Review: Legit or Scam?

If you’re a Gen Z internet user, I’m guessing you are well aware that you can make legit money online from the comfort of your couch just by performing simple tasks on internet platforms; yes! The world has gone digital and so has wealth creation. 

There are numerous platforms on the internet today that pay users just for interacting on them. In this article, we will be reviewing one of such platforms; 

What Is is a website that pays users for interacting on it. It is a Networking & Affiliate Marketing Company that pay users for performing different tasks such as logging in to the website, referring others, uploading products to its store and sharing sponsored posts. 

Imagine getting paid for logging on to Facebook, or reposting an Instagram photo, not a bad idea, right? If you are the type that likes easy and hassle free money, then is for you. You could sit on your couch all day just interacting on the platform and at the end of the day there will be money in the bag. 

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How Does Work?

The website requires users to register in order to gain access. Once you become registered, there are numerous tasks on the platform which you can perform and earn commissions. 

You can rack up to N5000 to N10000 daily through task performance and interaction on the primeshub platform. Your earnings on primeshub are usually in dollars but can be withdrawn in Naira into your bank account. does not mandate you to refer people to the platform before you can earn or withdraw your earnings. You have the privilege to choose whatever task you wish to perform to earn money on the platform. 

How To Register On Primeshub

To register and start earning on primeshub, here’s what you need to do; 

At the point of registration on primeshub, the following information would be requested from you; 

1. Full Name.

2. Username.

2. Email Address.

4. Phone Number.

5. Password.

6. Coupon Code

Note that without a coupon code, you cannot be registered on primeshub. To get the coupon code, you would have to purchase one from a verified vendor. The coupon code costs N5000 and this is sometimes referred to as your registration fee. 

Once you have purchased the coupon code and provided the requested information, you can click on “complete registration”. 

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Here is a detailed explanation of the mind blowing features of;

Prime Hub Trip And Car Challenge

This is a feature where you are given an opportunity to win a trip outside Nigeria or win a car if you hit the target given to you by Primeshub in the duration time given.

Primes P2P 

This a Feature Provided for users to Earn when they successfully register new users using their PRIMESCASH and end up keeping the registration fee to themselves rather than buying activation code.

Primes Recharge

This is a Feature where only non affiliates are given an opportunity once weekly to recharge their phone using their PRIMESCASH fund on the Primes recharge wallet.

Primes Raffle 

This is a feature that allows you to use your primecoin to win amazing prices monthly.

Primes Course

Free courses on Primeshub.

Primes Sport

If you love sports betting, this feature is for you! The primes sport feature gives you weekly opportunities to predict the correct score of a football match and stand a chance to win a prize when their predictions come out correctly. 

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How To Make Money On

There are several ways to make money on primeshub, once you become a registered user, you have the liberty to choose how you want to earn on the platform. 

The following are the ways you can make money on primeshub;

Through Affiliate Bonus 

The affiliate bonus is a commission given on primeshub when a new user successfully registers on the platform using your unique affiliate link. Referring people to join primeshub through your affiliate link is one of the different ways you can make money on primeshub. 

Sub Affiliate Link 

When a person you referred, refers another person to join the primeshub platform, you will earn a commission. The deal here is “the referral has to be done via your affiliate links”. 

Welcome Bonus 

This bonus is given as a welcome “gift” when you successfully complete your sign up.

Daily Visit 

Primeshub users equally earn bonuses just by logging on daily on the site.

Primes Adverts Share

Bonus given as a registered user when you successfully share primeshub’s adverts on a daily basis

Primes Social

This is the bonus given when you successfully perform a social media task given which is available for only active registered users.

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How To Withdraw Earnings On

Withdrawal days on primeshub are every Mondays and Fridays between 10AM and 12PM. Note that you can only withdraw a minimum of N8000.

Here is how to withdraw your earnings on primeshub; 

1. On the dashboard, click “withdraw”

2. Input your pin and enter the amount you want to withdraw 

3. Click “submit request”. 

Is Legit Or Scam is totally legit, it is not a ponzi scheme nor a scam. according to testimonies of users is real and pays real money that can be withdrawn. 

Pros Of

The following are the advantages of; 

1. The website is easy to use and navigate 

2. It pays actual money with hassle a free withdrawal method 

3. It offers users a myriad of options on tasks to perform to earn money, on primeshub, it’s not just one method of earning money, it’s a whole lot you can choose from. 

4. Both affiliates and non affiliates can earn on the site.

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Cons Of 

Perhaps one of the biggest con of primeshub is the fact that non affiliates can’t earn real money except the primecash which cannot be withdrawn but spent on the platform. 

Another con of primeshub is that money is a requirement for you to be registered. The N5000 worth of coupon code might just discourage users for fear of being scammed.

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Frequently Asked Q & A

Who Owns

The owner of is Nduka Chidiebube Jeremiah, he is also the CEO of Smartnetwork & Jerry’s Tasty Kitchen.

When was launched? was launched on October 1st 2023. 

Who Can Register On 

Anybody, absolutely anybody can register on and earn.

Is Primeshub Available In My Country? 

Primeshub is available in these African countries; Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Benin Republic and Uganda. 

Does Pay Non Affiliates?

Yes, here are patterns in which you can earn as a Non-Affiliate on;


Primes Social wallet gives its users the opportunity to perform social media tasks in order to claim their daily Rewards.

Non-Affiliate Minimum withdrawal threshold is $10/5000 on monthly basis.

Kindly Note that there is No Specific Amount To be Claimed.

But be rest assured that they’ll always be Rewards to claim on a daily basis.

Once a Social Task Target is reached or hit, the task will automatically expire.

Meaning, ONLY ACTIVE USERS will Earn from this Task


This is where your welcome bonus, login bonus and Primes Advert Share is recorded.

Note: Earnings on your Primes Cash wallet can’t be withdrawn except Primes Social Earning

Hence, members can use Primes Cash earnings for the following:

1. Primes p2p:

This feature enables existing members to register new members using their PRIMESCASH Thus, keeping the registration fee to themselves Rather than buying an activation Code.

2. Primes Recharge: 

This feature gives opportunity to only Non-Affiliate once every week to recharge their phones using their PRIMESCASH FUND on the Primes Recharge Wallet

3. Primes Raffle:

This feature enables Users to win amazing Prizes, by engaging in the monthly Raffle Draw from their Raffle Wallet using their Primescash.

4. Primes Course: 

This feature gives users the opportunity to Activate and Learn High Income Digital Skills using their PRIMESCASH.

Does Have Customer Care? 

Yes, has customer care services to attend to distressed users.

Final Verdict

If you love money but don’t like putting in the work for it, then is just the site for you. You can still make money while being a couch potato and I think that is exactly the idea behind the platform.

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