Ncash Personal Loan App Review: Legit or Scam 

Today we are going to be reviewing another loan app currently climbing its way to  the top of the popularity charts in Nigeria, ‘Ncash’. If you have been seeking a way to secure a loan without collateral on Ncash-Personal Loan App, then this article is written for you.

What Is Ncash Personal Loan App? 

The Ncash personal loan app is a financial app that offers micro loans to Nigerians through very easy steps. Ncash personal loan app was launched on the Google play store this August by OTP Internet Technology Limited. Since its launch in late August, the app has gained over 10,000 plus downloads on the Google play store.

Ncash loan app offers convenient and no upfront fee loans in Nigeria via an online quick and hassle free registration and application. 

How Does Ncash Personal Loan App Work

The Ncash personal loan app offers loans within the range of N1000 and N100,000. This means that on the Ncash personal loan app, you can get loans between N1000 to N100,000. 

How much loan you are eligible to get on Ncash loan app is determined by your credit score. As a first time user on the app, your initial loan limit might be very minimal and more often than not insufficient for your borrowing purpose, but with time, as you borrow and repay loans promptly, your loan limit will increase and you will be granted access to a bigger loan app. So in a nutshell, your loan limit on Ncash is all dependent on your credit score–The better your credit score, the higher your loan limit. 

To be able to apply for loans on the Ncash personal loan app, you would first of all have to install the app on your phone, as you can only apply for Ncash loan on the app. 

How To Download Ncash Personal Loan App

We have already established that without the Ncash loan app, you cannot apply for loans on the platform, so how do you get the app? 

To install the Ncash personal loan app on your phone, follow these steps;;

1. Open the Google play store app on your phone

2. Search “Ncash personal loan” 

3. When the Ncash app pops up following your search, click on “install” 

4. Immediately after installation, click “enable” and your Ncash personal loan app is ready to use. 

Is Ncash Personal Loan App Legit

Although, Ncash loan app has its operational malfunctioning, it is still a very much legit and real loan app. Ncash truly offers and provides loans to eligible applicants. So if you meet their eligibility criteria, you can easily get a loan on the app. 

How To Register On Ncash Personal Loan

Registration is one of the prerequisites of borrowing loans on Ncash personal loan app. If you have downloaded the loan app from your Google play store, here is a step by step guide on how to register on the app;

1. Open the Ncash personal loan app on your phone

2. Click “continue”  after granting the apps permission to use your phone features. 

3. Enter your mobile number on the next page and click “get verification”

4. An OTP will be sent to your phone, enter the OTP on the requested box 

5. Set your login password and you are done! 

Easy, isn’t it? 

How To Borrow Loan On Ncash Personal Loan App

Applying for a loan on Ncash loan app is as easy as you can think. Here is a step by step guide on how to apply for loans on Ncash; 

1. Login to the Ncash loan app

2. On the Home screen click on “Apply immediately” 

3. Enter the requested details on the next page and submit 

4. On the next page select your work status.

5. Provide the requested details about your job on the next page

6. On the next page provide guarantors from your contact list

7. On the next page provide details about your bank (functional) 

8. When you have correctly filled the forms and submitted all, you can now click on “loan immediately” to get the loan on the Home screen. 

How To Repay Loan On Ncash Personal Loan App

To repay your loan on Ncash, follow these procedure; 

1. Login the app

3. On the Home screen click “Repayment”

4. Select the loan you want to pay

5. Select your preferred repayment method: 

On Ncash, you can repay your loan through one of the following ways; 

  • Repayment Transfer
  • Bank Card Payment
  • Bank Transfer
  • Web Payment
  • USSD Transfer 

6. Complete your repayment

Pros Of Ncash Personal Loan App

The following are the advantages of Ncash loan app; 

1. They do not request for collaterals during loan applications 

2. It is a quick and convenient loan option 

3. Loan application on Ncash is a paperless and digital process on your mobile. All the steps can be done online. 

4. unlike other loan apps it is inclusive and give loans to both unemployed and employed persons 

Cons of Ncash Personal Loan App 

1. One of the cons of Ncash is that the app does not have a FAQ page where users can find answers to questions about the app

2. The loan repayment period on Ncash does not exceed 4 months, which is considerably pretty short. 

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Frequently Asked Q & A 

How Much Can I Borrow On Ncash?

The amount you can borrow on Ncash generally ranges from N1000 to N100,000. However, the actual amount you can borrow depends on your credit score and employment status.

Is Ncash Available In My Country?

Ncash currently is available in just Nigeria.

Who Is Eligible To Borrow Loans On Ncash? 

Anybody 18 years of age with a BVN number, a functional account with a bank and a good credit score can borrow loans on Ncash.

Is Ncash Personal Loan App Available On IOS Devices?

No! As of the time of writing this article, the Ncash personal loan app is only available on Google play store for android devices.

What Is The Interest Rate On Ncash Loans? 

The interest rate on loans you take from Ncash varies between 0.1% to 1% every day. You have a maximum APR of 14% with no service fee and an overdue fee of 2.5% 

Does Ncash Add An Extra Fee Charge To My Loan When I Don’t Repay On Time? 

Yes! On Ncash, when your loan becomes overdue, an extra 2.5% will be added to your loan amount everyday until you pay.

What Will Happen If I Don’t Repay My Ncash Loan?

If you fail to repay your Ncash loan, your credit ratings will dwindle and you might not be allowed to borrow money from the platform again. Ncash might also report you to the Nigerian Credit Bureau and you will be banned from using other loan apps too.

What Is Ncash Customer Care-line ? 

Here are the options to reach Ncash on in case you run into problems using the app; 


Address: Lateef Jakande Rd, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Final Verdict

Ncash is just the right loan app for you if all you need is a quick cheap loan. The app offers micro loans that can be repaid in months. Why not try it?  It is genuine. 

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