How To Create Cpabuild Content Locker [Step By Step Guide]

If you have been looking for the best guide on how to create a content locker on Cpabuild, then this tutorial is for you. In this guide, Bhustle will take you step by step on exactly how you can create your first content locker with the CPA marketing network Cpabuild and most importantly start earning with it.

Before diving right into the main subject of focus, if you have been finding it difficult to earn on Cpabuild or get enough knowledge about the monetization possibilities on Cpabuild then do not worry.

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As earlier emphasised, in this article you shall be learning how to create a content locker on Cpabuild. Kindly make use of the table of content below to easily navigate through this article.

How To Create Cpabuild Content Locker

Simply follow the prompts below to build a content locker on Cpabuild:

👉 Ensure you already have a working Cpabuild account.

👉 Login to your Cpabuild account and click on the menu icon at the top right side of the page.

👉 On the menu section, click on the option titled “content locker”.

👉 On the sub menu, click on ” build/modify locker”.

👉 On the new page, click on “base templates” and select the type of template you want for your content locker example, “human verification”.

👉 Under ‘Modification Name’ give your new locker a name to keep track of your earnings with this locker.

👉 On the tab titled ‘option’ you can edit and modify your locker using the various available editing tools provided.

👉 Scroll down to the button of the page and click on ” Save and Preview “. This gives you an insight of what your locker looks like while you are modifying it.

👉 You can change or edit the Cpabuild locker title by editing the tab titled “content locker title“.

👉 Add the link to the content you want to lock in the option labelled ” Redirect URL “.

👉 When you are satisfied with all your settings and modifications click on ” build link” (located below the page).

👉 Under URL Options add a preferred domain option. This can be any random text or word of your choice.

👉 Finally click on Get URL and copy the link of the content locker that will be generated by Cpabuild.

👉 Now you can proceed to promote your Cpabuild content locker link across your traffic source and earn commissions.

What Is Cpabuild Content Locker?

Cpabuild content locker is a tool used to restrict a certain audience from a file or document until they perform a specific action. In CPA marketing, content licking has been a gold mine for most CPA marketers.

From Bhustle’s research, most CPA marketers prefer promoting content lockers to actual offers/tasks. There are many reasons for this, but one of the most important is that CPA content lockers are not generally restricted to location or a specific group of people like individual offers on Cpabuild.

Below are some of the advantages and also disadvantages of Cpabuild content lockers.

Pros Of Cpabuild Content Locker

👍 Most viable way to make money on Cpabuild.

👍 Most marketers prefer Cpabuild content lockers than promoting actual offers.

👍 Cpabuild content lockers are not restricted to a certain geographic audience.

👍 These lockers are generally not difficult to build.

👍 Cpabuild content lockers are a cool way to make passive income.

Cons Of Cpabuild Content Locker

👎 No accurate prediction of earnings. This is because different individuals and global citizens can access and complete tasks, hence the amount earned will vary.

👎 Most CPA tasks have scam like appearances and might also be scams.

👎 Most individuals won’t finish the tasks. A lot of people lose interest along the way, unless the locked content is of immense value.

👎 CPA marketing is generally not a good way to earn a stable income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cpabuild Legit?

Yes, cpabuild is a legitimate website to earn passive income online. To learn more about cpabuild kindly click here to see how you can earn on this CPA network.

Is Cpabuild Safe?

The safety of Cpabuild is 100% top notch. However, the safety of users after and during completing some tasks being promoted by Cpabuild remains a huge mystery. Some CPA offers have the huge tendencies to be outright scams.

Cpabuild Payment Method

Cpabuild offers various means of payout, they include: Via PayPal, Payooner and direct bank transfer. They all have specific payout thresholds attached to each payout method.

Final Verdict

Cpabuild content licking I’d a great way to earn money via Cpabuild. However, caution should be employed. Avoid spamming groups (or social media websites with your content link) because this can attract a ban.
Overall Bhustle rates cpabuild content locking 3 out of 5 due to its ease I’m creationamd simplicity. But still, there are much better ways to make money online aside Cpabuild which we have greatly outlined in this website (Click Here to access).


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