CPABUILD REVIEW: Legit Or Scam? [Deep Inner Look]

Cpabuild is one of the most popular CPA marketing networks on the internet. But is cpabuild really worth your time? Is cpabuild legit? Or is it just another scheme to waste your valuable time? The good news is that the answers to these questions will be provided in this article so do ensure to stick around.

As explained earlier, cpabuild is a cost per action marketing network. It works like basically all other CPA networks such as cpagrip, ogads, etc. Although most of these CPA networks have their immense flaws (including Cpabuild), there is lots of hype about earning thousands of dollars with cpabuild online.

This article seeks to reduce the tension around most of the over hyping YouTube videos about Cpabuild and reveal the truth about this platform alongside its usage and sign up process for interested users.

Kindly make use of the table of contents below to help you easily navigate through this article.

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What Is Cpabuild

Cpabuild is a CPA network where users can earn money by promoting tasks and sweepstake offers. Cpabuild functions just like every other CPA network. Users sign up for Cpabuild, copy the links of CPA offers/sweepstakes, share them to their audience and make commissions when tasks are completed.

In line with cpabuild, CPA marketing denotes “Cost Per Action“. Generally, this is a form of marketing where users market tasks like surveys, gaming apps, etc to a targeted audience.

The whole goal of cpabuild is generally to earn money hence, it falls under the category of CPA marketing.

How Does Cpabuild Work?

Like every other CPA network, the functionality of cpabuild is very simple. First, users sign up and create a free account with cpabuild. The application is then reviewed by the Admins of cpabuild and after a few hours an approval or rejection mail is sent to the user.

After approval, the user can now access his/her dashboard and select sweepstakes to promote. There are numerous offers available for promotion on Cpabuild cut across various countries.

After finding befitting offers of their choice, the user then promotes these offers to their audience and makes commissions whenever their audience completes the tasks embedded in the offers.

Once a commission is made, the earnings are immediately recorded in the user dashboard. Users can request for withdrawals once they reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of $50. Cpabuild offers numerous payout methods for easy withdrawal of funds for its audience cut across various parts of the globe.

Is Cpabuild Legit?

This is a very common question asked quite often. To save you the stress and time, Cpabuild is a legitimate website. However, cpabuild might not be the best way to earn a sustainable income to enable you to quit your day job.

There are many reasons why cpabuild is legit. First, cpabuild is one of the oldest CPA networks in existence alongside the likes of cpagrip and ogads. Usually, scam websites do not stand the test of time bit cpabuild has stood the test of years.

Secondly, although there are some highly fishy activities going on among CPA networks (which we shall discuss later in this article), Cpabuild has recorded over $40 million in payments to its audience.

Cpabuild Sign Up Process

Signing up/creating a new account with cpabuild is quite very easy. Simply follow the steps below to get started immediately;

  • Go to or click here to proceed to the page directly.
  • Click on the menu icon at the top right side of the page and select the link titled “register“.
  • Carefully fill up the registration form with your correct information.
  • Accept the necessary terms and conditions and finally click on ” register“.
Cpabuild registration form

By default, your application will first be sent for review. This review usually lasts for a few hours after which your approval mail will be sent to you. In case your application is declined, feel free to correct the necessary errors and apply again.

Cpabuild Available Payment Methods

Cpabuild offers various payout methods to its users. As explained earlier,due to the universality of its users, some payment methods might be restricted or banned in certain countries. Hence, cpabuild makes use if the following payment methods;




👉Wire Transfer


👉Local Bank Transfer

According to cpabuild, “Payments are generated every Monday at 00:00 server time, for everyone that is payment eligible (make sure you are marked as ‘payable’ on Tipalti, have reached the minimum payment threshold and have payments enabled on your account).

Cpabuild earning dashboard

Pros Of Cpabuild

👍It is a cool/easy way to make money online since the only task involved is to promote cpabuild sweepstakes.

👍Cpabuild has a low withdrawal threshold ($50 generally and $1050 for wire transfer).

👍It accepts new users from various parts of the world with limited restrictions.

👍Beautiful and easily navigable user interface unlike other buggy CPA networks.

Cons Of Cpabuild

👎Most CPA networks promote some scam likely offers to their audience.

👎Most offers have no tendency to help their audience, hence, one can lose the trust of his audience very easily.

👎In the long run, cpabuild might not be a sustainable means to an end(source of income).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Cpabuild Do?

Cpabuild simply hosts numerous customer tasks and sweepstakes. Its users in turn promote these tasks and sweepstakes for a commission. Cpabuild can be likened to an affiliate network where digital creators can upload their products (in this case CPA tasks). Then the affiliates promote these products (tasks) and earn a fixed sum.

What Sites Are Similar To Cpabuild?

There are numerous CPA networks similar to cpabuild, they include; cpagrip, cpalead, mylead, maxbounty, ogads, affplus etc.

How Do I Contact Cpabuild?

You can contact cpabuild using their official contact details below;

Address: BUILDMEDIA LLC, 187 E. Warm Springs Rd, Suite B341, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89119


To report abuse or copyright infringement contact cpabuild at:

Final Verdict

Bhustle rates cpabuild 2.5 out of 5 stars. Cpabuild might be a good beginners way to leverage the internet but it is not as easy as a lot of gurus might hype it on the internet. To make reasonable money with cpabuild, you need a very good traffic source.

 This traffic source could be an active YouTube channel, Facebook page/group etc or even paid ads(which might not be profitable. Secondly to earn reasonably you need top tier traffic (USA, England, Germany, Australia etc) third world countries generally have low earnings.

There are much better ways to make money online without doing or investing your time on Cpabuild. You can check out a host of them on this blog website.

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