CPA.House Review: Legit Or Scam? [The Truth]

You must have stumbled upon in your quest to make money online with CPA affiliate marketing. Bhustle has carried out comprehensive research about to give you an insight of   whether you are going in the right direction or in a severe rollercoaster ride.

CPA affiliate marketing is a worldwide known and trusted way to earn money online. However, there are numerous CPA networks with questionable purposes that are currently in existence.

Hence, it is very much necessary for one to know the legitimacy of any affiliate network like before investing your precious time, energy and mental effort into this platform.

With this, it is quite understandable why you must have clicked on this article to verify if is legit or a scam. Ensure to make good use of the table of content below as we walk you through our findings about

What Is CPA.House? is a performance based affiliate network that issues payments and commissions to its users whenever an action is completed. Now to explain this in simpler terms, it simply means that pays its users when they carry out an action.

These ‘actions’ could be in the form of sales, completing app download tasks, completing surveys, etc. Like most cost per action networks, the goal of is not far fetched. is simply a website where advertisers can market their products. In turn, affiliates promote these products/services for a commission or split of profit. According to, “CPA.HOUSE is an affiliate network that works on Cost per Action model (CPA).

For clarity, when we speak of ‘CPA’ we refer to ‘Cost Per Action’. This grammatically denotes the price for a certain action carried out. Since pays its users for actions carried out, it can be called a CPA network.

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How Does CPA.House Work

Most affiliate networks follow a very simple and straightforward working process. in this light is by no means different. The method of operation of is as follows;

👉 As a starter you will be prompted to first register and create an account with CPAhouse. 

👉 After successfully reading your account and gaining access to your personalised user dashboard, you now gain access to the offers and affiliate products on CPA house.

👉 offers a blend of products and services that earn mouth watering commissions. These include surveys, app downloads, health supplements etc.

👉 Users then go through these available offers and affiliate products and select the offers they wish to promote.

👉 Users then promote these offers to their audience and earn commission whenever they complete the offers requirements (finishing a survey or buying a product/service).

👉 communicates directly with the customer you have referred and when your sale is validated, your earnings immediately reflect on your dashboard.

👉 Unlike other affiliate platforms, users can request for payout any day and anytime.

This is the simple basic model of how works. There are quite some noticeable differences between and other cpa affiliate networks and these we shall look at later on in this article.

Is CPA.House Legit Or Scam?

Despite everything we have seen above about, is legit? Is it really worth your time? Well yes. is a legitimate website and can bring in massive earnings if used right. has been in existence ever since 2019. Therefore, it is quite impossible to call them a scam. This is mainly because most scam affiliate networks do not stand the test of time.

On scamadviser, has a trust score of 92 out of 100. This is highly impressive considering the fact that most other genuine cpa affiliate networks don’t get scores that high.

Overall, bhustle states that cpa house is legit and a safe way to make money online due to the statistics stated above.

How To Sign Up For CPA.House

Now that we have cleared the air on the legitimacy of, it is quite important to know how to sign up for cpa house and start earning. To begin, observe the steps listed below carefully;

👉 On your browser go to (click HERE to proceed).

👉 Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button just below the button that reads ‘Log In’.

👉 That should lead you to the registration form. Take your time to fill up the form and provide the necessary information required.

👉 Click on ‘Sign Up’ and automatically you will be led to your user dashboard.

Congratulations 👏, you have successfully created a new user account. The user interface of cpa house is quite less appealing and confusing. Hence, Bhustle has explained all the useful features below.

CPA.House Inner Features Explained

There are many features and menu tabs in, however, bhustle will be reviewing the most important under this section.


Immediately you sign up for CPA house, you will get access to your user dashboard. The design and user interface of the dashboard is sincerely not attractive nor is it effectively responsive.

However, users can keep tabs of their earnings and current/new information in the news section of the dashboard.

