Are you looking for other gaming platforms similar to BBRFUN? In this article, we have carefully selected and analysed some of the best 10 alternatives to the infamous BBRFUN online casino game website. As you must have already known by now, BBRFUN is an online casino game website that allows its users to stake money games.

If the user wins a game, he gets the opportunity to multiply his/her initial stake. On the other side of the coin, if this same user loses the game, he/she loses their initial stake. Despite the dreaded nature of the explanation given above, a lot of individuals have made quite substantial income on BBRFUN as well as other casino websites we shall be disclosing in this article.

Note: it is important to note that was not paid/sponsored to write this article. We simply carried out our research and penned down our honest findings to the best of your consumption. Therefore, it is very crucial for you to do your own research and investigations where necessary.

Without wasting any more time, let’s begin to have a look at these platforms we have carefully extracted for you.

100Royal Online Gaming Platform is a gaming platform that was launched just few weeks after the success of and outburst of Ngawin on the internet. In terms of design and website structure and layout, 100royal stands out as one of the gaming sites with a unique difference in design. Just like other casino sites we have discussed, 100royal also gives out free spins to their new members where they can potentially earn N10,000 as a way to start up their journey on the platform. Want to try out 100royal? Click the link below to register at no cost.

Kubiwin Online Gaming Platform

Kubiwin is yet another interesting casino gaming website that you surely want to add to your bucket list. Kubiwin platform was equally launched in the fourth quarter of 2023 following the then outburst of casino game websites on the internet. For clarity’s sake, Kubiwin is owned by the same casino websites as the website. So whether you create an account on or, it’ll still be one and the same. In terms of design, they didn’t really input any extra effort in their website structure. They only made use of MONKEY emoji’s on their game logo unlike other platforms we will look at. Want to add Kubiwin to your portfolio? Sign up below;

Africa365 Online Gaming Platform

Unlike other platforms we have seen, africa365 appears to be one of the oldest casino game websites that was launched. However, it gained popularity shortly after the outburst of Ngawin and BBRFUN on social media. Africa365 has a completely unique design as compared to other websites we have seen or will see in this article. One exclusively unique feature about africa365 is that users can deposit as low as N500 on this platform and access its full features unlike other platforms that require a mandatory N2000 minimum deposit.

Betngafine Gaming Platform

Betngafine is no doubt the exact photocopy of ngawin. The only difference is the blend of green and icon characters. However, the games available, payment structure (deposits and withdrawals) are all the same.

FB999 Gaming Platform

In terms of recency, FB999 is the currently the most recent casino game website that was launched in 2024. This platform comes with a unique blend of blue as well as differences in other earning features and games. Another unique feature of FB999 is the fact that users can withdraw earnings via crypto currency (USDT) to be precise as an option. Want to become a member of this platform? Join via the link below;

Betkfc Platform

When betkfc was launched, the amount of wins recorded within the first week of the platform’s launch was massive. However, we do not currently advise users to focus their full energies on this platform due to the long inactivity we have noticed on the platform. Withdrawal might take days to reach your account or might never even arrive. In terms of games and design, betkfc is no different from the likes of betngafine and kubiwin. But since variety is the spice of life, it’s not entirely bad to have it on your list as well.

Ngfortune Gaming Platform

It’s no doubt that a good percentage of all the gaming series you will be seeing in this article have exactly the same games available. Same goes for Ngafine, however, they all have their uniqueness in terms of how users earn from these platforms. For Ngafine, it’s their free spins feature. Users can earn up to N200,000 from their free spins on Ngafine. To earn this free spins you need to invite new members to this platform, for each new member you invite, you get a free spin and an opportunity to earn N10,000 per spin.

MPL Ludo Game App

MPL Ludo is no doubt the most unique game site on our list. Just as the name suggests, the major gaming activity on the MPL app is the Ludo game. Another uniqueness is the fact that it is primarily available in APP form and not playable on web pages like the rest of the casino websites on this list. Also, the minimum withdrawal amount on MPL Ludo is just N100. If you are a Ludo fan and want to give MPL a shot, then this is your chance. Use the code R8LYPBP4U to enjoy special offers.

Mines234 Casino Website casino game website has very similar design and the same games as contained in the Kubiwin platform. In fact to a great extent, the major difference is just their names. There’s nothing particularly unique about this platform that we haven’t actually seen before. However, in terms of withdrawal payment, they are no doubt one of the fastest and most reliable. The major red flag though is their minimum withdrawal threshold is pinned at N3500 as compared to the N2,000 threshold set by most other platforms.

Bwin0015 Casino Game

Just like other gaming sites mentioned in this article, bwin0015 also offers earning opportunities in terms of playing games and withdrawing earnings. The games available on bwin0015 are almost or to a very great extent the same as provided on other platforms. The major distinction however, is their withdrawal threshold which is set to N3000. Withdrawals from bwin0015 arrive as fast as any of the above-mentioned platforms. As said earlier, if you want to maximise your earning coast, you can consider adding bwin0015 to your bucket list.

 What You Should Know

Upon signing up on all the platforms which is completely free to join, below are some of the things you should keep in mind while playing the games on either of these earning platforms:

  1. They all have thesamer or very similar games. The likes of mines, fortune tiger and fortune rabbit will be found in virtually all the platforms.
  2. There is no specific skill to learn before winning these games. In fact the games require no skill at all.
  3. Withdrawals thresholds may vary between the platforms but overall, the minimum deposit and withdrawal is tagged at N2000 [on average].

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Final Verdict 

And there you have it! A comprehensive list of all the platforms very similar to both NGAwins and BBRFUN. It is equally very important to seek the advice of your financial adviser before making huge financial commitments to any of the above mentioned platforms. Also, ensure to understand how these platforms work before you embark on a regretful journey on any of them. 

There are currently many innumerable platforms like bbrfun and ngawin online. But for the sake of brevity we will be stopping here for today. As time goes on we shall update this post with more game earning platforms.

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Kindly leave your questions, contributions or confusions in the comments box below, peace.

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