METROOPINION REVIEW: Real Or Fake? [The Truth]

Is MetroOpinion real or fake? This question must have buzzed through your mind while trying to identify the authenticity of MetroOpinion. To save you a lot of reading time, MetroOpinion is a legit website. However, before you let your adrenaline glands get the better parts of you, there are some unpleasant features about MetroOpinion which you might not like.

Bhustle has taken its time to have a first hand review on MetroOpinion and tell you whether or not it is the best survey site to earn some spare cash. In this quick article, those questions troubling your mind some of which might include; What exactly is MetroOpinion? How to earn on MetroOpinion? How to withdraw earnings on MetroOpinion? And so on. 

All these numerous questions will be answered in this article. It is important to note that Bhustle is in no way affiliated to MetroOpinion and the review you will read shortly is a viewer/user based experience review and not any form of paid promotion.

Feel free to use the table of contents below to help you navigate through this article easily.

What Is MetroOpinion?

MetroOpinion is a survey site that offers surveys to its users in exchange for cash or rewards. Companies that are in need of people’s point of views or opinions concerning certain spheres of life come up to MetroOpinion and upload their surveys.

MetroOpinion in turn sorts out its massive audience and distributes these surveys to the best possible audience who will fit the criterion of the company. In exchange for the time and effort spent on these surveys, MetroOpinion compensates the users with cash rewards.

According to the official metroopinion website;

“MetroOpinion is one of the best and easiest places to participate in paid surveys. We have been in business for several years, and trusted by over 170.000 survey takers in more than 20 countries.

We aim to have a high-quality survey panel. That is why our top priority is the users.

When it comes to duration, MetroOpinion has stood the test of time and has been established for quite some couple years now. Therefore, it will be extremely difficult to pinpoint such MetroOpinion as a scam.

How Does MetroOpinion Work?

Like every other survey site, the functionality of MetroOpinion is not far fetched. As explained earlier in the sub heading above, companies and firms promote or advertise their surveys on MetroOpinion.

MetroOpinion then distributes these surveys to its audience based on the criteria stipulated by the company or firm. Assuming the company strictly says “this survey is for residents of the United States“, MetroOpinion distributes the surveys to its users residing in the United States.

When these eligible users enrol and are qualified for these surveys, they can then start and complete the surveys and earn. However, individuals who do not qualify for the surveys cannot proceed to answer them.

On estimate, each survey lasts between 18-30 minutes and payments can range from $0.25 to as high as $5 per survey. The price range greatly depends on the location of the user. This is because MetroOpinion users who reside in first world countries like USA, UK, Canada etc are prone to get more surveys than those residing in third world countries like Nigeria, Ghana, etc.

After answering and completing the surveys, the users metroopinion wallets will be funded with the agreed payment amount. Users can request for payout when they reach the minimum withdrawal threshold. Payments are made on MetroOpinion using only three available payment methods which we shall discuss later on in this article.

This is a quick detailed breakdown of how MetroOpinion works both for the survey site and at the users end.

MetroOpinion Real Or Fake?

Indeed MetroOpinion is a real and legit website. Numerous people have recorded cashout and withdrawal from MetroOpinion. However, as stated clearly in the introduction, there are some flaws you should brace yourself to meet if you want to get started on MetroOpinion.

Now bhustle carefully went through the trust pilot rating of MetroOpinion and overall, MetroOpinion got an average rating of 2.9/5 stars. The rather interesting news is the customer feedback about MetroOpinion.

First and foremost, bhustle noticed that most of the individuals who scored MetroOpinion 5/5 stars on trust pilot were mainly from tier one could try, most especially; USA, New Zealand and Australia. Alternatively, most of the poor ratings and bad reviews are from India, Pakistan and Philippines.

What does this imply? Most survey sites (MetroOpinion included) mostly favour people residing in tier one countries. Hence, it is easy for a resident in a tier 3 could try to feel dissatisfied with the platform and conclude it’s a scam.

 A lot of the reviews from the United States pointed out the authenticity of MetroOpinion and also how they received their payments alongside the issues they faced which we shall discuss under the disadvantages of MetroOpinion. Whereas, the third world countries tried to review had a different story to tell entirely.

How To Sign Up/Register For MetroOpinion

Signing up for MetroOpinion is very easy and most importantly completely free to do. Simply follow the steps outlined below to get started;

👉 Go to (Click HERE to proceed).

👉 Click on the menu icon at the top right side of the page (three horizontal lines).

