PICOWORKERS REVIEW: The Ultimate Picoworkers Tutorial

Sproutgigs (formerly picoworkers) is one of the biggest micro task website in the world. Over the years, picoworkers (presently known as sproutgigs) has proven to be a beginners friendly way to get started with making money in the online world. We all know that not everyone can cope with the complexities of affiliate marketing, blogging, CPA marketing or the likes, however virtually everyone can cope with the ease on sproutgigs.

I personally have worked and earned some decent income from sproutgigs. So in this article I shall walk you through all you need to know about sproutgigs (or sprout gig), its pros and cons, how to earn more money on sproutgigs, and most importantly, things to avoid or the red flags you must watchout for on sproutgigs.

As you can see, below is a screenshot of my earnings on sproutgigs. I didn’t earn this overnight, in fact, it took me more than six solid months to earn the amount you see below. Although I still find this interesting because I was not actively working on sproutgigs and dedicated only about 4 hours a month on this platform.

Note; Although sproutgigs has officially rebranded their name from “picoworkers” to “sproutgigs”, I will still be making use of the former name ” picoworkers ” during the course of this article.

What Is Picoworkers?

Sproutgigs is a micro task website where you get paid to complete simple tasks such as liking Instagram posts, following Instagram pages, commenting on blog posts, reading blog articles and so on. 

Like sproutgigs, there are many other micro task websites where you can earn money by completing similar types of micro jobs, but sproutgigs easily stand out amongst the rest due to the abundance and availability of jobs or tasks to be completed.

Highest earner on picoworkers (sproutgig) currently.

Based on records, Picoworkers has paid out thousands of dollars to its users. Below us a screenshot of the current top earners on picoworkers and their countries. Picoworkers is dominated by members from third world countries like Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Bangladesh etc.

 This is because the payments for completing tasks on picoworkers are made in dollars, and when converted to these countries’ individual currencies it yields way much more than it actually looks like,plus, its open for anyone worldwide to register irrespective of where you come from.

*Watch me login to sproutgigs and see how much I have earned:

How To Sign Up For Picoworkers

Signing up for picoworkers is very easy simply follow the instructions below to create your picoworkers (sproutgigs) account.

  • Go to picoworkers official website (visit picoworkers HERE).
  • On the new page click on the green sign up button at the top right hand side of the screen.
Picoworkers sign up process
  • This should lead you straight up to the registration form where you will have to fill in your personal details like your name, email address, your country and set your password.
Picoworkers sign up form
  • Ensure that the email address you are using to register on picoworkers is the same email address you used to create your working PayPal/Skrill/Uphold/Airtm account because your earnings will only be sent to accounts with the same email address, except of course you are withdrawing via cryptocurrency (litecoin).
  • The next step is to click on the checkbox that says “I’m a worker”.
Sproutgig sign up process
  • Finally, you have to agree to the terms and conditions and click on “Sign Up”.
Picoworkers sign up process

The next step in the sign up process is to verify your email address. In most cases, a link will be sent to your email address and when you click on that link your email address will automatically be verified. 

In other cases, picoworkers might sent you a unique code which you will have to input in a box provided and finally click on verify, if the code matches the code sent to your email address, your account will automatically be verified.

How To Login To Picoworkers

To login to picoworkers, simply visit the official landing page. Click on the login option at the top right hand side of your screen. Now, input the email address you used in registering and the password then click on “login”.

Picoworkers login form

If you set up two factor authentication, then picoworkers will send a code to your email address which you will have to input in a box thay will be provided for you, this is done in order to validate your identity before you gain access to your dashboard.

How To Earn On Picoworkers

There are numerous ways to earn money on picoworkers. For brevity sake we shall be looking at some of the most popular and high yielding tasks that will earn you good money on picoworkers.

  • Sign Up Offers

This job only entails you to sign up to some websites and you get paid instantly. 

Sign up offers on picoworkers usually have a slightly moderate payment, ranging from $0.10 to $3.00 per sign up. Below is an example (image):

Sample job on picoworkers
  • Survey Tasks 

Survey tasks are dominant on picoworkers. All you have to do us to answer questions honestly and you get paid after each successful survey completion. On average survey tasks usually pay between $0.40 to $2.00 per survey. Below is an example (image):

  • App Downloads

As the name implies, all you have to do is to install certain applications and strictly follow the instructions issued by the employer. After doing so you will get paid. The pay range for App downloads usually lingers between $0.14 to $1.50 per download. Below is an example (image): 

Sample job on picoworkers
  • Commenting On Blog Posts

Yes, some employers actually pay you to comment on blog posts. This is one of the newest earning methods on picoworkers. And typically you can earn between $0.30 to $1.00 per task. Below is an example (image):

Commenting job on picoworkers
  • Watching Videos

Wacthinh videos is another cool way to make money on sproutgigs. A lot of employers who are looking for views on their YouTube channels usually come to sproutgigs to hire people to watch their videos. On average you cab earn between $0.30 to $0.60 per video on sproutgigs. Below is an example (image):

Sample job on sproutgig
  • Social Media Engagement

Finally, you can make money on sproutgigs by liking, commenting or sharing posts on social media. It could be tiktok, Facebook, Instagram or even Snapchat.

Sample job on sproutgig

This is the easiest way to make money on sproutgigs. You can earn between $0.02 to $0.30 to engage in social media posts on sproutgigs.

