The University of Adelaide Global Citizens Scholarship 2023/2024

This university of Adelaide is pleased to commence its annual Global Citizens Scholarship program (GCS) for the 2023/2024 academic session. This scholarship rewards international students who wish to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate courses at the university and have stellar academic performances.

The University of Adelaide was founded in 1874, and since then it has been home to a diverse student body dedicated to making a difference in the world. From Australia’s first female prime minister to the country’s first astronaut in space, many historical figures may trace their ancestry back to the University of Adelaide. 

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Scholarship Summary

  • Field of Study: Masters / Ph.D.
  • Host University; University of Adelaide, Australia
  • Study Location: Australia
  • Study Period: The typical time for undergraduate coursework and postgraduate coursework (3-4 years). 
  • Scholarship Deadline: Open all year round

Adelaide GCS Scholarship Value

The award covers 15-30% of the student’s full tuition costs for the standard minimum time required to complete their chosen undergraduate or graduate program.

The scope of this award is:

  • Open to first-year students
  • Direct-entry international undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students, including those who must complete a Pre-Enrolment English Program (PEP) before starting their degree, are eligible to apply;
  • Accepting entries from all across the world (excluding ANZ);
  • Suitable for research in any field (exceptions apply).
Students Of Adelaide University

Adelaide University Scholarship Eligibility

To be considered for this award, you must be an international full-fee paying student with an offer or admission (full or conditional) from the University of Adelaide.

Getting started with your first year of college;

  • High school seniors studying abroad who have an ATAR equivalent of 80 or higher will be awarded a 15% tuition waiver.
  • Students from overseas in their senior year who have achieved an ATAR equivalent of 90 or higher will be eligible for a 30% tuition waiver.

Getting started on a graduate degree;

  • A GPA of 5.0/7 or above is required to qualify for a 15% tuition discount.
  • You’ll get a 30% scholarship if you have a GPA of 6.0 or higher.


The following applicants will not be considered for this award:

  • Students currently enrolled at the University of Adelaide who are switching between programs prior to graduating (internal transfers);
  • Students who have been awarded a scholarship covering more than half of their tuition costs from a reputable scholarship provider, such as a government ministry or department;
  • Students hoping to enroll in a PhD or MS by Research program.
  • Scholarships are not available to applicants enrolled in the programs listed in the terms and conditions.

Adelaide Scholarship Terms and conditions

The following are the guidelines for receiving this scholarship:

1.The required minimum score (either a percentage or grade point average) varies from country to country. The following standard minimums shall be enforced:

  1. Minimum 80 equivalent ATAR from international high school for 15 percent undergraduate scholarship.
  1. Minimum 90 equivalent ATAR from international high school for 30% undergraduate scholarship.
  1. Graduate level scholarships of 15% are available to those with an undergraduate GPA of at least 5.0/7.
  1. Minimum 6.0/7 GPA required for graduate level scholarship. 

2. A 15% scholarship is available to students who meet any of the following requirements:

  1. The University will post updated eligibility requirements for the Chinese Gaokao on its scholarship webpage each year.
  1. Students at TAFE who scored well.
  1. A foreign credential evaluated as equivalent to a U.S. certificate, diploma, or higher. 

3. The Global Citizens Scholarship will be applied to your offer at no additional cost. The scholarship amount will be communicated to the recipient along with the offer. 

4. The following students will not be considered for this scholarship:

  1. Those who have applied but have not yet heard back about receiving a scholarship.
  1. If a student receives a scholarship from a recognized scholarship awarding agency, like a government ministry or department, and that scholarship covers more than half of the student’s tuition, the student is eligible for additional funding.
  1. Graduate students in research-based master’s and doctoral programs.
  1. Prospective students who have received combined offers from the University of Adelaide College and Eynesbury.

5. These awards cover partial cost of tuition at the University of Adelaide for the time period specified in the scholarship offer letter. Visas, Overseas Student Health Insurance, transportation, lodging, meals, books, and other incidental expenditures involved with attending the University of Adelaide are not covered by the scholarships.

6. Courses for which credit is awarded in acknowledgment of prior learning are not covered by the scholarship.

7. The scholarship cannot be sold or exchanged for cash.

In the event that a student is offered and accepts more than one scholarship from the University of Adelaide, they will only be given the larger of the two scholarships.

9. Scholarship recipients must enroll at the University of Adelaide during the awarded semester. There is no option to delay receiving the award.

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How To Apply For Adelaide University Scholarship

Students who match the criteria for The University of Adelaide Global Citizen Scholarship will be awarded without having to submit an application. There is no need to fill out a separate application for the Scholarship. The acceptance process will serve as confirmation for scholarship awardees.

Adelaide Scholarship Deadline 2023/2024

Scholarship applications are accepted year-round, but students should complete them as early as possible so that they have time to secure a visa and organize their academic schedules.

Official Website: Apply Here

Frequently Asked Question

What Is The University Of Adelaide 15% Global Citizens Scholarship?

The award covers 15% of the student’s full tuition costs required to complete their chosen undergraduate or graduate program. Students studying abroad in Year 12 who have an ATAR equivalent of 80 or higher will be awarded a 15% scholarship.

Can I Get A Scholarship In The University Of Adelaide?

Yes, there are various scholarships available at the University of Adelaide. The Global Citizens Scholarship is a good example.

What Is The Max GPA For Adelaide University?

Your GPA is the weighted average of all of your grades from courses you’ve taken at the University of Adelaide. If you are taking classes at more than one institution, each one will factor into your overall GPA. Grade point averages can be anywhere from 0–7. (scale of 0 to 7).

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