Selar.Co Review: Worth Using? (Detailed Inside Look) is entirely not a bad/disappointing website. But generally, is Selar a great way to make money online by selling or reselling digital products? Selar made bold claims via their ads creative on meta that its users can earn as much as $1000 per month using their platform.

Well I decided to test myself and drop a full review of this platform, its advantages and disadvantages, its inner features and its overall usage. There are many similar websites like Selar (Gumroad,etc) but more interest and eyes are on Selar because of its vast international availability.

In this article, I will be sharing my experience on Selar selling an eBook, how much I made, how you can create a Selar account, its features and lots more. But overall, Selar is a completely legitimate website and has quite an amazing track record and recommendations from past and present users.

What Is is an online digital marketing website where users can upload and sell their various digital marketing products ranging from ebooks, video courses, subscription services and so on.

Selar prides itself as the best go to website for business owners and online entrepreneurs who wish to host and sell their digital commodities online at a considerable and affordable rate.

Selar is also an ecommerce store builder just like shopify. The products hosted on selar can be sold worldwide irrespective of geographic location. In respect to this Selar also provides multiple currency options to aid payments ease for potential buyers. As at the time of writing this review article, Selar currently has over 500,000 active users across the globe.

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How Does Work

Like most digital marketing websites, works based on three core principles which are easy to comprehend.

  • Selar Sign Up Process: Click HERE to visit the official Selar web page to create a completely free account on Selar.
  • Uploading Your Products: After successfully creating and verifying your account, the next stage is to upload the products you intend selling via Selar.
  • Promoting Product Link: After successfully creating and uploading your products on Selar, you can now proceed to share the product link with your customers  and facilitate sales.

The entire Selar process takes less than 10 minutes to accomplish. Below is a step by step guideline on his to sign up and create an account on

  • Click HERE to proceed to the Selar official web page.
  • Fill up the form that follows by imputing the necessary details required of you (these include your name, email address and a password).
  • Click on “create account” and you are good to go.

Note: Selar might run a cross verification check by sending a unique link to your email address and demanding you to click on the link before your registration is complete. This is done to verify your identity as well as your email address.

How To Upload Digital Products On

After successfully creating your Selar account using the applicable steps outlined above, the next thing to do is to upload your digital product on Selar.

I completely assume you must have your digital product ready, it could be an eBook, course, ticket or even a physical product. On Selar there’s room for anything that can be sold online. Simply follow the steps outlined below to get started;

  • Login to your Selar account.
  • Click on the purple button that reads “Add product”.
  • Choose the type of product you want to upload (select digital product if you intend selling an eBook, video courses etc).
  • On the products page, add the various important details of the product, these include the product name, cover image etc.
  • After filling the necessary details required in the step above, click on create product.
  • Congratulations, your eBook has been uploaded to Selar.

Now you can successfully copy the link of your product page and send it to your customers to make payments for your product.

Note: The product criteria might vary depending on the type of commodity you want to upload on Selar. For instance hosting courses on Selar, video streaming services require users to have the laid version of Selar before accessing those premium features.

How To Make Money On

There are two major ways to make money on, they are; by hosting and selling your digital/physical products on Selar and secondly by reselling other people’s products on Selar for a commission otherwise known as Selar affiliate marketing.

  • By Selling Digital Products: As emphasised earlier, this involves uploading your ebooks, courses, physical products and other forms of products to Selar and getting paid when people purchase these products. By default, Selar keeps 9% of all sales as charges for their services. Therefore, if you made a sale for a product you tagged #1000 on  selar, you will receive #910 while selar keeps #90 as service fee.
  • Selar Affiliate Network: An alternate means to make money on selar is through the affiliate network provided by the company. As we all know, affiliate marketing is the business model of promoting other people’s products/ services for a commission. Selar provides the opportunity to promote its users products and make good commissions for yourself, however, it is a paid service and the registration fee to become a selar affiliate is just #2000 ($4.00).
  • Selar Referral Program: Selar also has a referral program where benefactors earn 1% of their referred users earnings for the first month of using Selar. In other words, if you refer a friend to Selar who eventually starts selling digital products and within the same month of inviting that user, he/she starts making sales on Selar via the sales of their products, you get to keep 1% of their earnings for the rest of the month.

These are various ways to make money on The options are diverse and suit those who are skilled in creating digital/physical products and also those who do not have the knowledge to do so but can promote other people’s products.

How To Withdraw Earnings From

Now that we have seen all the cool stuff around making money with Selar, I’ll quickly show you how to withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account from Selar after successfully making a sale.

There are two withdrawal methods available on Selar, they are the manual and automatic withdrawal options. Manual withdrawal involves requesting for payouts whenever you make a sale. However, automatic withdrawal options involve Selar automatically sending in your payments directly to your bank account without having you request for payouts.

  • Login to your Selar account.
  • On the menu icon, click on settings and select the “payout settings“.
  • You can choose to set either the manual or automatic payout option on the next page.
  • For manual payouts, simply input the amount you want to withdraw, click on withdraw and within 24 hours selar will process your payment.
  • For automatic payouts, if a sale is made today, selar will automatically send your payments the next day.

Note: Selar charges #50 withdrawal fee for withdrawal transactions. Also ensure the bank details you provided correctly matches your bank details to avoid wrong withdrawal transactions.

Is Legit Or Scam?

Selar is a completely legitimate website. Based on their operations over the years, activities and goals, there have been no elements of some dark scheme to cheat their users. Selar has proven to be one of the most trustworthy digital marketing hosts available worldwide.

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Advantages Of Using

👍 Free start-up/sign up costs.

👍 Multi currency system which aids transactions take place across country borders.

👍 No complexity in creating a store for your online product.

👍 Charges just 9% as service fee on all purchases made.

👍 Multi choice ways to earn on the platform without selling a product.

👍 Different payout/withdrawal options.

👍 Accurate records of customer details and add to carts for future use.

Disadvantages Of Using

👎 Cannot keep record of customer activities in your store (e.g number of visitors, etc).

👎 Payouts are made after 24 hours of the actual sale.

Final Verdict is a great way to start online/media selling and buying for individuals who primarily do not own a branded website. It’s considerably cheaper to start up as compared to some of its counterparts like shopify,etc. Overall Bhustle rates Selar 4.2 stars out of 5.

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