How To Create Scooper News Weekend Account And Earn Money Daily

Scooper news platform recently launched another earning opportunity for their writers. This new opportunity is the scooper news ‘weekend writers slot’. Scooper news is a news platform that shares the latest happenings and events across the globe.

Their span of information cuts across politics, sports, news, entertainment, podcasts, education and a whole lot more. The good news is that scooper news employs just anyone to participate in this online journalism by signing up for their program (which is completely free).

Post Now Form

Scooper news was launched around 2019, and due to the high influx of applications coming from individuals across west Africa, they had to stop accepting applications. However after much deliberation, they reopened the application slots but with some restrictions.

How To Sign Up For Scooper Weekend Account

  • Visit the scooper news application form (click here )
  • Fill in the information required of you (these include your name, phone number, email address and most importantly a writing sample i.e an article you wrote in the past).
Scooper Form
  • Verify your phone number. A unique 6 digits code will be sent to your phone number via your inbox.
  • Submit your application. This is the last step of application.

After applying you will be redirected to a page with the following message; “Thanks For Your Application, We Will get back to you soon”. This is all you need to do to apply for a scooper weekend account.

Within the time of your application and 2 weeks at maximum, scooper news admins (after going through your application) will send you a mail to notify you of your acceptance or otherwise. It is completely up to the scooper admins to approve you as a weekend writer or a full time writer.

If you don’t receive any mail from them, kindly reply as many times as you can or better still use your family members/friends devices to apply again, or check your spam box.

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What Is Scooper Weekend Account/Writer

A scooper weekend account is basically a scooper account that is only active on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). A scooper weekend writer is a writer whose writing services are only required on Saturday and Sunday.

As a scooper weekend writer, you are not permitted to write articles during the week like every other writer. These are some of the restrictions placed on weekend accounts.

How Much Can a Scooper Weekend Writer Make?

The maximum amount a scooper weekend writer can earn is N50,000 per month provided all articles are approved and the writer is a group A writer.

 However, with the new scooper news earning system where number of articles no longer determine the amount of money made, a scooper weekend writer can earn above N 150,000 provided he or she gains a massive amount (thousands to be precise) of reads per article.

Will Scooper Weekend Writers Be Upgraded To Normal Accounts?

Yes, writers who perform very well and show enthusiasm with their scooper weekend accounts will be promoted to become full time scooper news writers.

As a matter of fact, scooper news admins usually notify writers who have been upgraded via their official WhatsApp group. Writers who have been upgraded are duly notified on WhatsApp.

Final Verdict

The only major difference between a scooper weekend account and a normal scooper news account is the days of their postings/activeness. While a normal scooper account can function every single day, the weekend account can only function on Saturdays and Sundays.

Your weekend account will get banned and earnings forfeited if you post during working days (Monday-Friday) when you have not been upgraded. 

Overall, it is a good way to earn passive income and have some reserve cash in your account. 

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