Waje Game Review: Legit Or Scam?

With the evolution of gambling now into games, Waje game also show a lot of potential in this field. Waje game which promises its users massive earnings whenever they win an online game with real life opponents across the globe was launched late last year 2022.

Having tested many online earning apps, I also tested waje game myself by depositing money into this platform and also trying to earn with Waje game. Hence, in this review, I will be sharing not assumptions but my realistic experience while on this platform.

This article seeks to answer some mind boggling questions such as ‘is waje game real or fake?’, ‘how does waje game work’, ‘how to make money on waje game‘, and also how much I made on waje game. Kindly make use of the table of content below to help navigate through this article.

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What Is Waje Game?

Waje game is an online gaming platform where users can stake money against each other in order to win cash. Waje game is like every other online gaming app except in this case, it claims users can earn real ‘withdrawable’ money whenever they win a game.

Hence, waje game is like an online gamble where two individuals stake a certain amount of money. Whoever wins the game gets to keep the whole cash. So it is entirely safe to call waje game an online gambling website.

Waje game was first launched in 2022, and most definitely the advert of this game literally soiled the entire internet. And for that I must say the promotional team really did a good job in the marketing of this game, but did they do a good job with the game itself? Well, we will find out.

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How Does Waje Game Work?

Upon downloading the waje game app from the google play store, you have to create an account first before you can obviously access the inner features of this app.

The game app only works in the presence of internet connection. Therefore, it is an online gaming app and not a regular offline gaming app. This simply means that without data/internet connection you cannot play waje game.

The app operates with a chips system. Every player needs ‘chips’ to be able to play with other users and earn money. Usually, these chips are bought. However, as a newbie, you will be awarded some free chips to be able to play some free games as a starter.

After exhausting your free chips, you now have to purchase new chips to be able to continue playing this game. On average, 1 chip costs N1 (naira). The minimum amount of chips is about 200-500 chips.

Players get rewarded with extra chips whenever they win a game. Alternatively, players lose chips whenever they lose a game. When a player has accumulated a total of 1000 chips, he/she can convert his chips to money and request for withdrawal.

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How To Make Money On Waje Game

To make money on waje game, users need to accumulate game chips. Simultaneously, accumulating game chips means winning more games frequently on waje game. The more games a user plays and wins, the more money he/she makes on waje game.

The minimum amount of withdrawal is N1000. This minimum amount is equivalent to 1000 gaming chips. Simply put, users have to earn 1000 gaming chips to be able to place a minimum balance withdrawal on waje game app.

Waje game on the other hand, makes money when its users buy chips. This is because users cannot participate or play games on waje game app without gaming chips.

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Waje Game Inner Features Revealed And Explained

After successfully creating an account with waje game app, one will easily notice the following features on the app;

Waje Games Section

These consist of the available games on waje game app. They include; ludo, whot, Baccawhot, World Cup 2022, Crazy Whot, Baccarat, Dice, Roulette, etc. Each game has a specific amount of chips required to play/participate with other users.

Waje Menu Section

The menu bar is just below the available games on the waje app interface. It contains; the guide, mail, record, activity, rank etc. New users can play around these tabs to understand their individual functions.

My Waje Game Experience

So, in a nod to test this app and not base this review on assumptions, I decided to test this waje game app by myself. I funded my waje game wallet and played some games in a conquest to earn some money and place withdrawals, below is a quick breakdown of the process and how much I ended up making:

Watch live earning video of waje game app

Waje Game Real Or Fake?

Having had a first hand experience with the waje game app, I must say that the waje game has more ‘scam’ features than legit features. The major difference between waje game app and other ponzi website is that waje game has stood the test of time and that is primarily because it is a game not like most investment websites.

There are tons of negative reviews about waje game app on Google play store accusing the app of having bot players who make you intentionally lose a game whenever one approaches the withdrawal threshold.

Secondly, there cannot be any form of trust in this website because most of the outcome of the games depends majorly on the program/instructions the games are set to follow. A good example is the whot and ludo game. The outcomes of the cards and dice are mainly determined by the free roll of or AI, therefore, one cannot be too sure of the set instructions these programmed AI follow whenever shuffling the whot cards or casting a dice.

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Pros Of Waje Game

👍Contains entertaining games such as ludo, underwater fish shooting game, whot, etc.

👍Completely free to download as compared to some paid version of gaming apps.

👍Not heavy in terms of graphics and space consumed, therefore can be played across different mobile devices.

👍Offer free chips for daily logins and also completing some rewards.

Cons Of Waje Game

👎It is not a reliable way to make money online/by playing games.

👎Games are carefully selected addictive games.

👎Promotes gambling, and more addiction leads to more loss for the users and more profits for the owners because you will always need to buy chips to play.

👎They seem to have bought fake positive reviews on Google play store to make the game appear legit. A majority of the positive reviews and non Nigerians meanwhile the game is meant for Nigerians.

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How To Withdraw From Waje Game

To place withdrawals on the waje game app simply follow the laid down instructions;

  • Login to your waje game app.
  • On the home page click on the withdraw tab.
  • Filling the withdrawal form with the necessary details including your bank details, withdrawal amount etc.
  • The minimum amount to withdraw is 1000. Transactions below the specified amounts will not be processed.
  • Waje charges N20 withdrawal fee for transactions below 1000. Also ensure to see the withdrawal charges for various withdrawal amounts. 
  • Input your password and click on withdraw.

Note: You need to verify your phone number before your withdrawals will be authorised. As earlier stated, the minimum withdrawal amount is #1000. Below this specified amount, users will not be able to place withdrawals.

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Does Waje Game Pay Real Money

Since waje game accept real deposits in order to buy game chips, it is safe to assume that waje also pays out real money to its users. Although, there are very few people who have made successful withdrawal and made claims about it, it is fair to say that waje game indeed pays out real money to its users when they reach the withdrawal threshold.

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Final Verdict

Waje game is a cool gaming app for relaxation purposes. In terms of money making, it is entirely jot the best at that. Bhustle rates waje game app 4 out of 10.

There are a list of other cool and less frustrating ways to make money online and we have a list of them here.


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