How To Make Money With Opera News Hub [N50k Monthly]

I believe you must have heard about opera mini’s news platform “opera news hub” and also the interesting fact that you can actually make money from this platform by writing short articles and news reports.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through the various steps and processes involved in creating a brand new opera news hub account and also the pros and cons of the platform, things you should avoid in order not to get your account banned, and how to make the most income out of the platform.

Make money with opera news hub

I Personally have worked with opera news hub for a few months and earned a decent amount of money, up until my account got banned. Well, I do not wish that to happen to you too. That is why I have taken my time to write this article so that you can learn from my mistakes.

In my few months of working with opera new hub I made an average of N15,000 monthly. I know it sounds small, but I was still a secondary school student in SS1 when I discovered this platform, so therefore, schooling activities couldn’t give me the much needed chance to scale up the business. But regardless, it was still a decent income for a student.

What Is Opera News Hub?

Opera news hub is a content creating platform owned by the famous opera mini software. This platform enables its users to make money by writing articles and publishing it on their news app (Opera News). Opera news hub was launched in 2019 and ever since then, a lot of individuals irrespective of age, educational level or experience have joined this platform and made interestingly huge figures from it.

Opera news hub payment structure

If you have downloaded the Opera news app on your mobile device. Based on a rough estimate, approximately 30 out of 100 Nigerians have this app installed in their phones, you will see that there is a daily supply of articles and news stories on this app. This is made possible by individuals like you and I, and for each article you click and read, the author of that article gets paid by opera mini.

*Watch me sign up to opera news live on screen:

How To Sign Up For Opera News Hub

Signing up for opera news hub takes place in four stages which we shall see below. But for the meantime, make sure you have your national identity card/voters card/drivers licence (any of the above) at the corner, this is optional.

Step One: Account Information

  • Go to your browser and search for or better still you can click HERE to navigate to the page in a new tab.
  • You do not necessarily need to be on desktop settings, you can register manually.
Opera news hub registration guide
  • On the landing page, select either of the available options to sign up. Either through “Gmail” or your “Facebook account”. If you select Gmail, you will be promoted to another page where you will select the particular gmail account you want to use to register on opera news hub (that is if you have multiple gmail accounts).
Creating an opera news hub account
  • On the other hand, if you choose Facebook, you’ll be prompted to login to your Facebook account before proceeding to the next step.
  • When you are done with the step above, you will be taken to this page where you have to select your country of birth. When that is done, click ” Next”.
How to sign up for opera news hub

Step Two: Profile Information And Settings

On this new page you’ll have to setup some information such as your username, a profile picture, the category of articles you will be writing on and a little bigraohy about yourself. Here are some important things to note about each if them.

  • Username: Ensure to keep the username short and unique. Opera news hub likes uniqueness, so therefore, if the username you have chosen is already in use with another account, you’ll be asked to choose another username.
Opera news hub sign up process.
  • Category: There are numerous categories to write on. Some of which include: sports, news, politics, education, health, auto etc. Just ensure to pick a category you have adequate knowledge about.
  • Profile Picture: Do not use any explicit or misleading picture. Your entire application can be disapproved because of the picture you upload. I have been denied approval on various occasions because I used movie characters as profile pictures. Simply use your picture or anything related to the category you selected. 
  • Biography: Keep it short and below 150 characters.
Opera news hub sign up process.

When all is ready and set, click on “Next”.

Step Three: Identity Verification

On this new page, you’ll have to fill in your legal first name, your legal last name, your email address (this is where they will send you your application status, either approved or denied), your means of identification (either your national identity card, drivers license or voters card, any of them will be accepted). 

Opera news hub sign up process

Finally you input your mobile phone number and click on ” Next” to proceed to the last page. You can always make use of the “back” button if you want to change or make any correction to your previous data.

Step Four: Payment Information

On this page, you will be asked to input your opay account number in the box provided. If you do not have an opay account, simply click on the green button labelled “Register Opay” to get started.

Link Opay wallet to opera news hub.

Note: The phone number you used in creating the opay account is your account number. So assuming the phone number MRA used is “08000000012*, then his opay account number is “8000000012” (first ten digits excluding the first “0”).

After inputting your opay account number, agree to their terms and conditions and finally click on the blue “confirm” button.

Opera news hub form filling process.

Congratulations! You have submitted your application successfully. You will be redirected to your opera new hub dashboard. However, your account is still being reviewed by the admins, so at this juncture you cannot start writing and publishing articles yet. It usually takes between 2 hours to 5 days to get feedback from the admins. Just keep on checking your email and spam box to see if they are done with the review.

