Smartnetwork NG Review: Legit Or Scam? is an alleged money making website that was launched in early February 2023. You definitely clicked on this article to verify if is legit or an outright scam. Well, this article contains all the information you need about

After personally going through and also going through payment reviews and other related reviews about, you definitely will be super surprised to find out what I discovered about this website.

What Is Smartnetwork NG?

According to their official website description, “smartnetwork is an online/network marketing community build to provide people with opportunity to take advantage of the internet and turn our everyday social media into a tool for learning and earning.” 

Smartnetwork cover image

One who is well educated can clearly see that the above statement does not make any sense at all. First, they fail to clearly state what their company is, instead, put together some words from the dictionary to form a description. Nonetheless, there’s still more to come in this article.

How Does SmartNetwork.Ng Work?

Although, does not state exactly how it’s platforms works nor exactly what they are all about, it turns out that pays its users based on activities which they complete on the website.

As a user, you signup with an initial signup fee (#4000) which makes you eligible to make money on smartnetwork. After signing up, you’ll be given some tasks to perform (such as signing up daily, sharing smartnetwork to your friends,etc). When you have accumulated a certain sum of money known as the withdrawal limit, you can now cash out your income.

Is  Smartnetwork NG Legit?

To save you all the drama, is a complete scam. Nonetheless, we are still going to go through this review as normal, all the scam proof points have been outlined and explained below.

How To Sign up on Smartnetwork NG

Signing up on can be quite a tedious task for a complete beginner. But if after going through this review, you still want to sign up for, then follow the steps below;

  • Head over to official website.
  • Click on the menu icon at the top right hand side of the screen. Then select “Get Started“.
  • Fill up the registration form and click on ” Register“.

Note: To be able to complete your registration, you need a coupon code. And to get a coupon code, you need to buy a coupon code. 

Now has a list of coupon code vendors (sellers) from whom you can buy these codes. To access these vendors, simply click on the menu icon at the top of the webpage, click on “smart vendors“.

You will be redirected to a page with a list of vendors you can reach out to on WhatsApp and purchase your coupon code. These coupon codes allegedly cost N4000 which equally serves as your registration bonus.

After purchasing your coupon code, the next thing on the to do list is to validate your code. Once again, click on the hamburger icon, select “coupon checker“.

Input your code in the space provided, and check the validity of your code by clicking “check status“. When that is done you can simply follow the entire signup process we have started above.

P.S: If you have a problem verifying your coupon code, do ensure to reach out to your coupon vendor and lay your complaint.

How To Earn On Smartnetwork NG

There are many ways to earn money on Some of which include: Beauty contests, daily logins, sharing, referral earning method, lucky spin wheels and also vendor commissions.

Smartnetwork NG Activities Earning Method

These include the daily logins where all you have to do us to login to daily and you will automatically be credited N300 to your dashboard. Another activities earning method is the smart post, here you earn N400 per smart post.

Smartnetwork NG Affiliate Network

Referral earnings seems to be a major source of earning money on smartnetworkng. pays a sum of N3000 for every new user you bring to their platform.

After successfully referring two friends and earning N6000, you can withdraw your income much faster than other workers who prefer the activities earning route.

Smartnetwork NG Beauty Contest also has a beauty contest which they claim users can earn up to N300,000 monthly. This beauty contest comes alongside other talent hunt shows and generally entertaining activities they have set aside for their users.

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Why Smartnetwork NG Is Actually A Scam

There are many “writings on the wall” indicating why is a complete ponzi scheme and we’ll be looking at some of them below.

Smartnetwork NG Affiliate Network

The smartnetwork referral/affiliate network is no doubt one of the most attractive. However, they seemed to focus more on their affiliate network and what people stand to gain when they refer their friends to their platform rather than what their platform actually has to offer.

And this referral tool is known as a ponzi scheme. Unlike other Legit companies, when you visit official website, you’ll notice that they applied minimal effort in talking about their own company as compared to when they explain their huge referral bonus, which in general consumed more explanations than the actual website itself.

When you visit the about us section of which is meant to be the page dedicated to knowing about the platform, they took just one paragraph to talk about Smartnetwork and a record breaking 24 paragraphs to talk about how much you can earn from their platform!

Analysing Other Similar Sites

Looking at similar other websites like Fire VIP, Hugevers, Sun Solar and a whole load of others; you’ll see clearly a similar pattern in how they all operated. They all started with what looked like promising dreams, but in reality were photocopies of legit companies.

They all paid out their early investors, and along the line when eveey thing seemed to be moving smoothly, they all just vanished into thin air. And no doubt, will also follow this same curriculum set by its ancestors.

What To Expect From Smartnetwork NG will crash! There’s absolutely no need trying to keep you hanging. Just like its ancestors, it will be active for a few months, people will make money (mostly the early investors), and when the engineers behind reach their target, they’d shut down the website and all you’ll be seeing is this;

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Legit?

No, is not a legit/genuine website. has not failed to exhibit virtually all the characteristics of similar crashed sites like fire VIP, Hugevers, sun power etc and the likes which had previously failed.

Who Owns

The owner of is currently unknown. The creators of the website did a clean job by wiping their entire data of the website, which is very ironic for any well established company that wants to change the lives of millions. 

Final Verdict based on research and reviews is not a guaranteed website to make money online. In general, anyone investing their money in this website, should basically do so with money they are willing to lose to avoid serious future regrets.

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