How To Submit A List On Listverse And Earn $100

Listverse as the name implies is a website just like many others that pay you to write and submit listicles to them. However, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the genuineness of Listverse, so you might need to read through this article before you actually proceed to submit your list on Listverse.

Making money online has become a global trend especially in this current ‘genZ’ era. Writing is no doubt one of the most profitable yet saturated digital skills in the world, thanks to the essays we all wrote in school. Listverse will pay you $100 for every accepted listicle you send to them, before you gloat over this it surely does have its massive disadvantages.


What Is Listverse Website?

Listverse is an entertainment and educational website that deals with the publication of lists. An example of such a list include: Top 10 biggest houses in the world, top 30 …., etc. Listverse was established over a decade ago (in 2009) and has been in existence ever since then.

Sample post of listverse articles

Jamie Frater is the mastermind behind the establishment of Listverse. Part of Listverse’s goal is to share amazing and bizarre facts to the world.

How Much Does Listverse Pay?

Listverse pays a $100 flat fee via PayPal for every accepted article you send to them that is accepted and published on their platform.

Listverse payment terms

Payments are made strictly via PayPal, you cannot request payments through any other means.

How To Submit A List On Listverse

Step one: Visit the official listverse website on any browser of your choice.

Step Two: On the homepage, click on the drop down icon at the top right hand side of the screen.

Sign up process

Step Three: Select the second menu option that says “submit a list”.

How to sign up on listverse

Step Four: Fill the submission form on the new page. Include your name, your active email address and most importantly your working PayPal email address. After filling the form appropriately, you can now click on ‘submit’.

Sign up process

An email will be sent to you immediately notifying you that your submission has been sent and you should patiently wait for the admins to review your article and get back to you.

Email notification from listverse

*Watch Me Submit A List On Listverse:

Requirements Before Submitting A List On Listverse

Before you consider hitting the submit button on the listverse article submission page, you should ensure that you have strictly followed the laid down principles set by listverse before application, failure to do so will attract an outright disapproval of your list and overall a waste of your time.

  • You must be a citizen or should currently be residing in either of the following countries: United Kingdom, United States Of America, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, South Africa and Australia. If you reside outside the above listed countries you are not permitted to submit a list on Listverse.
  • Your articles must range between 1500 words (minimum) to 2000  words (maximum). Listverse makes it clear that articles less than or more than the required amount will be outrightly rejected or ignored.
Requirements before writing
  • Good English and punctuation. As a matter of fact, listverse states that your list must succumb to the highest standards of English vocabulary. So ensure to cross check and make necessary corrections before you submit your list to listverse.
  • You must have a PayPal account. Listverse makes it clear that PayPal is the only means of payment on their platform. So ensure you have a working PayPal account before you make a move on Listverse.
  • You must provide sources to your lists. Listverse requires that you backup your points from reliable sources across the globe. Example, if you are writing a list about the top 10 wonders of the world, for each wonder mentioned, you should provide an online source that supports your claim. It could be a blog post, a YouTube channel etc.
Must include online sources to prove your facts.
  • Your Listicles Must Be equal to or  greater than ten. This simply means that whichever article you are pitching to listverse must have a minimum of ten items. You could write about “Top 150 websites..” But you should not submit articles that are less than ten in listicle form, example “Top 5 most..” Such articles will automatically be disapproved.
Your list must be above or equal to 10
  • Listverse retains ownership of your articles if they accept and publish your article on their website.
List verse retains ownership of your article.
  • Finally, reading the entire author’s guide is also a requirement to scale up your knowledge about Listverse.

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How Much Does Listverse Pay Writers?

Listverse pays a flat fee of $100 for each accepted article they publish on their website. It is still one of the highest paying freelance writing websites in the world.

How Does Listverse Make Money?

Just like many other websites, listverse makes money through sponsored posts on their websites. It could be individual or private company’s advertisements and through Google AdSense adverts displaying on the website.

Is Listverse Legit?

Listverse is legit because they have actually paid some people the said amount ($100) per article. However, a considerable amount of individuals still term listverse a scam. This is because the chances of getting your articles approved for publication is usually very difficult.

Positive review from Quora

As a matter of fact, some people never actually get any reply even after submitting the form severally.

Is Listverse Reliable?

No, listverse is not a reliable way to make money online. Judging by the tons of complaints a lot of people have made about Listverse, especially in the aspects of getting your articles approved. 

Reports given by individuals who have sometime in the past submitted listicles on  listverse on trustpilot are entirely not fun and encouraging to read at all. 

Negative review from trust pilot

Uncountable individuals have complained that the administrators do not reply after sending them listicles. Listverse on their part have defended themselves saying that they have tons of articles to review daily (over 150 submissions worldwide) and they only publish 3 articles per day on their website. So as you can see, the competition on Listverse is really high and you can’t really blame them.

Best Listverse Alternative

There are many other similar websites like listverse one can submit articles to and earn money. Below are some of them in relation to the countries where they currently operate or accept articles:

For Nigerians: Opera News Hub, Scooper News Hub (Scooper PGC writers), HubeHub Writing Platform, Fiverr (creating a seller gig), Upwork (writing gig), People per hour (writing gig), Eating Well ($1 per word), SproutsGig (writing gig) etc.

For Others: Freelance Mom, Eating Well Magazine, The Sun Magazine, Fiverr, Upwork, People Per Hour, Asimov Sci-fi Magazine etc.

 FAQ’s About Listverse

Does Listverse Really Pay?

Yes, Listverse really pays. But before you get that $100 into your PayPal account, you must be willing to put in all the work required in sending in the best listicles that will stand out amongst the rest being sent out to listverse every single day.

How To Earn Money From Listverse?

You earn money on listverse by writing articles in the form of lists. Listverse pays you $100 for every accepted list you send to them which they publish on their website. 

Your list must succumb to their guidelines and most importantly stand out from the numerous other articles reviewed by their team. Listverse experts articles that have not been thought nor heard, unique, thrilling and most importantly, original.

How To Get Articles Approved On Listverse?

There is no special remedy to get fast approval on listverse. Just be unique, be original and most importantly observe all the guidelines they have outlined concerning articles that they accept and if you are lucky, your article will be accepted.

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