Cardtonic Review: Buy/Sell Gift Cards, is it Legit?

A gift card is a prepaid debit card that contains a specific amount of money available for use for a variety of purchases.

In recent years, gift card trading has become a trend among African youths. Most people now specialise in the sales and purchase of Gift cards as a source of income.

While there are not many platforms that facilitate this kind of digital business, a few like Patricia now Glover and Cardtonic have been around for quite some time now. In this article, we will be reviewing Cardtonic with special attention on the authenticity of the app. 

What is Cardtonic App?

Cardtonic is a platform where you can trade your cryptocurrencies and gift cards. The platform is available for Nigerians and Ghanaians and has been in existence since late 2019. 

On Cardtonic, users have access to buying and selling different cryptocurrencies and gift cards at good exchange rates with instant payments. 

How Does Cardtonic Work?

On Cardtonic all users have to do to trade on the platform is get registered, registration on Cardtonic is relatively easy and can be done in less than five minutes. After registering, users have access to buying and selling their cryptocurrencies and gift cards on the platform.

Once you have successfully traded your cards or cryptocurrencies, your money will be deposited in your Cardtonic wallet which you can withdraw anytime. 

Cardtonic Features

Some of the features that Cardtonic platform uses to make trading easier are; 

Rate calculator

Since the rates of gift cards are not fixed nor constant, Cardtonic rates calculator helps users know the rate at which they will be trading their gift cards and the total amount to expect from a trade. 

Trade History

Cardtonic users can view their trading history, from their very first trade on the platform to their most recent. This feature helps users to keep track of their transactions on the platform. 

How to Get The Cardtonic App on Your Mobile

The Cardtonic app is available for both Android and IOS devices. To get the mobile app, all you have to do is go to your Apple store or Google play store, search “Cardtonic” and install the appropriate app from the search results. 

How to Sign up on Cardtonic App

After installing Cardtonic app on your phone, you will still be required to sign up on the app before trading with them. To sign up on Cardtonic, follow these steps; 

1. Open the app on your phone

2. Click on the arrows by the right hand side to begin your registration

3. Provide your email address

4. Create a username

5. Select your country of residence

6. Provide your phone number 

7. Create a password. 

8. Click on ‘create account’ 

9. Go to your email to verify your account through the link sent. 

10. Go back to the Cardtonic app and login

11. Create a pin. 

How to Trade on Cardtonic

To trade your cryptocurrencies and gift cards on Cardtonic, follow these steps;

1. Login to the platform

2. On the home screen click on either “sell gift cards” or “buy gift cards”, depending on the action you wish to perform

3. Follow the onscreen prompts to finish up your trade. 

4. Your account will be credited after a successful trade. 

How to Withdraw Your Money on Cardtonic

After a successful trade on Cardtonic and you wish to withdraw your money, follow these steps;

1. Login to Cardtonic

2. On the home screen click on your balance

3. Click on withdraw

4. Input the amount you wish to withdraw 

5. Add the bank you intend withdrawing the money to 

6. Click withdraw. If successfully withdrawn, your account will be credited in due time 

How to Fund your Cardtonic Wallet

To buy gift cards on Cardtonic, you need to have your Cardtonic wallet funded. Here is how to fund your Cardtonic wallet; 

1. Login to the Cardtonic app

2. On the home screen, click on your balance

3. Click ‘fund’… if you have not provided your BVN before, do now

4. Generate a virtual account number

5. Copy the virtual pin and transfer or pay into the account. 

6. Your money will reflect on your Cardtonic wallet if the transaction was successful. 

Is Cardtonic Legit?

Yes, Cardtonic is legit and has been serving their customers for almost five years now. Despite the fact that the platform is not a scam, some users have called out the app for some dubious and ingenuine activities of theirs. 

Cardtonic on Google play store has been dragged by some of their customers for secretly using the gift cards they submit for sale then declining them in pretence that it has been used before, the complaint was made by a good number of Cardtonic users, indicating some element of truth. 

Pros of Cardtonic

These are the pros of Cardtonic app;

1. Excellent customer service

2. Instant payout 

3. Unrestricted withdrawal

 4. User friendly app 

Cons of Cardtonic

There are allegations of theft and ingenuity levelled against Cardtonic by several users of the app, this has largely affected the trustworthiness of the platform. 

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is Cardtonic legit?

Yes, Cardtonic is legit but it is allegedly a dubious platform, it is best advised to tread with caution on the platform

What countries is Cardtonic available in?

Cardtonic is available in just Ghana and Nigeria

Does Cardtonic also have a website?

Yes, Cardtonic has a website too, you can trade either on the website or on the app. 

What Gift Cards can I Trade on Cardtonic? 

iTunes Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, Steam Wallet Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards, Apple Store, Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards, eBay Gift Cards, Vanilla Gift Cards, Sephora Gift Cards, Target Gift Cards, Nordstrom Gift Cards, American Express Gift Cards, Nike Gift Cards, OneVanilla Gift Cards, Macy Gift Cards, Visa Gift Cards , ULTA Gift Cards, Netspend Gift Cards, KOHL’S Gift Cards, Roblox Gift Cards, Mastercard Gift cards, Adidas Gift Cards and many more can be traded on Cardtonic

Is the Cardtonic App available on IOS Devices Too?

Yes, the Cardtonic app is available for both the android and IOS devices

Final Verdict

While Cardtonic is not a scam, we do not recommend you trade with them. In fact, do not trade gift cards with digital organisations; this is because your gift cards can easily be tampered with and made useless and you will be unable to hold anyone responsible. 

The best way to trade is through a physical trader whom you know and can hold accountable if anything usual happens to your gift cards. 

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