How To Publish Articles On Opera News Hub

To publish your first  article on opera news hub simply follow the instructions below: 

  • Log in to your opera hub account by selecting the media you used to register (either through Gmail or Facebook).
  • On your dashboard, click on the pencil icon labelled “create”.
How to write on opera news hub.
  • Make use of the writing space to construct your article. You can add the title of your article in the section labeled “Add title to your article…”
Opera news hub writers interface.
  • Make use of the tabs just below the title space to construct your article.
  • After creating your article, click on the tab labeled “Next”.
  • On the next page, add a featured image to your article. This is the picture people will see beside your topic. Make it attractive so that people can click on your article.
  • Add related topics to your article, these act like tags, they help your article pop up when people  search for them in opera news.
  • After that is done, click on “submit”.
Uploading featured image and submitting your article.

Your article will first go into review. This process usually takes between five minutes to about 3 hours. If your article doesn’t violate any rules, it will be published and you can start earning. However, if your article violates a writing guideline, the admin can either ask you to review the problem or entirely reject the article.

Opera News Hub Payment Structure

The payment system on the opera news hub is very straightforward. According to opera news hub, you will earn N0.036 for every click your article gets. So in other words, you earn N0.036 for every person that clicks and reads your content. Below is a breakdown:

  • 1 valid click: N0.036
  • 10 valid clicks: N0.36
  • 10,000 valid clicks: N360
  • 1,000,000 valid clicks: N36,000

Don’t get scared, opera news has an audience of over 350 million active users so getting the above stated amount of clicks will definitely not be an issue if you write good content.

Sample opera news writers dashboard

Note: Not all clicks an article generates are termed valid clicks. Whenever a reader clucks on your article and spends at least five seconds reading your content, it will be recorded as a valid click. However, if the user spends less than five seconds on your article, it is termed an invalid click and you will not be paid for it. So ensure to make your introduction as “hooking” as possible.

Payments for your articles will be made on the 15th of the following month directly to your opay account. So assuming you made over 200,000 valid clicks in june, you will be paid for those clicks on the 15th of July.

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Pros Of Opera News Hub

  • It is a free way to make money online since they do not require any entry fees or upgrade fees. Besides you can publish articles for free with the daily free 50mb data offered by the opera mini browser to its users.
  • There is no need to have experience before joining opera news hub. You can start gaining your experience on the platform.
  • There is no age restriction or barrier on opera news hub. This makes it very easy for youths below 18 years to make money from this platform.

Cons Of Opera News Hub

  • It can be difficult to get approval at times. Due to the high volume of writers on the platform, it might be difficult to get a new account approved.
  • High volume of article rejections. Articles are easily rejected on opera mews hub, so ensure to carefully go through each article before you submit your article.
  • Payments are not stable and highly unpredictable, despite the payment system, opera news hub can sometimes pay higher or lower than what you expect. This is bad because it keeps the writers unaware of how much they will receive during payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Opera News Hub Pay?

Opera news hub pays through their payment gateway known as Opay. To receive payment, you need to have an Opay account.

How Much Does Opera News Hub Pay?

Your payment depends on the total number of valid clicks your articles generated the previous month. The more valid clicks you have, the more money you make on opera mews hub.

Is Opera News Legit?

Yes, opera news hub is legit and 100% not a scam. It has been around since 2019 and has paid out its writers every single month ever since.

How Long Does Opera News Take To Pay?

Exactly one month. Opera mews pays every 15th of each month. Although sometimes they might pay late and other times pay early.

How Does Opera News Hub Work?

Simply create an opera news hub account, wait for your account to get approval, publish articles on the opera news, when your articles get clicks by opera news users you get paid.

Who Owns Opera News?

Opera news is owned by a Chinese group that acquired the company in 2016. 

Final Thoughts

Opera news hub is a great way to start your freelance journey if you cannot cope with the competition on other freelance writing websites like Fiverr, Upwork and people per hour. For me it takes a rating of 7 out of 10.

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  1. I love how really took your time to explain what I was looking for. It was worth a reading content.

    I was actually looking for payment aspect as I am new on the platform, I know little about it and I wouldn’t wants to waste my time.

    Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your comment. In regards to payment, they usually require their creators to have an Opay account. If you’re a Nigerian its very popular and will be required during your registration.

      Your earnings for the month will be paid automatically to your opay wallet when they start making payments. They usually pay between the 10th-30th of every month.

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