Addmefast Review: Real Or Fake? (How Much You Can Really Make)

Addmefast is a microtask website like sproutsgigs, microworkers etc. Except in this case (addmefast), instead of earning actual money, you earn points. First off, you probably clicked on this article to know how genuine addmefast is, to save you the suspense, Addmefast is actually a legitimate website.

However, there are some ups and downs associated with this website you must consider before you begin your exploration on Addmefast. Although Addmefast has some questionable ratings (below 3 stars) across some rating websites, there are quite some enjoyable features about this website you might just want to learn about.

Goodnews, because in this article, you’ll be learning much about Addmefast, its sign up/registration process, how to earn money/points on Addmefast, how to withdraw earnings from Addmefast, Addmefast features and my overall legit/scam advice about Addmefast website.

What Is Addmefast

Addmefast is an exchange platform where individuals from various parts of the globe can support each other by performing tasks mostly on their various social media accounts. It involves the exchange of likes, comments, followers/subscribers, shares and so on.

Addmefast can also be seen as an underdog social media growth website. From the description in the paragraph above, one can assume that the activities carried out on Addmefast are mostly projected at social media accounts growth.

I termed Addmefast “underdog” website because if you are aware of the policies and guidelines around platforms like YouTube, you’ll definitely know that exchange of likes, views, shares etc is completely prohibited and can lead to content or channel demonetization.

Irrespective of this, if you still want to learn about the good, the bad and the ugly about Addmefast website then I urge you to kindly stick around.

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How To Sign Up/Register For Addmefast

Registration on Addmefast is quite simply, simply observe the steps below to get started in no time;

  • Click HERE to proceed to Addmefast official website.
  • Click on the tab that reads “try for free now“.
  • Fill up the registration form by imputing your email address and creating a password.
  • Get through the captcha by verifying that you’re not a robot, finally click on sign up.

After a successful registration, you will be led to your addmefast member dashboard. The Addmefast dashboard area is a little bit tricky and confusing, however, I will be explaining some of the key features in this article to help you navigate the website with ease and less curiosity.

Addmefast Features And Member Dashboard

If you have successfully followed the steps above and created an Addmefast account you will most definitely agree with me that the user interface of addmefast is quite disappointing.

I felt the same way too, and I must confess, the developers need a pay cut,lol, nonetheless I’ll be explaining some of the key (important features) and their uses and exactly what these features have in store for you.

  • Points
  • Amf tokens
  • Free Points
  • Add Tasks/Site

Points: These are the currency system of Addmefast. Virtually everything that occurs in Addmefast revolves around points. Whenever users successfully complete tasks on Addmefast they get rewarded with points. These points can be used to promote your own social media accounts or exchanged to money and withdrawn via any crypto wallet.

AMF Tokens: The AMF tokens are a decentralised payment system/method associated with Addmefast. “AMF” as an abbreviation stands for “Add-Me-Fast“. Users will be able to withdraw and exchange their earned points into AMF tokens and withdraw with any crypto wallet. The AMF tokens are officially listed on Coinbase.

Free Points: This feature is located in the menu section of Addmefast. It contains a list of activities users can participate in to earn free points on Addmefast without having to buy these points. They include; liking Facebook pages, subscribing to YouTube channels, sharing/commenting on instagram posts, etc.

Add Task/Site: This feature is also located in the menu section of Addmefast. This feature is strictly for promotional purposes. Users make use of this feature when they want to promote a task or their social media accounts via Addmefast.

How To Earn From Addmefast

Addmefast has enlightened their users on a yet to be implemented way to earn from the platform. According to Addmefast, users can swap (convert) their points to Addmefast tokens (crypto coins) which can be received via crypto wallets.

According to Addmefast;

 “Soon anybody at AddMeFast will be able to swap more points to AMF Tokens.

In the nearest future all the points will be transferred to AMF Tokens and only tokens will be used instead of points.

What does it mean? – It means anybody can get Social Media Marketing service here and also finally earn money.”

These addmefast tokens (AMF tokens) as earlier said can be received via any crypto wallet, however, to be able to receive these tokens as payment, you need to integrate the AMF tokens in Addmefast. You can simply observe the following to get started immediately;

  • Create an AddMeFast account (Click HERE to get started)
  • You Need to have a valid Crypto wallet Address (BSC wallet such as those available at trustwallet, metamask, binace or the other wallet provider of your choice). 
  • You Need to have earned some AMF tokens in your Addmefast account.
  • Several tasks needs to be completed to claim your tokens, they include;

📌 The  Need to visit CMC and  “Add to main Watchlist” and upVote and follow to the Addmefast official public watchlist. 

