Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarship (DUPR)

International students can apply for one of the fully funded Deakin University Scholarships 2023-2024. These awards are for graduate school and include a $28,900 annual stipend, health insurance, and a relocation fee of $500 to $1,500.

Both the Australian government (via the RTP) and Deakin University (through the DUPR) provide funding for scholarships. Students from any country can apply for either scholarship. The RTP (Research Training Program) will be offered to only the most qualified candidates.

You can completely change your life by applying for one of their overseas scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate both superior academic achievement and promise of making significant contributions to the University and its surrounding community.

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Scholarship Summary

Field of Study: Masters / Doctoral (PhD)

Host University: Deakin University

Study Location: Australia

Period Of Scholarship: For the PhD, the tuition reimbursement will last for four years, whereas the stipend will only last for three.

Research Master Degree Duration: A two-year stipend and a two-year reduction in college tuition.

Scholarship Deadline: Click here for application dates

Courses Offered

  • Health
  • Arts and Education
  • Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation
  • Frontier Materials
  • Business and Law
  • Science, Engineering and Built Environment

Deakin University Scholarship Value

Scholarships offered by Deakin University will provide:

  • A tax-free annual stipend of $28,900 in 2022.
  • Students who are relocating from out of state or internationally to attend Deakin University are eligible to receive a relocation allowance ranging from $500 for an individual to $1,500.
  • Students studying abroad only: The period of the student visa will be covered by a single Overseas Student Health Insurance policy (OSHIP).
  • The tuition reimbursement period is four years, whereas the stipend period is three.
  • Study for a Master’s Degree The salary will last for two years, and the tuition reimbursement will last for two years.
Deakin University Graduands

Eligibility Criteria for Deakin University Scholarships

Candidates for the Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarship must meet the following criteria;

  • English is the required language.
  • All nations throughout the globe are welcome to apply.
  • Domestic or international students enrolling in an HDR program at Deakin University are eligible to apply for the RTP Stipend, RTP Fees Offset, RTP Allowance, and DUPRS.
  • In order to qualify for the RTP Fees Offset, applicants cannot be receiving any other Commonwealth awards or scholarships that are intended to cover HDR costs.
  • A student may not receive an RTP or DUPRS Stipend if the sum of all additional income the student receives to cover basic living expenses while enrolled in the program exceeds 75% of the RTP or DUPRS Stipend rate. Non-study-related income or study-related income that is not used to cover basic living expenses should not be counted toward the financial need determination.
  • To qualify for a stipend from either the Research Training Program or the Domestic University Postdoctoral Research Scheme, applicants must hold a first-class Honors degree or the international equivalent.

For Doctoral degree:

  • Research project in a related area, including a thesis, completed and graded at least commensurate with a 70% (or its Deakin equivalent) and representing at least 25% of a year’s full-time study at Level 8 or 9 of the Australian Qualifications Framework.
  • A Master’s (Research) degree in a relevant field.

For Master Degree:

Successfully complete a research project, including a thesis, that is equivalent to at least 25% of a year of full-time study at Level 8 or 9 of the Australian Qualifications Framework, and receive a grade for the project that is comparable to at least a 65% on the Deakin grading scale.

How to Apply for Deakin University Scholarships?

To be considered for this scholarship, please submit your application in accordance with the guidelines below.

  1.  Review the available entry methods, and Discover a superior: Please consult a mentor for input on your research subject and proposal before beginning your application. find out how to get in touch with a higher-up on this page.
  1. Get the necessary paperwork and data ready:
  • Your “resume” or “CV.”
  • Transcripts from school.
  • Education level prerequisite for conducting research.
  • Data on Publications.
  • Data from the bibliographic record.
  • Identity and citizenship documents must be shown.
  • Please submit proof of English proficiency; see the application instructions page for details on the required level of English competence.
  • Two recommendations from teachers or supervisors you’ve had in the past, or who are now teaching you. The sample document is accessible at this link.
  • Create a proposal: Please provide a brief summary of the research topic you wish to pursue, and be sure to review the proposal requirements before continuing.
  1. Apply online at this link; first, determine whether or not your preferred faculty members require an expression of interest before proceeding with the application.
  1.  If you’re mailing in a copy, make sure it’s certified by one of the following officials before you send it.
  • A judge. 
  • Public notary.
  • a diplomatic or consular official from Australia (within the meaning of the Consular Fees Act 1955).
  • Foreign-based Commonwealth or Australian Trade Commission employee.
  • Agent specializing in the placement of foreign students.
  • Deakin Research Building BC Deakin University 221 Burwood Highway Burwood Victoria 3125 Attention: HDR International Admissions Officer.

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Deakin University Selection Process

The following guidelines outline the ranking criteria that will be used to select students to receive RTP and DUPRS stipends. Full-time on-campus enrollment is required for students to receive an RTP or DUPRS Stipend;

  • Have a degree from an accredited college or university or the equivalent.
  • Meet all other minimum entry requirements as outlined in the Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) Admission, Selection, and Enrolment Procedure; have a minimum of 80% in the research component of their previous study; or have an equivalent level of academic attainment, taking into account previous study, relevant work experience, research publications, and other research experience.
  • Current HDR students can apply to the Faculty/Institute for consideration of an RTP or DUPRS Stipend. After more than 3 years of a doctoral program or 2 years of a master’s program, current students are ineligible to apply (or part-time equivalent).

Official Website: Apply Here

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Get A Scholarship From Deakin?

A large number of fellowships for advanced degrees including PhDs and research degrees are given out each year. You need at least an H1 grade point average to be seriously considered for a research fellowship. Use our Locate a scholarship tool to explore all of our funding opportunities for graduate research and doctoral students.

Does Deakin University Provide Scholarships For International Students?

Yes, Deakin offers merit-based scholarships to outstanding overseas students who will enrich the University and its surrounding communities via their studies. To be considered for an international scholarship, you must be enrolled full-time in one of our programs in Australia or have submitted an application to do so.

How Hard Is It To Get An RTP Scholarship?

Merit-based RTP scholarships are awarded on a very limited basis. You should have a stellar academic track record, and any scholarly papers will be taken very seriously.


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