Wealth-sage.com Review: Is Wealth-sage Legit Or Scam?

Wealth-sage.com is one of the newly launched investment platforms in Nigeria. Just in case you’re wondering if this platform is legit or not, then this article is for you. Those exciting withdrawal proofs on social media might have caught your interest, but Bhustle blog is here to uncover all the details about this website. We just need your quick attention.


There are lots of unanswered questions about this platform which we shall address in this article some include; is Wealth-sage.com legit? When was Wealth-sage.com launched? What is the minimum withdrawal amount on Wealth-sage.com? Will Wealth-sage.com crash? What is the minimum investment amount on Wealth-sage.com? And so much more!


Note: We are not under any sponsorship/partnership deal from Wealth-sage.com to write this review article. We simply carried out our research and penned down our findings. We do encourage you to carry out your own personal research where necessary.


We urge you to make use of the table of contents below to help you navigate through this article with relative ease. If you have any questions or contributions regarding the Wealth-sage.com platform feel free to ask them in the comments section below. Without wasting more time, let’s begin!

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Name Wealth-sage
Web Address https://Wealth-sage.com/
Launch Date 7th February 2024
Owner/CEO Unknown/Anonymous
Domain Registrar NameCheap, Inc.
Registration Date 2024-02-04
Hosting Duration One Year
Domain Expiry Date 2025-02-04




3000 500 200 days
5000 850 200+ days
10,000 1700 200+ days
15,000 2500 200+ days
30,000 5000 200+ days
50,000 8500 200+ days
100,000 10,000 200+ days


How To Make Money On Wealth-sage

The major way to make money on Wealth-sage.com is by investing in their various investment plans. The least expensive plan costs 3000 and earns 500 daily. 


Users can also earn commissions via the Wealth-sage referral program.


 You get paid up to tier three referral earnings. They pay quite a decent percentage for every new member you bring to their website. Users can earn up to 20% interest whenever their invited downlines make an investment on this platform .


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Is Wealth-sage.com Legit Or A Scam?

The Truth of the entire matter is that Wealth-sage.com is not a legit website. It is, in fact, a Ponzi investment scheme. And the red flags on this platform are way too obvious. Below are some red flags we observed on this platform:


❌ The owners of this platform are not known.


❌ Wealth-sage.com investment platform is a very new investment platform, hence little is known about the scheme.


❌ No real source of promotion except media hype and referrals.


❌ There are many similar sites like Wealth-sage that ended badly in the past.


These warning signs from Bhustle show that Wealth-sage.com might not be safe. Even though it’s new, it might not stay around for long.


Therefore, if you still make up your mind to join the train (Wealth-sage.com) ensure to do so with income you are ready and willing to lose at any given point in time.


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Final Verdict

Finally we urge interested people to only register on Wealth-sage.com with money they are willing to lose. Always remember that as long as the missing items dictated in this article about Wealth-sage are not stipulated, it remains a ponzi scheme. Do ensure to thread wisely!


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Kindly leave your questions, contributions or confusions in the comments box below, peace.



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