How To Post Jobs On sproutgigs (Picoworkers)

In this tutorial you are going to learn the complete step by step guide on how you can post a job on sproutgigs (previously known as picoworkers). 

Besides the tutorial, I’m also going to reveal to you some of the advantages and disadvantages of posting job offers on sproutgigs. I personally have used sproutgigs to promote a certain CPA offer and the result I must say was epic.

Although sproutgigs is a great platform to earn and promote offers, I must warn you though. When posting your job  on sproutgigs you must watch out for some key factors, else you might end up swimming in the pool of regrets and loss.

Make use of the table of contents below just in case you wish to navigate to your choiced topic of interest.

Sproutgigs Signup Process

The process of posting jobs on sproutgig all starts with first and foremost, creating a Sproutgigs account. Simply follow the steps below to create your account (if you already have a sproutgig account you can skip this process and login directly).

  • Visit (or better still, CLICK HERE to proceed to Sproutgigs).
  • On the landing page click on the green sign up button at the top right hand side of the screen.
  • Fill up the form that follows. Input your name, nickname, country etc I’m their respective boxes.
  • Under the section titled “select your profile type”, tick the option labelled “I am an employer”. 
  • Agree the Sproutgigs terms of service and finally click on ” sign up “.

Note: It doesn’t really matter if you signed up as an employer or a worker, sproutgigs has a feature that helps you switch between employer and worker accounts.

The steps mentioned above are primarily for those who do not have a sproutgigs account. However, if you already have a sproutgigs worker account, follow the steps mentioned below to switch to employer mode. 

How To Switch Sproutgigs Account

  • Login to your sproutgigs worker account.
  • On the homepage/dashboard, click on the menu icon at the top right hand side of your screen.
  • Click on the switch at the top of the menu list, in between the words ” employer” and “worker”.
  • You will automatically be redirected to your sproutgigs employer dashboard.

Sproutgigs Employer Features

The sproutgigs employer dashboard is quite different from the normal sproutgigs worker dashboard, therefore, it might be a little bit difficult to understand if you are still new to the platform. However, below is a breakdown of some of the most important features in this section:

Deposit Funds Feature 

This is where transactions take place. You can use this feature to deposit money into your sproutgigs employer account. As at the time of writing this article there are seven ways to fund your sproutgigs account, they include: credit/debit card, cryptocurrency, PayPal, skrill, uphold, Airtm and transferring your earned balance from your worker account to your employer account.

Note: The minimum deposit amount across the options mentioned above is $10. This $10 minimum deposit does not apply to those who are transferring their earned balance from their worker earnings.


This feature reflects the amout of money that you currently have in your account. You can use the spendable balance to fund your job offers on sproutgigs.

My jobs 

This feature automatically displays all the jobs you will post or have posted on sproutgigs. It keeps records of all jobs (both approved and declined jobs, paused or pending jobs etc).

Job Filters

These include all the sections labelled “show declined/yes”, “Folder/Active”, “Sort by/Newest” and “Filter by/blocks”. These job filters help you segment or differentiate your jobs for easy accessibility whenever it might be needed in the future.

How To Post Jobs On Sproutgigs

Observe the steps below to be able to post your first job on sproutgigs. Now before posting any job on sproutgigs it is important to first and foremost fund your sproutgigs account. When that is done kindly follow the steps below:

Choosing A Targeting Zone

  • Login to your sproutgigs employer account (observe the steps listed above to get started).
  • On your dashboard, click on the button titled “post job” (under My Jobs section).
  • On the next page titled Post Job you will be required to choose a targeting zone for your job campaign. If you are posting a job that is targeted at Africans simply select Africa, and likewise other continents. However, if you want just anybody from across the world to access your job offer, simply click on “international“.

Note: Based on the option (continent) you chose above, you can choose to exclude certain countries from accessing your offers. Now let’s assume I chose Africa as a targeting zone in step one. 

But I do not want citizens of Nigeria to access my job despite the fact that Nigeria is an African country, I will simply scroll down to this section and exclude Nigeria by clicking on Nigeria.

  • The next step is to scroll down the page and click on the green button labeled “Apply and go to next”. Below this button is a summary page automatically generated by sproutgigs. This summary page gives a general overview of what your job would look like to interested people when they want to complete your job offers.

