Maka Shopping App Review: Legit or Scam? [The Truth]

In this age of digitalization, almost all human activities have been made possible via the internet. It is not uncommon to see someone shopping online from the comfort of his/her couch. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping has become rampant and is slowly replacing the traditional physical shopping. A lot of people no longer walk into stores to shop for things, shopping via the internet has been made easy via different social media platforms, websites and Applications. 

Applications like Jumia, Omnibiz, Konga,  Kiaglo and maka are just a few of the many shopping platforms that facilitate online shopping. 

Today we will review an online shopping platform ‘maka shopping app’ with focus on its authenticity, functionality and lots more about the app. 

What is Maka Shopping App?

Maka shopping app is an app for fashionistas and fashion lovers. The app is dedicated to all things fashion (both male and female). 

The Maka shopping app facilitates sales and purchase of trendy fashion wears. There are several unique features which the Maka shopping app possesses that distinguishes it from other fashion shopping apps like Jumia, Kiaglo, AliExpress and the rest. 

On Maka shopping app, you are given the liberty to not only access a wide variety of fashion wear but also see the live fittings of these clothes by watching live videos and reviews of creators on Maka. 

How Does Maka Shopping App Work? 

The Maka shopping app works in a very simple way. To begin with, it’s important to note that you can shop on the website if you don’t have the maka app. As a buyer, you can skip registration on the platform but to become a seller or creator, you will be required to register on the Maka platform. 

Shopping on the Maka platform is relatively easy and relaxing. All you have to do is go through their array of clothes, click the one that you intend to buy and add it to your bag (which is the synonym for chart on Maka app), when you have successfully added it to your chart, you can checkout by entering your details for delivery. 

Maka shopping app facilitates payment on delivery but you can also pay before delivery on the platform, whichever way you choose, your order(s) will be delivered to you in 2-5 working days. You can choose to return a purchase on Maka, if it doesn’t suit your expectations; however, there are terms and conditions applied to it. 

Is Maka Shopping App Legit? 

Yes, the Maka shopping app is legit and trusted by thousands of Nigerians. 

How to Sign up On Maka App 

The first step in becoming a member of the Maka shopping community is through registration and signing up on the platform. 

Here is a step by step guide on how to sign up on Maka for both the app or the website; 

1. Open the Maka app on your phone

2. Choose the means you want to use in registering, it could be with your Google account, your Facebook account and your phone number or email address. 

3. If you click on “sign up with Google” you will automatically be signed in to the app through the information on your Google account.

4. If you choose to sign up up with Facebook, you will be required to provide your Facebook login details on the platform

5. If you choose to sign up with your phone number or email, you will be asked to provide either one of the two. 

How to Shop on Maka Shopping App

Shopping on mak is really simple, though I scantily mentioned this above, here is a detailed guide on how to shop on Maka; 

1. Login to the Maka app

2. Pick the item you want to buy and add it to your bag 

3. Go to your bag and select ‘check out’ 

4. Enter the requested information

5. Choose to pay either on delivery or before delivery

6. If you’re paying before delivery, you will be required to pay on the platform using your bank card

7. Your delivery fee should be added to your total, the standard delivery fee on Maka shopping app is N1,500, this can change however. 

8. After you have provided the requested information, click on ‘place order’ at the bottom of the page. 

9. You will receive your order 2-5 working days after order placement. 

Maka Creators Features

Maka has a very unique feature known as the ‘creators’ feature. This feature on the Maka platform gives users the liberty to have fun and earn money on the platform. 

As a fashion enthusiast, you can make money on the Maka platform by becoming one of their creators. Your ‘job description’ as a creator on Maka shopping platform is to style yourself on their fashion wears on life camera. 

Maka pay their Creators for each of their live sessions and their views. 

How to Become a Creator on Maka 

To become a creator on Maka platform, follow these steps;

1. It is important to note that to become a creator on Maka, you must first and foremost be registered on the platform

2. Open the Maka app on your phone to start your application for becoming a creator on the platform.

3. Click on the ‘profile’ icon 

4. Click on the ‘settings’ icon on the top right corner

5. Click on ‘become a creator’

6. Enter the requested details and click ‘save’ 

7. Maka’s team will contact you shortly after your application. 

How to Become a Seller on Maka 

To join the sellers on Maka and list your products on the platform, do this; 

1. Repeat numbers 1-4 above

2. Click on ‘sell on Maka’

3. Fill the form and click ‘save’ 

4. Maka’s team will contact you shortly after your application. 

Maka Points

On Maka, you earn points by  performing simple tasks such as referring friends and families to the app or reviewing items that you have bought on the platform. 

Your Maka Points can be used to purchase items on the app.

Pros of Maka Shopping Platform

Some of the pros of the Maka platform are;

1. The platform (both the app and the website) is very easy to use, there is no required assistance for novice users. 

2. The registration process is easy with several options

3. The prices on Maka shopping platform are relatively cheap

4. Delivery for purchased items on Maka is fast and the delivery fee is not outrageous compared to other shopping platforms

5. The app caters for both male and females

6. Maka rewards users with points for using the platform. 

Cons of Maka Shopping Platform

Some of the cons of Maka shopping platform are;

1. The platform sells clothes for big sized women especially, it is difficult to see small sized clothes on Maka 

2. Maka only deliver to Nigeria 

3. The platform only sells fashion clothings excluding accessories like bags, shoes and jewelry. 

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What size chart does Maka use?

Maka uses the UK size chart for their clothings

Does Maka do doorstep delivery? 

Yes! You can either otp for door step delivery or pick up delivery on Maka 

What states does Maka deliver to in Nigeria?

Maka delivers to all the states in Nigeria

Can I return the items on Maka?

Yes but Ts & Cs applies 

Final Verdict

If you are a fashion lover, try the Maka shopping app. The platform not only lists chic fashion wears for bold kings and queens, it also makes it fun and rewarding to shop these wears.

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