Hawkit.ng Review: How to Earn, Legit or Scam 

Hawkit.ng has grown to become one of the most popular mini task websites in Nigeria. With over 500k users worldwide mostly concentrated in Nigeria and West Africa, it’s very important for intending members to know the ins and out of hawkit before starting out.

In this time and age, earning money from the comfort of your couch via your mobile phone should be no news for you. Since the introduction of smartphones and fast internet to Nigerians, there have been major developments in income generation. 

These days, income is no longer generated via 7-8 hours of work everyday; there are now numerous internet based jobs that require a minimum of 30 mins to an hour of your time every day. These internet jobs are easy to perform and have the ability to generate a sustainable income. 

Hawkit.ng is one of the platforms where you can earn daily doing the barest minimum on the internet. We will be reviewing the platform today with particular attention to the earning process of the platform. 

What is Hawkit.ng ?

Hawkit is a social finance platform that allows you to earn everyday by simply performing popular and easy social tasks such as following of social media accounts, liking of social media posts, commenting on posts, sharing of posts, subscribing to a channel on Youtube, posting of adverts on your Whatsapp Status, App Reviews etc.

You can also buy real and authentic Nigerian Followers, Likes, Comments, Shares, Youtube Subscribers, Whatsapp Status Views etc.

You can also start your Airtime/Data business on Hawkit; buy Airtime and Data at amazingly cheap prices of up 10% – 50% Discount and sell to friends and family at normal prices.

Buy and Sell Your Products and Services to a large number of people on the Hawkit Market.

How does Hawkit.ng work?

Hawkit.ng allows users to earn cool cash by marketing their businesses via the platform. On hawkit.ng, users can either advertise their businesses or products or get people to advertise them. 

Hawkit.ng requires users to be registered on the platform before monetization. Once you have downloaded the app from the Google play store, you are to create your personal account with the platform. Signing up on Hawkit is fast and requires users to enter basic information about themselves. 

After successfully signing up on Hawkit.ng, users can now enjoy viewing a large number of available products on sale. To start making money via advertising or getting someone to advertise your goods, you are required to pay a one time fee of N1000. Once your payment is received by the platform, you can enjoy the full benefits of the platform which includes, advertising your goods, getting paid to advertise for others, purchase of airtime and data at affordable prices for reselling, and getting paid for referrals. 

You can withdraw your earnings on Hawkit.ng at your own discretion. 

How to Register/Sign up on Hawkit.ng 

To earn on Hawkit.ng, you must have an account on the platform. Here is the easiest way to register or sign up on Hawkit.ng; 

1. Open the app on your phone

2. Click on ‘create account’ 

3. Enter your full name and click ‘sign up’ (do not enter a username)

4. Create a username and password on the next page, enter your email address and click ‘create account’ 

5. Verify your email address. 

6. Set up your Hawkit.ng account and start earning.

How to Make Money on Hawkit.ng

Hawkit.ng has different means of generating income for users. Let’s look at the different ways you can make money on Hawkit.ng; 

1. Advertise

As a hawkit.ng user, you can generate daily income via the platform by posting adverts for sellers on your social media handles. You also earn when you engage in related posts. 

Hawkit.ng pays users N100 for advertising products via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok and on WhatsApp users are paid N50. 

To be able to earn on Hawkit.ng through advert postings on social media, you must pay the N1000 one time fee. 

2. Refer 

You can also earn money on Hawkit.ng when you refer people to register on the platform. 

There are two types of referrals on Hawkit.ng. The first one is the normal referral where you invite people to simply register on the platform, you earn N500 for this type of referral. 

The second type of referral involves you referring people to buy social media likes, comments, follows, etc. Hawkit.ng pays users 20% of any amount paid by their referrals. 

3. Buy and Resell Airtime/Data

Another way to make money on Hawkit.ng is to buy airtime/data on the platform at a discounted price and resell at the normal price.

4. Sell your Products

Another way to make money on Hawkit.ng is to sell your products on the platform. You can list whatever you have for sale on the platform and get buyers. Hawkit.ng charges users N1000 per product advert on the platform, so for as much goods as you put up on the platform, you will be charged N1000 for each. 

How to Withdraw your Earnings on Hawkit.ng

As we said earlier, withdrawal of earnings on Hawkit.ng is at user’s discretion, this means you can withdraw whatever amount, whenever you like.

Here is how to withdraw your earnings on Hawkit.ng 

1. Login to Hawkit.ng 

2. On the home page, click on the three lines by the right on the dashboard 

3. Click on “place withdrawal” from the drop down menu

4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, provide your password and click ‘withdraw’ 

5. Your account will be credited as soon as possible. 

Is Hawkit.ng Legit or Scam? 

Hawkit.ng is 100% legit. The platform is genuine and currently has a four star rating on the Google play store. 

Pros of Hawkit.ng 

The following are the benefits of being a hawkit.ng member;

1. The platform is easy to use with a very user-friendly interface so that even people that are not internet savvy can use it with little to no assistance.

2. Hawkit.ng gives you the power to diversify your income, you can earn money on the platform through various means all at once 

3. There is no limit to how much you can withdraw and when you can withdraw it 

Cons of Hawkit.ng 

Some of the slight disadvantages of hawkit.ng are;

1. A fee is required before you can monetize your presence on the platform

2. Withdrawn money from the platform takes about a day to be processed. 

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

Must I be up to 18 to earn on Hawkit.ng?

Absolutely not! Hawkit.ng has no age restrictions, as long as you have an internet accessing phone, you can make money on Hawkit.ng 

How much can I make daily on Hawkit.ng?

You can make as much as N5000 daily on Hawkit.ng, depending on how active you are on the platform. 

How can I get my referral link on Hawkit.ng? 

After you have paid your one time registration fee of N1000, login to your account, on the home screen you will see a button written ‘refer and earn big’ click on it and you will get your personal referral link.

Is Hawkit.ng app available for IOS devices? 

Yes! The hawkit.ng app is available for both Android and iOS devices

Final Verdict

If you are employed but not satisfied with your monthly income, unemployed, a student, or a stay at home wife and you are looking for a side hustle to augment your income, give hawkit.ng a try. 

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