👉 Select the menu option “choose country“.

👉 Select your country from the drop down list of countries shown.

👉 You will be redirected back to the MetroOpinion homepage, repeat the process by clicking on the menu icon again but this time you’ll see a login/register button.

👉 Fill up the registration form and create your MetroOpinion account.

👉 Congratulations👏, you have successfully created your MetroOpinion survey account.

Note: Upon successful registration, you will be redirected to your MetroOpinion dashboard where you can access the surveys currently available to you based on your country.

How To Earn On MetroOpinion

The major and only way to earn money on MetroOpinion is by answering and completing surveys. Unfortunately, MetroOpinion does not offer any form of affiliate marketing or refferal program to complement its survey earning methods like some other survey sites.

Based on your location (country to be specific), users can earn as much as $5 per single survey on MetroOpinion. A particular MetroOpinion user claimed to have earned $10 every 2-4 days at most.

However, earning on MetroOpinion is not constant. It is important to note that these surveys do not come in steady as a lot of videos online might say it does. Sometimes users may not gain access to any survey they qualify for at all.

Therefore, to earn on MetroOpinion, you need to actively login on MetroOpinion and check all surveys (if possible daily). This helps you not to miss out on surveys you might actually qualify for due to your in activity.


MetroOpinion Inner Features Explained

Unlike other complex and buggy survey websites, MetroOpinion has very few features and an easily navigable user interface intertwined with a very simple UI/UX design.

Infact, there are just three basic features in the MetroOpinion survey website. They are; Profile, Survey and Rewards.


The profile is the first feature in the MetroOpinion survey website. It consists of a very long lists of details about yourself. Usually, it is expected that the user fill up the details in the profile before starting any surveys on MetroOpinion.

This profile feature is one of the downsides of MetroOpinion because it takes a very long time to complete. And worse, users are not paid or compensated upon completion of the profile. However, the profile settings helps MetroOpinion serve the user with the most suitable surveys for them based on the information they provide.


The survey tab is the feature where available surveys are disolayed. By default, the MetroOpinion survey page serves as the home page of the users dashboard. 


The rewards tab keeps record of the amount of money the user has earned on MetroOpinion. Earnings are recorded in the United States dollar.

MetroOpinion Minimum Payout And Withdrawal Options

The minimum payout on MetroOpinion is $10 (I personally think it is based on location to a certain extent). Generally there are three available withdrawal options on MetroOpinion they are; Gcode, PayPal and Donations.

Note: The following information about the various payout method available on MetroOpinion was extracted directly from the MetroOpinion survey website.

Metroopinion ‘Gcode’

Vouchers are popular and many users prefer them. You can spend them online or in a store. They are easy to use and fast to receive. Vouchers are available in most countries MetroOpinion serves.


PayPal is easy if you prefer cash payment. When you reach the payment threshold you can withdraw your money with one click. Make sure that your email address on MetroOpinion is the same one you use for PayPal.


Donating your earnings to a good cause is a great idea. We have the option for you to donate the money. In the dashboard you can see and choose who will get your donation.

How To Payout/Request Withdrawal On MetroOpinion

Follow the steps below to be able to place withdrawal on MetroOpinion;

👉 Login to your MetroOpinion dashboard.

👉 Click on the tab labelled “Rewards“.

👉 Ensure you have reached the minimum payout threshold (about $10 for Gcode).

👉 Payments are made directly to your email account.

PS: If you created a MetroOpinion account with example@gmail.comyour earnings are going to sent to the PayPal/Gcode account with thesame e-mail address.

Advantages Of MetroOpinion

👍 MetroOpinion is a legitimate way to make money online.

👍 They surveys on MetroOpinion average about 8-30 minutes in length.

👍 MetroOpinion is available worldwide and most country citizens are welcome to join.

👍 Earning on MetroOpinion is considerably less difficult if you reside in a first world country (USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc).

Disadvantages Of MetroOpinion

👎 Completing the profile section takes a lot of time and metroopinion does not compensate users upon its completion.

👎 There are not enough surveys on MetroOpinion hence, it can not serve as a stable means of income.

👎 There have been complaints about delayed payments and some issues regarding withdrawal.

👎 Less rewarding surveys for users in third world countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon etc.

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Final Verdict

Bhustle rates MetroOpinion 3\5 stars. Despite this generous rating, MetroOpinion is not the best way to make online. There are many other best ways to make money online which are way much more convenient and less the consuming than MetroOpinion.


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