Kudicash loan app review: legit or scam

You probably must have stumbled upon the kudicash loan app in your quest of securing financial aid in the form of loans. But is Kudicash Loan App legit? Will they really offer you the loan you seek? Are their interest rates high? This is just a snippet out of the numerous things about Kudicash we shall be unveiling today.

We are all aware of the bottlenecks with a huge dose of patience involved in securing a loan from a bank. Hence, a lot of individuals resort to loan apps, just like Kudicash. However, just as there are many numerous loan apps, so also there are very numerous conditions provided by these apps before giving out loans to their customers.

Loan apps like Kudicash will not waste your time; they are also known as rapid loan apps. Your loan will be disbursed within 12 hours.

There is no collateral required and no guarantor is required, however the interest rate is quite exorbitant and the repayment time is relatively short.

Obtaining a loan from Kudicash is simple; simply download the app from the Google Play store and follow the steps we shall outline in this article.

What Exactly Is Kudicash Loan App?

As you might already know, Kudicash is a loan app that provides financial aid in the form of loans to their customers. So basically, if you are seeking a loan and unfortunately do not have the ambiguous request of a collateral (as demanded by banks) you can make use of Kudicash.

Objective at Kudi is to make financial services accessible and inexpensive to all Africans. They think that people of all socioeconomic backgrounds should have easy access to financial services and transactions. They presently accomplish this in collaboration with our agent network

How Does Kudicash Loan Work?

Kudicash works similarly to any other lending app you’ve used. You can apply for a loan through their app, which is available on the Google Play store. The app’s size ranges between 5 and 10mb, making it lightweight. It also includes security features to keep your data safe.

Kudicash app is only available on Google Play and not on the App Store (iPhone), so you must be an Android user to submit an application.

Kudicash Loan Eligibility Criteria 

The following are the things you must do, have, or prepare before submitting your application.

👉Age: 18 To 60 Years Old 

They only lend to persons this age. If you are not 18 or less than 60 years old, do not apply for a loan; there is no way an 18-year-old will have money to pay back, and anyone over 60 will have to retire from their employment.

👉Income Source

This cannot be overstated; if you do not have an income source, your application will be declined. While there is no way to know what job you are doing, they will check your BVN and see if you have a good credit history, and of course, someone who receives money every month will have perfect credit.


Another prerequisite is that you live in Nigeria; they will lend to non-Nigerians as long as they have a government-issued ID card. If you live in multiple countries, your application will be rejected.

👉Personal And Financial Data 

Prepare to provide your address, email address, phone number, and banking details such as BVN, bank account number, and so on. This is a requirement of the federal government’s Know Your Customer (KYC) programme.

How To Apply For Loan On Kudicash App

The entire process of obtaining a kudicash loan will take no more than 12 hours. The first step is to go to the Google Play store and download the app.

Click the search icon in the upper right corner and put in kudi cash; the app will be displayed; download and install it.

After you activate the app, you will be asked to enter your information and authenticate it with your phone number; a code will be provided to this number.

After registering, you will be logged in to a dashboard, where you will find “apply for loan.” Click on it and fill out all of the required information.

If there are no problems with the app or your bank, you should receive your money.

Maximum And Minimum Loan Amount 

Kudi Cash offers large loans, up to ₦600,000. The smallest loan amount available is ₦5,000.00.

They will use your credit history to determine how much you can borrow; when applying for the first time, aim for a loan of ₦5,000 to ₦10,000; subsequent loans will be larger if you pay on time.

Kudicash Loan Interest Rate And Length

If you’ve taken out loans from numerous apps before, you’re probably used to this by now.

Unsecured lenders typically use high interest rates to reduce the risk of making a loan without security. Kudicash charges a monthly interest rate of 5% to 10%. Forget what they said on their Play Store app page.

Is Kudicash Legit Or Scam?

Yes, kudi cash is a legitimate lending app; they have an office where you can go if you have any problems, and there have been no general negative comments about them; they will not deduct your money automatically or swindle you.

The only concern you may have with them is that they may provide you a loan for less than you applied for.

For example, if you apply for ₦10,000, they may deposit ₦5,000 into your bank account.


👍Instant loans that grow. Kudicash recognizes that you need capital to grow your hustle.

👍Discounts on transactions. Imagine getting your airtime and data at 2% off.

👍Non-stop giveaways. Every week, someone must win something.


👎Very Slow on Customer service

👎It doesn’t regard its Agents

👎 It doesn’t care if you are losing or winning even with their Assurance Policy.

How To Contact Kudicash 

You can contact the kudicash company through their official address phone number, via their email address or better still visiting their branch office in Ogun state. The details have been provided below;

📍Email address: Kudicash@hotmail.com

📍Phone number: 0904 692 2886

📍Address: 7, Mercy Drive, Quarry Rd, Abeokuta, off Kuforiji Olubi. The state of Ogun.

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Frequently Ask Questions 

Can You Buy Airtime On The Kudicash Loan App?

The app allows you to conduct the following transactions:

Money Transfer Sell Airtime TV Subscriptions

Pay Electricity Bills, Cashouts, and Data Subscriptions.

What I Appreciate alAbout Kudicash Loan App?

Their loan is quick and simple, and the fact that they have a location where you can report any issues gives me peace of mind.

What Bothers Me About Kudicash Loan App?

Their interest rate is excessive, and they have not been truthful about their loan interest rate. If you look at their playstore page, they advertise low interest rates, but when you obtain the loan, you will see a hefty interest rate.

Final Conclusion

A loan obtained through kudicash should not be used to finance your business; rather, it should be used for an emergency. In terms of repayment conditions and other factors, we strongly urge you to make use of other trusted loan applications we have covered on our website.

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