Easemoni Loan Review: Legit Or Scam?

EaseMoni Loan App is a major financial technology company that provides individuals with digital banking services.

If you need a loan without collateral or property paperwork, and even without the hassle of dealing with a traditional physical bank, EaseMoni is the solution for you right now.

Who ever thought that a day will come when the common Nigerian man would be able to get a loan with no collateral? Since the emergence of loan apps, millions of Nigerians can now borrow money with ease without the struggles associated with manual or rather traditional lending institutions. 

There is no official documented record of the exact period loan apps emerged in Nigeria but evidently, their presence have been most pronounced beginning 2021 till date. Currently there is a myriad of Fintech institutions and loan apps in Nigeria, from the big names like Branch to the less come names like Migo; each with distinct but quite similar lending offers

Meanwhile, take a deep breath because we’ll go over everything you need to know about this platform and how to borrow rapid online loans from EaseMoni in this article.

What Is Easemoni? Easemoni Loan App Overview

EaseMoni is a loan platform that provides consumers all around the world with digital banking services. They offer individuals market-competitive consumer financial services and credit facilities in the form of personal loans at their convenience.

EaseMoni is a Microfinance bank licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria and operated by Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank Limited. This demonstrates the platform’s creditworthiness and good reputation in terms of authenticity.

Furthermore, Easemoni allows users to borrow money from anywhere and at any moment without stress or excessive paperwork.

You can even borrow up to a million Naira regardless of whether you are a new or returning user.

How Does EaseMoni Loan Work?

Easemoni functions similarly to other digital banking platforms; yet, there is always a feature that distinguishes one from the others. This distinction will be discussed further in the next sections.

Having said that, Easemoni provides consumers with unsecured or soft personal loans with flexible payback terms, no collateral, and rapid loan distribution within a few minutes of loan acceptance.

On this platform, you can apply for N1,000,000 and pay at your leisure and with minimal interest. You do not need to be concerned about your data because it is protected by the National Data Insurance Corporation (NDIC).

To obtain this rapid online loan, simply download the Easemoni app and browse the range of consumer financial services and credit facilities.

Is the EasemonI Loan App REAL OR A SCAM?

Many people have inquired whether the EaseMoni software is authentic or a fraud, and this post will address that question.

The EaseMoni lending app is a legitimate and trustworthy software that lends money to people. To obtain a loan, simply install the app, register on it by completing the essential information, and then apply for a loan of 2000 naira or more.

The EaseMoni loan app is quite safe and legitimate; as long as you meet all of the requirements for a loan, the loan will be granted to you. When applying for a loan, be sure you submit accurate information.

The loan app EaseMoni is not a fraud. To avoid any difficulties in obtaining or repaying a loan, you must follow the app’s instructions.

If you observe any unauthorised debits while using EaseMoni, notify your bank immediately so that it can be investigated.

How To Download The Easemoni Loan App (APK)

The steps below will walk you through the process of downloading the Easemoni app with simplicity.

Open your phone and navigate to the Google Play Store.

Enter “EaseMoni loan app” in the search field.

Download the app (it has a “E”-shaped logo and the tagline “Instant online loan,” and it’s roughly 6.7 MB in size).

Please complete the following to register for the app:

Start the app.

Enter the essential information (basic information) and your account is ready for loan applications.

How to Borrow Loan on Easemoni

1. Login to your easemoni account 

2. Click the “Apply” button on the dashboard.

3. A form will be given to you to fill, enter the requested details; usually information about yourself, such as full name, DOB (Date Of Birth), and BVN (be sure to answer with honesty). 

4. When you have entered all the details click on the credit report check mark below the form, and click on “Next“.

5. The next step will require you to take a clear selfie of your face, make sure the surroundings are well lit up so your face is very visible. 

6. Click on “Next” 

After you are done entering your details, you will have to wait some minutes for Easemoni to evaluate your information and determine what your loan limit would be. 

Your loan limit will be displayed on the dashboard when they have evaluated your submitted information. Keep in mind that Easemoni gives a loan limit based on your employment status and your monthly income, this is to enable them to give out loans to those who are able to actually pay back. 

After your loan limit has been calculated, you can apply for the Easemoni loan by just clicking on “get loan” on the dash board somewhere around the loan limit. As said before, your Easemoni loan will be disbursed to you via the account number you provided minutes after application. 

What Are The Requirements For Borrowing Money From Easemoni?

You do not need collateral to secure loans on Easemoni; however, the prerequisites for receiving a loan on this platform are as follows;

You must be a Nigerian citizen and live in Nigeria.

You must be at least 20 years old and no more than 55 years old.

You must have a steady and reliable source of income.

A current bank account

Excellent credit score

Your BVN Active email and phone numbers.

The information you provide when enrolling must be correct because it affects your creditworthiness.

What Is the Interest Rate on an Easemoni Loan?

Easemoni’s interest rate is relatively low. The monthly interest rate is from 5% to 10%, while the APR ranges from 60% to 120%. However, this is mostly dependent on your credit evaluation.

For example, 91-day loan payment terms involve a monthly interest fee of 5%. And the interest on a loan with a principle of $3,000 would be $273. This indicates that the total amount owed is $3,273.

What Is the EaseMoni Loan Term?

The term of an Easemoni loan is adjustable. However, it is normally between 91 and 365 days (3 and 12 months).

However, the amount borrowed has a significant impact on the loan length.

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Frequently Ask Questions 

How much money can I get from Easemoni?

Easemoni offers loans ranging from N3,000 to N1,000,000 with terms ranging from 3 months to a year with no collateral required.

What Are Your Thoughts About Easemoni?

Easemoni is an online platform that provides instant personal loans to qualified individuals globally.

They provide credit loans and consumer financial services at market-competitive rates. They are legitimate and trustworthy.

Which Bank Does Easemoni Use?

Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank is used by Easemoni.

Is Easemoni A Reliable Loan App?

Yes, Easemoni is an excellent loan app. All you have to do is adhere to the terms and conditions.

What Happens If I Don’t Repay My Loan On Time? 

If you delay with your loan repayment on Easemoni, a late payment fee will be added to your loan everyday until you pay.

Does Easemoni Harass Customers When They Don’t Repay Loan?

Physically, I doubt but be sure to receive a series of calls from their customer service urging you to pay. 


Conclusively, Easemoni is a legit loan app amongst its competitors in the Nigerian Fintech market; the app is user friendly and almost perfectly fits its description. Easemoni has received numerous patronage and is rising to the rank of one of the best loan apps in Nigeria.

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