Lospollos Affiliate Review: Legit Or Scam? [Deep Inner Look]

If you want to earn money online and stumbled upon this affiliate platform known as Lospollos and for some reason have doubts, then this article is for you. Lospollos is a smartlink affiliate network that claims to make weekly payouts to its users.

But are these claims true? Today Bhustle will reveal in immense detail the majority of what you need to know about lospollos. The questions this article aims to answer about lospollos includes, is lospollos legit or scam? How to get approved on lospollos? How to earn money on lospollos, Bhustle’s final rating/verdict about lospollos.

And most importantly, ‘is lospollos worth the effort?”. Kindly make use of the table of contents below to help you navigate through this article easily. 

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What Is Lospollos Affiliate?

The very first question we must approach before any condemnation or appraisal is ‘what exactly is lospollos? “. Lospollos affiliate network is a website that hosts CPA offers in the form of smart links. 

It is a performance based affiliate network that generates revenue from advertisers bid on the platform. If you are quite familiar with other CPA affiliate networks like Cpagrip, Ogads or Cpalead you know most definitely that they promote individual offers.

However, on lospollos all you have to promote is just one link. This unique link contains over 10,000 CPA offers according to lospollos. I know it’s getting quite interesting, but bhustle will explain in more detail about the functionality of lospollos smart links in the next head line below.

How Does Lospollos Affiliate Work?

As I investigated the lospollos affiliate website, I realised that the way lospollos works is very different from other affiliate networks. In fact, I was very impressed by its functionality.

👉 The very first thing is that users obviously create an affiliate account with lospollos (they also have an advertisers section).

👉 Lospollos then gives them access to a demo version of their account. This version is virtual or would I say ‘yet to be activated/approved account’

👉 The users then contact the lospollos approval team. Their contact details will be provided in the demo account and request for approval.

👉 After your account is approved, you can now create and promote smart links from your lospollos affiliate dashboard.

👉 The way these smart links work is pretty amazing. All you need to do is to basically select the category of affiliate you wish to promote (dating, gambling etc). Then lospollos creates a unique smart link under the niche/category you have chosen. 

👉 When your audience clicks on this unique smart link, the link detects the users mobile type (desktop or mobile phone, Android or IOS), country location,etc and provides a befitting affiliate offer for the user.

👉 You get paid when the user completes the offer.

👉 Affiliates can withdraw their income once every week (on Tuesdays). 

Is Lospollos Affiliate Legit Or Scam?

To vet straight to the point and deal with the lion in the room, Lospollos affiliate network is not a scam. Although it is not the best CPA affiliate network, it is also definitely not a scam. So why did I come down to this conclusion;

📌 Lospollos Affiliate has been in existence for over 12 years. The domain was first registered in 2011 according to Whois domain checker.

📌 As at the time of writing this article, lospollos website averages about 900,000+ monthly users according to similar web statistics. Which clearly means that there are almost a million people making use of this website monthly.

📌 There are some payment proof evidence on trustpilot about lospollos.

Despite all these good things about lospollos mentioned above, there are some shady things going on in the back end which I cannot simply ignore. 

Going through the trust pilot ratings if lospollos, the overall rating is 2.3 out of 5. This generally means something is wrong. Majority of the complaints on trust pilot were targeted at the customer service or admins of lospollos.

For some unknown reason, most complaints were channelled at their ignorance and unacceptable behaviour. Others also complained about not receiving their earnings/pay despite meeting the threshold.

In all things, it is very clear that lospollos is not free from shady activities. So do not entirely expect perfection when signing up on lospollos.

How To Sign Up For Lospollos Affiliate

The signup process on lospollos is quite confusing, therefore, do ensure to follow the guide outlined below carefully;

👉 Go to lospollos.com Or Click here to proceed to the website.

👉 Click on the bold ‘Get Started’ button on the landing page.

👉 Carefully fill up the registration form that follows with your correct information.

👉 Agree to the teem and conditions and click on ‘Sign Me Up’.

👉 Your demo account will automatically be created. However, you will not be able to access the smart link feature until your account is activated.

Note: To activate your account you need to contact the lospollos team or your  peesonal account manager. To do this, simply follow the steps below;

👉 On your dashboard, click on the drop down button at the top tight side of the home page.

👉 Select the menu option ‘Your manager’.

👉 Copy any of the available contact details of the Admins/support team provided and request for approval.

You will be asked a few questions about your traffic source and other affiliate networks you have worked for in the past. If the admin is impressed by your answers your account will be activated.

Lospollos Inner Features Explained

Below are some of the highlighted inner features of the lospollos affiliate network. It is important to note that not all the entire features were outlined below.


The dashboard is the very first page the user gains access to after creating their affiliate account. The dashboard contains information such as the users earnings, conversion types and location of leads.


In the menu tab is a menu section titled ‘opportunities’. The ‘opportunities’ feature contains all the countries with their associated CPM’s (cost per mile). This tab gives the user an insight into the country to target and the type of offer to promote in other to earn more money.


The Smartlinks which is also located in the menu section enables affiliates create their unique smart links which they can promote and earn.

Each niche (dating, gambling etc) has a different smart link and hence contains numerous offers.

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How To Make Money On Lospollos Affiliate

Earning on lospollos is very easy simply follow the prompts below to get started;

👉 Login to your affiliate account/dashboard.

👉 Click on the menu icon at the top left side of the screen and select ‘smartlinks’.

👉 Select the type of offer you want to promote (dating, crypto, mainstem etc).

👉 Copy the generated smart link and promote.

👉 You get paid whenever your traffic converts to leads.

How To Withdraw Earnings On Lospollos Affiliate

Withdrawals on lospollos are made automatically to the payments system set by the affiliate. Therefore, there is not specific payout routine. All you need to do is to reach the withdrawal threshold of $100 or $1000 for wire transfer and your earnings will be paid out to every ever Tuesday (payment day).

How, for first time payments, ensure to reach out to your account manager and submit your account details to process your withdrawals.


👍 Lospollos affiliate is a legitimate website, so that’s a plus.

👍 It is completely free to join. Furthermore, it is open to anyone worldwide.

👍 The user interface of lospollos is easy to navigate and simply moderate.

👍 The use of smart links to promote offers is less bulky than promoting multiple offer links.

👍 Payments are made on a weekly basis.


👎 Poor reviews on trust pilot.

👎 Inability to predict your earnings since they use the smart link feature.

👎 Delay/lack of payments has been a core issue raised by dissatisfied users on trust pilot.

👎 Bad customer service/support is another issue raised by users on trust pilot.

👎 Promotes vulgar and same gender relationship offers.

Final Conclusion

Bhustle rates lospollos 2.2 out of 5 stars. Despite all the cool features outlined about lospollos in this article, the voice of the people still remains priority.

The list of unattended complaints on trust pilot speaks a lot about lospollos customer care service. However, the good news is that there are better affiliate networks you can join and earn money from simply click here to explore them.

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