Primepay Loan App Review: Legit Or Scam? (The Truth)

UThinking Nigeria Limited created PrimePay – Instant Loan APP, a free Android application. It is classified as Business & Productivity with the subcategory Finance and is compatible with Android 13.0 or above. PrimePay is a dependable and secure loan provider with loan amounts ranging from N4,000 to N250,000 and periods ranging from 91 to 180 days. The interest rate runs from 15% to 60%, with a monthly interest rate of 5% to 20% and an APR of 60% to 240%.

The loan application process is simple and can be completed in three steps. You must first sign up for PrimePay, then fill out some basic information for approval before receiving your loan directly into your bank account. PrimePay eliminates the need for any deposits or guarantees, allowing you to access credit whenever and wherever you want. 

There is no documentation or collateral required for PrimePay, and there are no hidden fees or rollover charges. All of the processes can be completed online, and your information is safe with us. We also send SMS to remind you of your payback, and they claim their customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Easy Steps To Get Started With PrimePay

PrimePay’s user-friendly method ensures a smooth borrowing experience. Here’s how you can begin:

📍Install the PrimePay app from the Google Play Store or a trusted third-party website.

📍Create an account on PrimePay by signing up.

📍 Enter your basic details for approval.

✅Your loan amount will be deposited directly into your bank account.

Eligibility Criteria For PrimePay Loan App

To be eligible for PrimePay loans, you must meet the following requirements:

✅ Nigerian residency: PrimePay loans are only available to Nigerians.

✅ To qualify for a loan, you must be between the ages of 20 and 60.

✅ Active bank account and contact number: You must have a valid bank account as well as an active phone number.

✅ Stable income: Having a consistent source of income is critical for debt repayment.

Is Primepay Loan App Legit?

The answer is yes, although there are some serious misconceptions regarding their repayment terms, Primepay does give out loans to those interested. However, it is very important to take note of the requirements involved in order to avoid repayment problems on the Primepay Loan app. 

Some of the benefits of taking a loan on Primepay includes the following; 

1. Administration of Benefits

With automation, collaboration, and efficiency, PrimePay transforms benefits administration. This integrates HR, payroll, benefits brokers, and clients, facilitating benefit selection, tracking, and management.

Benefits enrollment becomes more effective, compliant, and hassle-free with employee self-service alternatives and streamlined administrative operations. Notably, benefit changes are seamlessly integrated into payroll setups and other employee records, maintaining consistency.

This strategy includes attracting and retaining talent. PrimePay enables businesses to develop enticing benefits programmes that effectively support and retain employees by simplifying benefits and assuring compliance. PrimePay also provides a variety of specialised services such as Pre-Tax Benefit Administration, Premium Only Plan (POP) Services, Retirement Services, and Claims Processing Services.

2. Services for Compliance

PrimePay assists organisations in navigating complicated regulatory frameworks, particularly in the field of payroll complications. Managing compliance in such an environment can be stressful, but with PrimePay’s assistance, businesses can focus on growth while leaving compliance minutiae to the specialists.

PrimePay’s ACA Compliance Navigator assists businesses through the complexities of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and altering regulatory requirements, ensuring that obligations are met. With data connection from our payroll system, faster Forms 1094 & 1095 filing simplifies reporting for Online Payroll clients.

PrimePay now offers Non-Discrimination Testing (NDT) equality and COBRA-qualified plan administration, avoiding penalties and simplifying operations. PrimePay’s on-demand claims management platform, Casebuilder, speeds up claim handling and settlement.

3. Attendance and Time

PrimePay provides time and attendance tracking via a mobile app and a desktop interface, ensuring accuracy at every stage. Its features include data synchronisation between time monitoring and payroll, as well as the simplification of time review and approval processes.

The time and attendance system of PrimePay guarantees accurate timekeeping, effective scheduling, and accrual monitoring. Managing duties like as timesheet approvals, replying to time-off requests, and scheduling become easier and more efficient.

Furthermore, this time and attendance system protects against potential legal liabilities. Businesses can avoid significant back-wage payments by reducing the likelihood of federal and state wage-and-hour litigation. This proactive approach protects against excessive financial obligations while still ensuring compliance.