Choose The Job Category

Simply select the category of the job you want people to complete in this section. There are more than ten job categories on sproutgigs, all you have to do is select the category that matches or closely matches your needs.

Different job categories come with different price tags. Categories like facebook-micro influencer attracts low cost per task as compared to jobs like paid surveys, watching or subscribing tobyoutube channel, etc. After selecting the category which your job belongs to, scroll down and select a sub category. When that is done simple click on apply and go to next.

Job Outline

The next step is describe the job outline. You need to pay more attention to this section because this section serves as your instructions to your workers (what you want them to do and how it should be done). 

  • Begin by giving your job an attractive title. Ensure your title is easy to understand and straight to the point. Recall that most of the workers on sproutgigs are non English speakers, so your simplicity in language will be of great value here.
  • The next section is the job description section. Here you clearly state what you want your workers to do. Ensure you very clear and detailed when outlining this process (to avoid unnecessary mistakes from your employees).
  • Depending on the job type you are posting, you can ignore the next section which involved variable values.
  • The next step is to add additional notes to your job description. Here you can issue out extra warnings/guidelines/bonus incentives. Which ever works for you.
  • Finally, the last and final step in this section is the required proof section. To verify is truly your workers completed the job/task you posted on sproutgigs, you can ask them certain questions or ask for a screenshot proof etc. For example, if I posted a job on Sproutgigs about subscribing to a YouTube channel, as a proof of work well done, I will demand that the workers tell me the name of the YouTube channel. Those who correctly tell me the name of the channel obviously did the job, but those with wrong answers are only trying to cut corners.
  • Sproutgigs also provides an optional feature known as auto validation. This feature enables workers jobs to be accepted or denied instantly without the  employer manually approving post. All you have to do is to set up some key questions alongside their answers, workers who correctly state the answers to the questions will be paid instantly. Those who provide wrong answers will be denied/rejected immediately.
  • When that is done, simply go over the entire page again to ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors. Scroll down and click on apply and go to next.

Job Settings

This page contains some key features which determine the success of your job on sproutgigs.

  • The first is the job level. Sproutgigs has three categories of workers, the beginners (the highest population), the advanced and the experts. If the job you are posting requires just a simple action (example liking a Facebook post), it is best you choose beginners. However, if the job is a little bit technical or specific, then the advanced and expert level should be put into consideration.
  • You can ignore the net two steps (since this is your first job on picoworkers). Head over to workers will earn section. What ever figure you see in this section represents the amount of money you will be paying each worker that successfully completed your task. You cannot reduce/deduct this amount, you can only increase it you want to.
  • The next step add a required screenshot. This section is optional, however if you feel like seeing a proof that your workers actually performed the task, then you can demand a screenshot. Simply input the number of screenshots (minimum of 1 and maximum of 3) and move to the next step.
  • The next step is the hold job time. This section depends on the job you are posting. You need to give an estimate of how long it will take your workers to complete your tasks, that way they will be able to complete your task and submit them to you.
  • Finally review your entire set up and click on apply and go to next.

Feature Your Job

The last and final section is the ‘feature your job” page. Here Sproutgigs entices you to pay some extra money for your job to be seen by more individuals or workers in their platform. If you have extra cash to spare, you can actually consider this option because it is entirely a great tool for success on sproutgigs.

Scroll down and submit your task. If you want the above stated feature to be applied to your job click on “Apply feature and submit” if not then select “skip and submit”.

Congratulations, you have successfully created your first job on Sproutgigs. A short message will be sent to you tellingbyou to exercise some patience while the sproutgig administrator review your job. If it follows all guidelines, your hob will be approved in less than an hour (based on my experience).

Types of Jobs You Can Post On sproutgigs

There are various types if jobs you can post on picoworkers. They include: survey jobs, social media engagement tasks (liking pages/posts), commenting on blog posts/social media posts, reddit upvotes, video views, subscribing to YouTube channels, Google play store app reviews, general reviews, sign up jobs, aoo download jobs, lead generation jobs etc.

Final Verdict

Sproutgigs is a great place to promote small affiliate programs that pay you for referrals. After using this program for a period of time, I must commend that they are really fast in processing your job postings. And most definitely with the right settings and job offers you will come out profitable after each jib listing on sproutgigs.


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