Starclicks Review: The Ultimate Truth About Starclicks (Real Or Fake)

Star-Clicks is one of the most popular “paid to click” (PTC) website in the world. It is one of the biggest advertising networks which links advertisers and publishers on the same platform.

But is star-clicks really worth it? Can you really earn hundreds of dollars as a lot of influencers claim? Well to clear the air a little bit, Star-clicks is indeed a legit website. And yes, you will eventually get paid when you meet the payment threshold. But that’s not just where it all ends.

In this article we shall see the ultimate truth about earning money on star-clicks, a quick inner look of the website, the problem with the withdrawal threshold and limits and a whole lots more. Star-clicks is no doubt a great earning website, but just like other earning platforms it sure does have its glory and flaws.

What Is Star-clicks?

Star Clicks as we have earlier seen is a paid to click advertising platform where advertisers and companies can increase the traffic coming to their website by promoting their website on star-clicks and also where publishers get to make money by clicking on ads.

Star-clicks have been in existence ever since 2008 and since then have been operating very smoothly till date. Basically on star-clicks all you need to do to earn money is to click on ads.

Starclicks landing page

Star-clicks is generally open to everybody irrespective of your age, country or ethnicity. Till date, star-clicks still remains one of the most legit and trusted ‘paid to click websites’ in the world alongside timebucks.

According to star-clicks, earning money on their platform is a ‘piece of cake’ since basically all you will be doing is to click on ads and earn money.

*Watch Me Earn Money On starclicks Live On Screen:

How To Make Money On Star-clicks

Earning on star-clicks is as easy as clicking on a button. Like any other website, star-clicks provides multiple ways with which you can earn money from this platform. Some of the ways of making money on star clicks are restricted to some users while others are general (don’t worry I’ll explain more during the course of this video).

The various ways to make money on star-clicks include: paid per click ads, through the star clicks referral program, and the ‘HTML‘ code for bloggers.

  • Paid Per Click Ads

This is the easiest and most popular way to earn money on star-clicks. I personally believe this PPC feature is the primary reason why the website is called ‘Star Clicks‘. The way this feature works is very simple; star-clicks provides a certain number of ads to click every single day to its registered users and when they click on the ads, they earn money.

For standard purposes, you earn $0.01 for every ad you click on star-clicks. This is the official earning rate for every ad you cluck on star-clicks. However, platinum star-clicks users earn approximately $0.02 per ad click on this website. Every single day new ads are published on star-clicks, so you need to login daily so as not to miss any daily earnings on star-clicks.

  • Star-clicks Referral Program

Another cool way to earn money on star-clicks is through the star-clicks referral program. So basically you earn $0.08 for every new user you refer to star-clicks. The interesting thing about this referral program is that even if your referral upgrades their star-clicks account later in the future, you will still be paid.

A quick breakdown of the earnings you make per referrals on star-clicks is as follows: You earn $0.08 for a free sign up (that is, your referrals just create a free account and verify their phone number and email address).

Starclicks referral rewards

You earn an additional $5 when your referrals upgrade their star-clicks account from a free plan to a Gold membership. You earn $10 when your referrals upgrade to a platinum plan/membership.

Note: To earn your star-clicks referral reward, your referrals must verify their phone number and email address before your referral bonus will be added to your star-clicks balance.

  • Star-clicks HTML Code

To be able to make money using the star-clicks HTML code you need to upgrade your star-clicks account from a free membership also known as a silver membership to either a Gold membership or a platinum membership (highest level). Secondly, you need to have a blog.

Now when you have successfully upgraded your star-clicks account, you will now have access to the HTML codes from which you cabnake money. So how does this work? Star-clicks clucks gives you a unique code to place on your blog, this code is an advertisement of star-clicks, so in other words, you are advertising star-clicks on your blog. Now whenever someone clicks on the advertisement, you make money.

Yes it is as easy as that. But you need to recall that you must upgrade your star-clicks account before you can have access to this earning feature, also ensure your blog has enough visitors or readers else you might not make a dime from this HTML code.

Star-clicks Features Explained

Now before we look at every feature that is contained in the star-clicks website, it is important for us to first and foremost open a star-clicks account.

  • Click Here to head over to star clicks.
Starclicks sign up process
  • Click on the hamburger icon at the top right hand of the screen.
Star-clicks sign up process
  • Click on the fourth option labeled ‘sign up’.
Starclicks review
  • Fill up the registration form that follows and also verify your phone number in the process.
Starclicks sign up form
  • Finally, you will have to verify your email address by heading over to your email and clicking on the unique link star-clicks will send to you. That’s all, you now officially have a star-clicks account.
Starclicks member dashboard

On the star-clicks homepage you will see a lot of interesting features represented by pictures/pictograms and this sometimes makes it difficult to understand and navigate through the website. But not to worry, I’ll help you explain each feature.

The Eye: This is your earnings overview page. You can click on the eye button to see how much you have made so far on the platform after clicking on ads.

Image of Starclicks inner features

The Dollar Sign: This section marked ‘PPC’ ads leads to the page where you will see available ads to click and earn money on this platform. A small red number indicating the total number of available ads to click in a day will be displayed just above the dollar sign.

Inbox And Settings: while inbox is for receiving messages directly from star-clicks in major updates, the settings section is where you get to make changes on your dashboard.

Starclicks inner features

Warning Sign: Well this section marked ‘Alert’ is nothing to worry about now (as a beginner).

Payout: You can use this tab whenever you want to make withdrawals from star-clicks. The minimum payout threshold in star-clicks is $50.

Chat box: This box tagged SMS verification shows you the status of your email and phone verification (whether verified or unverified).

Support: You can use this feature to contact the star-clicks customer support team and lay your complaints.

