CPAHUB REVIEW: Legit Or Scam? [Deep Inner Look]

Is Cpahub legit or a scam? This is the major mystery bhustle will unravel in this article. Bhustle has reviewed lots of CPA marketing sites that have very similar working operations with cpahub and our findings about cpahub will interest you.

This article will be straight to the point and cuts across some vital topics concerning cpahub some of which include; Is cpahub real or fake? How to sign up for cpahub, How to withdraw earnings from cpahub and so much more.

Do ensure to make use of the table of contents below to gain easy navigation of this masterpiece prepared by Bhustle.

What Is Cpahub?

Cpahub claims to be a performance based network that provides massive payouts to its users via direct offers and smart links. For more context, cpahub is an affiliate marketing network where marketers can promote other people’s products and earn a commission.

Based on our previous reviews, we have seen countlessly that ‘CPA’ stands for ‘Cost Per Action’. In other words, these marketers get paid when their audience performs a specific action. They must not necessarily buy a product. By simply completing a survey or even downloading an app, cpa marketers are paid.

This same CPA marketing logic also applies to cpahub. Despite calling themselves (cpahub) an affiliate system numerous times, Cpahub is more closely related to being a cost per action network than an affiliate network.

How Does Cpahub Work?

Like most CPA networks, the mode of operation of cpahub is also very similar;

👉 New and interested users create an account with cpahub.

👉 They gain access to their dashboard and available offers which they can promote.

👉 Carefully scrutinise the available offers and pick the best offer they can promote.

👉 They promote these offers to their audience and earn money whenever they complete the tasks associated with the offers.

👉 They request for payments and make withdrawals after reaching the withdrawal threshold.

These are the basic operational activities of cpahub. 

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Is Cpahub Real Or Fake?

Now to answer the burning questions on your minds, is cpahub real or fake? From our research, cpahub is a legitimate website. However, there are some suspicious activities about cpahub which you most definitely want to see.

On trust pilot, cpahub has just 8 reviews which average about 4.1 out of 5 stars which one can easily conclude is a very impressive rating. However, when you go through the ratings you will notice a very close similarity among all the dates.

All the dates of the positive ratings seem to tally between February 14 and February 15. This is very unusual, because people cannot just drop positive reviews on the same day unless it has been planned. 

So Bhustle suspects that cpahub must have bought those ratings on trust pilots to win people’s trust easily. Aside from this, cpahub is generally not a scam website with some super ‘destroy the world’ intentions.

How To Register On Cpahub

To register and sign up for cpahub simply follow the steps below;

👉 Head over to to or click here to proceed.

👉 Click on the menu icon at the top right side of the page and select the menu option “register“.

👉 Fill the registration form that follows and congratulations👏, you have successfully signed up for cpahub.

👉 After successfully filling the form, cpahub will send you a message telling you to chat with their accounts manager. The accounts manager will approve your account after having a brief conversation with you.

Note: The Cpahub official registration page seems to have been removed by the Admins (as at the time of writing this article). Bhustle also noticed a ridiculously low amount of monthly visitors on cpahub and this greatly suggests that the platform is gradually going into extinction and may no longer be accepting new members.

Cpahub Inner Features Explained

How To Earn On Cpahub

Earning on cpahub is very straight forward. It is important to note that cpahub promotes mostly dating offers, so those who have experience in the relationship niche will definitely thrive in Cpahub.

To earn simply observe the following tips;

👉 Login to your Cpahub account.

👉 Click on the menu tab and select menu option “campaigns“.

👉 Go through the available offers on Cpahub and copy the link of the offer you wish to promote. Copy the link by clucking on the link icon beneath the ‘tracking url’.

👉 Get paid when your audience completed the terms of the tasks.

Note: Cpahub is also an EPC (Earnings Per Click) website. This means that even if some of your traffic do not convert, cpahub will pay you a certain percentage for that unique click.

How To Withdraw Earnings On Cpahub

Cpahub makes payments weekly to its users. The condition is that the user must have earned a minimum of $100 (withdrawal threshold).

Earnings will be paid using either of the following available payment methods; PayPal, payer, wire transfer and paxum.

Cpahub Payment Methods

Cpahub offers about four different payment methods. Based on ‘Sanya Affiliates’ discussion with one of the cpahub affiliate accounts manager, payments are made automatically when the minimum threshold of $100 is reached.

These are the payment methods available on cpahub; PayPal, Payer, Wire transfer and Paxum.

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Pros Of Cpahub

👍 Cpahub has multiple payout options which is rare with most affiliate networks.

👍 Every account gets a personal accounts manager. This is a huge step forward because new users won’t be lost in the process of understanding the platform.

👍 No country restrictions on cpahub. Anyone can sign up and earn.

👍 Cpahub is completely free to join. There are no start-up costs or compulsory courses to buy before one can earn.

Cons Of Cpahub

👎 Most offers are adult related contents.

👎 The earnings per offer for most offers (from Bhustle’s research) are ridiculously low.

👎 Cpahub does not have a wide trusted active audience like other CPA networks, hence its credibility is highly questionable.

👎 Cpahub seems to have bought positive reviews on trust pilot since majoroty of the good reviews about them on trust pilot where made between the intervals of February 14 and 15.

👎 A user has complained about not receiving his earnings from cpahub and this complaint has been unattended since December 6, 2020.

Final Verdict

Bhustle rates cpahub 1.5 out of 5 stars. Certainly, cpahub is not the best affiliate network to earn passive or active income from. Bhustle has outlined a list of websites and CPA networks with much better reviews and trust scores from their users. Click here to see them.

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