📌 Receive Addmefast Tokens for Referring friends and family.

📌 Finally, is the necessity to create a Public Profile at AddMeFast.

How Much A Point Costs In Addmefast

As at the time of writing this article, the current price of an AMF token (Addmefast token) on coinbase is $0.0078 per AMF.

This price is currently at an all time bullish run of about 62.25% from its original price at inception. The Addmefast token has seen a significant rise in price/value irrespective of the current bearish market trend associating over 70% of the crypto and stock market.

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How To Use Addmefast

There are two main ways of using the Addmefast website. The first is usage based on personal earnings (that is to earn yourself some cash via the AMF tokens) and secondly, is the usage to promote your social media accounts or simply for SMMA services.

As An Earner;

  • First, create an account with Addmefast.
  • Your dashboard will be null (virtually empty) after registration. To earn points, click on the menu bar at the top left hand side of the screen.
  • On the menu list, scroll down to the option titles “FREE POINTS“.
  • Select an activity of your choice to complete from the list, e.g “Facebook page likes/followers“.
  • Follow the instructions and earn points ,e.g, liking Facebook  pages/posts and earning free points.

As A Media Promoter;

  • Create a normal Addmefast account as usual.
  • Click on the menu icon at the top left hand side of the screen.
  • On the menu list, select either “+ Add Task” or “+ Add Site”.
  • Follow the laid down instructions to post your links/tasks/pages for promotion.

Note: You need to have points to be able to promote your media services on Addmefast. You can get these points by purchasing them on Addmefast or by simply completing tasks and earning points.

How To Buy Addmefast Points

  • Login to your Addmefast account.
  • Click on the menu bar at the top left hand side of your screen.
  • Click the option titled ” Buy Points “.
  • Select your preferred payment method e.g binace to pay via crypto currency.
  • Choose the amount of coins you want to purchase and the equivalent in USD will be automatically displayed to you, e.g 8500 points for $25.
  • Finally, make payments by clicking on “Pay“.

How To Use Addmefast points

As seen above, there are two main uses of addmefast points. The first is for earning purposes, where the user converts his Addmefast points to Addmefast tokens (AMF tokens) and withdraws via a crypto wallet.

The second is Sir social media marketing purposes. Via this method, the user earns or buys Addmefast points for the sole purpose of promoting a service or a task.

These are the two major uses of Addmefast points. In literal terms, these points are the currency of the Addmefast website,because virtually everything around Addmefast revolves around the Addmefast points.

Addmefast Real Or Fake?

In the introduction of this article, I clearly stated that Addmefast is a legitimate website although its activities are illegitimate. The reason is because, some websites like youtube, strictly prohibit the selling,buying and exchange of views, likes and subscribers on their platform.

However, that seems to be the core trend on Addmefast. On rating sites like sitejabber, addmefast has an average of 1.76 star rating (out of 5 stars) indicating that most users are dissatisfied with the service.

Ironically, on trustpilot, Addmefast has an overall rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. So yeah, definitely something fishy going on there by the huge disparity of satisfaction between the two trusted rating platforms.

Overall, bhustle rates Addmefast 2.5 out of 5 (stars). This is generally because of the mixed customer/user experience on Addmefast, some consider it a scam others a complete life saver.

Advantages Of Addmefast

👍 Fast way of getting subscribers to your YouTube channel without putting in much effort.

👍Fast way of getting more likes,views and comments to Facebook posts, reels or videos without waiting for the algorithm to pick up your content.

👍The ability to earn money via Addmefast is also a plus alongside the SMMA advantages.

Disadvantages Of Addmefast

👎This is the fastest way to kill your YouTube channel SEO and organic viewers (Facebook and Instagram pages included).

👎 Unfortunately, approximately 85% of the subscribers/followers won’t be active on your channel or page, because their intentions are not for your content but for points.

👎There is no guarantee that you will get the promised results of followers and likes. Some individuals complained about being scanned by Addmefast because their subscribers they got from Addmefast were automatically deleted by YouTube after some time.

Final Verdict

Addmefast is surely a great website to earn money passively and get short term success on social media. However, I strongly persuade you to stick to YouTube SEO and growing your social media accounts naturally rather than depending on the magic of Addmefast.

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