User Reviews About Primepay Loan App 

Primepay is a simple programme to use.” Payroll is a breeze with Primepay, and adding more employees is simple. Employees have easy access to all of their paycheck information.” – Mia P. (G2 Source)

They have useful tools and everything I need to process payroll, including a very accessible and helpful customer service support team.” (Source G2) Rose W.

The UI of PrimePay is incredibly user-friendly. It’s a simple solution that’s powerful enough to suit our requirements. Other platforms, we’ve discovered, aren’t nearly as user-friendly.” – Angela H. (G2 Source)

Very easy to use, simple onboarding, and having my own customer service representative assigned to my accounts.” Ease of extracting reports and rehiring without having to go through onboarding again.” – Donna C. (G2 Source)

Its price and ease of performing our payroll processing.” – David S. (G2) “Customer Service. Portal that is easy to use and intuitive.” – Jennifer T. (G2 Source)

I like the way it enabled me to view my records at all of the locations in the archdiocese where I worked.” – John S. (via Capterra)

Ease of use; easy to navigate; and intuitive.” – Doug K. (Source Capterra) “I can make simple changes online myself.” If I need assistance, PrimePay is always available!” – Anthony C. (Capterra Source)

It’s simple to use.” “Extremely customer-friendly!” – Nicholas F. (Capterra Source)

Ease of use and functionality with on-time delivery.” – Capterra’s Verified Reviewer

User Experience (UX) design makes it very intuitive, simple, and quick.” once the basic setup is finished.” (Source Capterra) – Manuel A.

Pros Of Using PrimePay Loan App

👍PrimePay stands out when it comes to borrowing for a variety of reasons. The following are the primary benefits:

👍There will be no paperwork and no lines: Say goodbye to time-consuming paperwork and long lines. The loan application process with PrimePay is totally digital, saving you time and effort.

👍There is no need for collateral: PrimePay, unlike traditional loans, does not demand collateral. You can get rapid cash without putting your valued possessions at jeopardy.

👍There are no hidden fees or rollover charges: Transparency is a fundamental tenet of PrimePay. believe in giving maximum transparency, guaranteeing that no hidden fees or additional expenses exist.

👍Simple online procedure: All of the stages, from loan application through repayment, can be completed online for your convenience. This means that you can manage your loan from the convenience of your own home or office.

👍Guaranteed data security: PrimePay places a high value on the security and privacy of your personal information. You can rest confident that your data is secure.

Disadvantages Of Primepay Loan App 

👎System Speed: Some users have reported that system speed can, at times, be sluggish, particularly during peak usage times.

👎Limited Customization: Users have expressed a desire for greater depth in customizability, especially when it comes to specialised reports.

Frequently Ask Questions 

How do I get in touch with PrimePay?

Note: For PrimePay help, you can also send an email to or phone 1-877-479-2992. The following details, in addition to a clear description and procedures to duplicate an issue (process), assist the support team in better troubleshooting or providing more useful information.

Is PrimePay A Real Company?

PrimePay makes payroll and HR complexity disappear for small and midsize businesses. They have packaged 37 years of experience and an unrelenting commitment to service into an intelligent, versatile HCM platform

How Many Clients Does PrimePay Have?

More than 18,000 clients rely on PrimePay to replace manual work, replace compliance worries, & stop wasting time on things that should just work, so they can get back to work.

How To Contact PrimePay Customer Support 

If you have any questions or require any assistance, primepay’s dedicated customer care staff is here to assist you. Please contact them by email at

Discover the ease of PrimePay today and enjoy a streamlined borrowing process tailored to your specific needs. Get rid of your financial restraints and embrace the opportunity.

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PrimePay loan App provides a straightforward and dependable solution for Nigerians looking for urgent loans. PrimePay ensures that borrowers have access to the finances they require when they need them, with loan amounts ranging from 4,000 to $100,000 and flexible repayment terms ranging from 91 to 180 days.

PrimePay eliminates the need for paperwork and long lines by delivering easy-to-use software and a streamlined online experience. The lack of collateral requirements, hidden fees, and rollover charges adds to this lending platform’s appeal. Borrowers can be confident that their personal information is safe and secure because PrimePay is committed to data privacy.

PrimePay provides a dependable and transparent borrowing experience, whether you’re dealing with unforeseen bills or simply needing some additional cash.

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