My Offers

The offer section is located in the menu list. This section contains all the available products and CPA offers users can promote on CPA house.

CPA house actually did quite an interesting job by detailing every attribute of these products (conversion ratio, country targeting, price of products, earnings per sale etc). 

News Feature makes use of the news feature to pass information to its users. During the course of our research on CPA house, bhustle noticed that even the addition of new products/offers and removal of products from the service are also announced on the new feed.

Top Offers

One major feature bhustle applaids is the ‘top offers’ feature. This section contains a list of the top performing products and services on CPA house.

I find this feature interesting because it gives beginners a head start in their cpa affiliate journey. 

Smart Links

CPA house also makes use of the smart link feature. Smart links are special links that show personalised offers to your audience.

With a CPA affiliate smart link, you do not need to target a specific location of the audience. The link is designed to understand the geographic location of the user that clicked on it and display offers suitable for the user based on his/her location.

Your Manager

Another amazing feature is the manager feature. You will notice that this is the first option in the menu tab of CPA house.

CPA house allocates am accounts manager to every CPA user. Users can communicate with their accounts manager at will and ask for directions or clarifications.

How To Make Money On CPA.House

Bhustle has reviewed a lot of cpa affiliate marketing websites and when it comes to how you can earn on these platforms, their processes are very much alike.

The only major distinction between and other cpa networks like cpagrip, ogads and the others is that mainly promotes physical products. There are not many surveys, sweepstake offers on (if possible ‘none’).

The key interest in earnings circulates around health supplements, mainly products that have to do with reproduction or the reproductive organs. Therefore, there are three basic earning principles on CPA house;

📌 Creating an affiliate account with cpa house.

📌 Going through the offers and selecting the offer you wish to promote.

📌 Promoting these offers to your audience and getting paid whenever you make a sale.

When going through the available offers on, it is very important to sort products based on their “CR“. The term ‘CR’ represents ‘Conversion Ratio/Rate’.

If a product has a 1% CR, it means that out of every 100 people who see or were shown the product, only one person made a purchase. Going for products with high CR have a better tendency of bringing in sales than vice versa.

When the CR of an offer is high, it shows a high volume of interest for that particular offer. But if products have low CR it means there is lack of interest or low conversion of the product hence it might take a while to see sales.

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How To Withdraw Earnings On CPA.House

The minimum withdrawal threshold on is $50 (€50 and 3000 rubles). This amount can be withdrawn any day and anytime provided the user has reached the withdrawal threshold. To place withdrawals simply observe the steps below;

👉 Login to your account.

👉 Click on the menu icon at the top left side of the page and select the menu option ‘Payouts’.

👉 Select the currency which you will like to request payout from ( accommodates three different currencies which are Euro, USDollar and Russian Rubles.

👉 Click on ‘order payment’ to process your withdrawal.

👉 Your payments will arrive approximately 7 days after you placed withdrawal. This is because the team will have a quick review of your account, earnings and traffic source before processing your payment. They do this to ensure no fraudulent activity or breach of rules was carried out by the user.


👍 It is a legitimate way to make money online.

👍 Most offers have high payouts (this is because they mostly promote physical products).

👍 There is no specific withdrawal date.

👍 The minimum withdrawal threshold is considerably low.

👍 Each new user gets a personal account manager which they can chat up at any time for clarifications and advice.


👎 Some part of the website are yet to be translated to English (it is a Russian website).

👎 Some offers/products do not look medically convincing/advisable.

👎 There are six parent methods on and PayPal/Payoneer/Payer is not part of them.

Final Verdict

Bhustle rates 2.5 out of 5 stars. Yes, you can actually make money on a cpa house but there are way better options. However, in terms of commissions, cpahouse seems unrivalled among other cpa networks.

It is generally safe to say that is a unique blend of affiliate marketing and cpa marketing. Cpa house gets about 50-60 thousand monthly visitors, this implies that it is still a fast growing affiliate network.

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