5 stars. Feel free to check out other CPA affiliate networks with more earnings potentials and trust scores than adscendmedia.


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