Starclicks referral button

Invite And Refer: Both are similar features, you can use the refer tab to copy your star-clicks referral code and share with your friends. If they sign up using your referral link you earn $0.08 in commission.

HTML: When you have successfully upgraded your star-clicks account you can access the HTML code on this tab and place it on your blog.

Lock (Upgrade): You can use this feature to upgrade your star-clicks account to either the Gold or Platinum membership. Take note that upgrading your accounts means that you earn more money depending on the level you are currently into.

Top Members Feature: This feature shows you the list of individuals who earned the most money during a specific period of time on star-clicks. You can check it regularly to stay motivated.

How To Click Ads On Star-clicks

To do start earning in star-clicks by clicking on ads, you need to follow the following rules:

  • Create a star-clicks account.
  • Login to your star-clicks account.
  • On the home page, click on the feature tagged ‘PPC Ads‘.
Starclicks PPC ads feature
  • This will lead you to another page which contains the available ads for the day.
Starclicks PPC ads

To earn, simply click on each ad and wait for the new page to load. When the page loads up, simply return back to star clicks and automatically your earnings will be reflected on your dashboard. As easy as that! You can repeat the process for the other ads.

How To Withdraw Earnings From Star-clicks

Now when you have officially reached the minimum threshold ($50) you can now withdraw your money to any media of your choice. Star-clicks pay out through PayPal, bitcoin (crypto currency) etc.

Starclicks withdrawal tab

However, you will be asked to fill a withdrawal form before your earnings will be sent to you. And that leads us to the next important yet disturbing truth about star-clicks which many influencers won’t tell you.

Star-clicks Withdrawal Problem

Withdrawing your earnings from star-clicks is very easy as long as you can fill up the withdrawal form. But the problem with this is that star-clicks requests for too much personal information when filling out this form. Items such as your government issued identity card,personal details about yourself including your home address etc will be demanded.

Starclicks payout options

And more surprising is the fact that if your government issued identity card is not in English, you will need to meet a lawyer to translate your card to English. This is very compulsory for non English speaking countries (that is if your ID card is not printed in English). I personally find this ridiculous because the cost of hiring a lawyer is way much more than one can potentially earn from star-clicks.

When you have met the following requirements, you can get paid out through bitcoin, direct bank transfer and through PayPal.

Star-clicks Pros

Now as we all know, all earning websites have their ups and downs of which star-clicks is included. However, below are some of the advantages of star-clicks:

👍 Starclicks offers an entirely easy way to earn money online since all you have to do is to click on ads.

👍 There is an opportunity to earn money every single day because new ads are published daily on star-clicks.

👍 Free sign up process (for the silver membership).

Star Clicks Cons (Disadvantages)

👎 Very low earnings (you make just $0.01 per click)

👎 There are not many ads to click per day on star-clicks. Usually between 4 to 9 ads. This means what you can potentially earn daily on star-clicks is between $0.04 to $0.09 (that is if you are a silver member).

👎 Withdrawing your earnings due to their ridiculous demands can be very rough especially when you live in a non English speaking country.

👎 Star Clicks are not clear or open about a lot of things on their website. An example is the withdrawal terms which you only vet to find out when you want to withdraw your earnings.

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Star-clicks Clicks Final Review

Star-clicks has an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5 in sitejabber. In trust pilot star click has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 indicating positive customer reactions to the platform. However, the reviews in trust pilot are not genuine because star-clicks usually pays their members to leave positive reviews about their platform on trust pilot (a really weird thing to do).

So in all honesty, I think star-clicks deserved a 2 out of 5. This is mainly due to their withdrawal complications especially to Jon English speaking countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Star clicks Legit?

Yes, star clicks is legit. The platform has been active since 2008.

Does Star Clicks Work In Nigeria?

Yes, star-clicks works in Nigeria. Star-clicks is available to all countries and anyone can sign up.

Does Star-clicks Pay?

Yes, star-clicks still pays. It has been paying ever since 2008 provided you meet the withdrawal threshold of $50 you will be paid.

Is Star Clicks Safe?

Yes, star-clicks is safe. From what I personally know for now, the site will not sell your personal data nor will they flee with your money.

Is Star-clicks Genuine Or Not?

Star-clicks is genuine. It is a completely legitimate website. They are not scammers and have been in existence ever since 2008.

How Much Can I Earn From Star click?

Your earnings on star-clicks depends on the number of ads that are available daily. But on average you can earn between $0.04 to $0.09 as a silver member, those in the gold membership plan can earn between $4 to $8 per day, while platinum members can earn between $5 to $10 per day on star-clicks.

What Is The Minimum Auto Payout In Star-clicks?

The minimum star-clicks auto payout is $2. Take note of the fact that the auto payout system is different from the minimum payout threshold which is $50.


Star-clicks is definitely a cool website to earn litlle passive income. However, do not depend solely on star-clicks to liberate you to financial freedom. Star-clicks can just be that website you visit just before you go to bed in order to click ads and go to sleep.


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  2. Starclicks is maybe legit, nut it is a scammers team that are behind. You will not be able to withdraw your money.

  3. This is definitely 90% fraud, and 10% legal platform.
    If you work as silver member, without payed subscription, you will basically earn nothing. My work was about 55$ worth, but they only payed me 5$. If you want your earned money, first you need to earn 50$ (minimum amount for payout), second they will ask to send some personal documents, Economic Profile Form, A proof of address, Tax Authority Confirmation..
    I did send them all of needed documents, send them several emails, but they never answer me properly.

  4. Several times. Always the same answer. I need to turn on auto pay. But there is a catch. If you turn autopay on, they will pay you something sometime, but you can’t get all your money, because minimum payout is 50$. So you are in a circle.

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    I have found it is legit.
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