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How To Work In Picoworkers

To start working and earning money on sproutgigs, all you have to do is to select the task you wish to perform. Read through the employers guidelines, perform the task, provide the required proof and submit your task. Below is an illustration:

  • In your sproutgigs dashboard, scroll through the available jobs and select the one of your choice, just like I did below (image):
Picoworkers sample job
  • Next, check if you are qualified for the job by checking if your country is part of the section labeled “Excluded Countries”. You can proceed to the next level if your country is not there, but if your country is among the list, sorry you have to find another offer. Don’t try using a VPN, you will get banned (image).
Sample of excluded countries feature on a picoworker task.
  • Take note of the number of people that are required for the job and also the number of people that have done the job already. I personally advise you to go for offers which not so many people have completed, because that gives you some chance to get it done before faster fingers get their eyes on the job (image).
Number of people that have done the job.
  • Carefully read through what the employer wants to be done. Read this section carefully and take note of the proofs the employer wants as a sign that you actue did the job (image). 
Employer expectation from workers

Note: I advise that you perform each tasks on a new tab so that you can always come back and input your proofs because in some cases, the whole page might reload and you might not be able to locate the particular job again to input your proofs after spending time on it.

  • Input your proof of work in the box provided and crosscheck your details. When you are satisfied click on “submit proof”.
Picoworkers "proof requirements" feature.
  • Your proof has been submitted and is currently still awaiting approval by the employer. For the mean time, your earnings will still be in the “pending” section. When your job is approved, it becomes an earned balance. However, in some cases the employer might reject your work or ask you to revise, so ensure to perform all tasks diligently.
Submit task button on picoworkers.

How Does Picoworkers Work

Sproutgigs works just like any other micro task website in the world. You simply perform a task, the employer reviews your task and if he is satisfied he will approve your task and you will simultaneously get paid. Sproutgigs acts as the escrow between you the worker and the employer. 

So there is no room for dubious activities. Employers can disapprove tasks they are not satisfied with and workers can also report tasks they perceive to be dubious. Either ways, its a win win situation.

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How To Withdraw Earnings From Picoworkers

To withdraw your earnings from sproutgigs you must first reach the withdrawal threshold of $5. Secondly, you must have a task interval timer of value “0”. When you create a new sproutgigs account, you will notice a small clock like symbol in your dashboard with some digits, that us known as the ” interval timer”.

Picoworkers timer feature

For each successful task you complete on sproutgigs, the digit on the timer reduces. However, it increases if employers mark your task as unsatisfied. So you need to complete a lot of task successfully to reduce the timer to zero. Then you can place withdrawal.

To withdraw your earnings from sproutgigs, observe the following steps:

  • Click on the hamburger icon at the top right hand of your dashboard.
  • On the menu bar, select the option labeled “wallet”.
How to withdraw earnings on picoworkers.
  • On the next page, click on the “Request Withdrawal” button.
Picoworkers withdrawal process.

Sproutgigs offers five different ways to request withdrawal. They include: Airtm, Litecoin, PayPal, Uphold and Skrill. For all the methods except Litecoin, ensure that the email address you are currently using in sproutgigs is the same with either of them in other to avoid a dissapproved withdrawal.

  • Select the withdrawal method you want and set the amount you wish to withdraw. Take note that sproutgigs takes a piece of your earnings as compensation to their staff and also remove task fees. So on average about 18% of your total income will not be allocated to you.
  • Click the green button that says “send token”. With this, sproutgigs will send a unique code to your gmail address to verify if you are the one requesting withdrawals. Copy this code from your gmail inbox and paste in the box provided.
  • Finally click on “submit request”.

It takes between some few minutes to about 10 days for the money to finally settle in your account.

Picoworkers Review

Sproutgigs has a ton of positive reviews on trust pilot with a 3.5 star rating on trust pilot which is fairly average and a 4.6 star rating on site jabber which is very impressive. Overall, sproutgigs is a legit site, they has paid out earnings as promised, except in cases where they suspend users account for going against their rules and regulations.

Personally, I will rate sproutgigs 3.9 out of 5 because they are legit. And also because their withdrawal fees are annoyingly too high compared to how much one can make on the sproutgigs.

FAQ’s About Picoworkers

Is Picoworkers Legit?

Yes, sproutgigs is legit. They are not going to scam you of your money. Besides it completely free of charge to join, there are no entry fees, no upgrade fees, just you completing tasks and earning money.

How much Can You Earn On Picoworkers?

Your earnings on sproutgigs, depend on the amount of time you are willing to invest on the platform. On average you can earn between $20 to $50 per month on sproutgigs if you follow up tasks religiously. You stand a chance of earning more money if you have a PC or laptop because there are better earning tasks for these device options.

How Legit Is Sproutgigs?

100% legit. Sproutgigs has been in existence ever since 2013 and has been fully in operation since then. You have entirely nothing to be afraid of in sprout gigs. Most people who tag this website a scam, are people who for one reason or the other did not receive their earnings possible because they violated some laid down rules such as owning two or more sproutgigs account or trying to outsmart employers.


Sproutgigs is a great way to start making passive income online. I encourage beginners and newbies to start their online journey from sproutgigs, especially if you do not have any start up capital for your intended business.


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